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Social Media - Establish Your Brand Recognition

Explore the world of social media marketing from the inside out. Here at Marx Communications, we strive to cover every topic that a modern-day marketer would need to know about. Not only can you find general posts about social media marketing, but you can also find a business resource to help in your sales, marketing & branding using Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, social media conferences and more.

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At Marx Communications we want to make influencer marketing easier and more effective so that you can discover and learn unique perspectives in this field.

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6 Surefire Ways To Maximize B2B Influencer Marketing

You're missing out on a potentially large chunk of money as well as a valuable resource if you haven't used B2B influencer marketing in your B2B plan. Before making a purchasing decision, B2B buyers are well-educated and frequently seek suggestions from industry colleagues.

Keith Peterson
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