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How B2B Social Media Improve PR Strategy

The evolution of modern public relations has been helped by B2B social media. Learn why B2B social media has taken off and how to incorporate it into your PR plan.

Stop considering your social media approach as a distinct entity from your PR plan. The importance of social media in PR has grown to the point that the two are now inexorably connected. if you want to be good at public relations, you need to think about social media when you make a plan for how to do it.

Because the tools you utilize are such an important component of your social media success, have a look at our list of the best B2B social media tools.

5 Must-Have Social Media B2B Tools To Enhance Your PR Social Networks


Maintaining many networks and operating a range of campaigns are common features of the finest social media for B2B firms. As you may guess, things can quickly become complex! SproutSocial is a social media management application that can help you sort through your social media tangle.

Organize all of your profiles in one convenient location. Plan and collaborate on your campaigns down to the last detail. With precise data, you can discover where you can enhance your social habits.

The Premium plan starts at $99 per month for each user. The corporate package is $149 per month per user. The Enterprise plan is $249 per month per user.

Screenshot of the SproutSocial homepage with a navigation bar at the top and a green free trial button
Screenshot of the SproutSocial homepage with a navigation bar at the top and a green free trial button


Canva provides you with all the tools you need to create professional-quality graphics in minutes, and social media isn't social without them. Beautiful stock photographs, a plethora of materials and typefaces, as well as professionally developed templates, are all available through this online application.

Canva also includes pre-formatted sizes for almost every social media platform, ensuring that your picture fits in perfectly. In just a few mouse clicks, you can make your social media strategy more eye-catching and impressive.

The basic plan is free, while the premium plan costs $12.95 per month.


Wyng is a fantastic tool for increasing brand recognition, engaging your audience, and establishing a consistent brand identity. It was created with the goal of assisting you in creating faultless and engaging social media campaigns. It also gives you the most up-to-date information and works on a variety of platforms, so you can use it on the social media networks that get the most attention from businesses.

PR firms, as well as small enterprises and startups, can use the Wyng platform. Use its collection of professionally-designed templates to make and run interesting campaigns, like quizzes and polls, that will get your customers to interact with your business. Use Wyng's Digital Campaign Index to assess each of your social media efforts. This enables you to identify areas for improvement and to rejoice when you achieve your objectives. Pricing details are available on request.


This clever acronym stands for "if this, then that," and it's a fantastic (and free!) automation tool. Use it to design your own social media success recipes and determine which actions your social media account takes based on a formula you establish.

For example, you could create an IFTTT recipe that sends your Facebook updates to Twitter or LinkedIn automatically. Alternatively, you may store each Tweet you send on a separate spreadsheet that you can evaluate later. You're only limited by your imagination when it comes to IFTTT recipes. It is free of charge.


Social media is frequently used for interaction, but are you utilizing it to generate leads? Socedo helps you change your social media strategy in order to get more business leads.

This solution focuses on producing leads on LinkedIn and Twitter, two of the most popular social media platforms for B2B companies. These leads may then be absorbed into your sales funnel, where they can be used to their full potential. With this technology, you can use all of the power of social media to get more leads. Pricing information is available upon request.

8 Ways To Use B2B Social Media Within Your PR Strategy

Make Announcements

On social media, word travels like wildfire. Take advantage of the fact that this is exactly the pace you want for your announcements! Any news about your company that is exciting, like new products, awards, or expansions, is great for getting your followers' attention on social media.

Plan your social media announcements ahead of time. You may release a brief clip and accompanying graphic information all at once. Then you might include a brief video (maybe a how-to video for a new product) as well as links to more resources. This strategy allows you to reach a far larger audience than you could have dreamed of with previous tactics.

Find Influencers

Your social media audience is also limited to those who have chosen to follow you. So, how can you expand your audience? Make use of influencers' power. These are people in your sector that have a sizable social media following, which you may tap into if you play your cards well.

Find influencers in your sector using PR tools like Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, or Traackr. Use Kred to evaluate how much influence they have and what value they may add to your brand's public relations campaign.

It's time to communicate with the influencers you've identified as the best fit for your company. By sharing and commenting on their postings on social media, you may engage with them. Dedicate part of your resources to cultivating your influencer relationships, and then leverage those relationships to reach out to their audiences with your brand's message.

After you've identified and patiently observed an influencer (not someone with a massive following who is inundated with requests, but a lower rung influencer), approach them with a deal that benefits both of you, such as a content swap, an introduction to a new audience, or a sample of your new product.

Don't be intrusive, but don't be obnoxious. If at all feasible, send them an email. If you can't discover their email address, send them a quick message on social media with the intention of continuing the conversation by email. You may start your email with something like:

Greetings, [influencer's name].

My name is. I've always admired the interesting issues and perspectives you present on social media platforms.

I wanted to directly approach you about collaborating on a new campaign that my company, [name of company], is launching. During the week of _____, we'd like to promote our new [blog, ebook, etc.] on [topic of the blog, ebook, etc.].

We'd love to discuss more of the details if this is a topic that your audience would appreciate reading. In exchange for your time and work, we might promote one of your pieces of content to our audience of about 15K on Twitter, as well as promote you on our blog and newsletter.

Thank you for your time and attention![your name and your brand].

Address Complaints

Because social media makes complaints public, the manner in which you handle them is being examined more than ever. It's no longer simply one client whining to one customer support professional over the phone. There's only one client with thousands of followers on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Complaints are common in any firm, but the fact that others are listening makes it critical that you answer quickly and tactfully. This is a fantastic chance for you as a business to improve your relationships with your customers through how you manage complaints. A consumer, for example, may tweet about a problem with your product. Be prompt in your responses. If you're not sure what to say, you may say something along the lines of:

"My name is _______, and I'd want to introduce myself. Please accept my apologies for the trouble this problem has caused. I'm currently investigating your issue and will respond as soon as possible. In the meantime, please contact me personally at [phone number or email] if you have any questions."

This type of prompt response shows them that you've heard them and are striving to resolve the issue.

React Quickly To Negative Press

This is more than just a client complaint. When a negative story surfaces in the news, this is what happens. In the past, we dealt with this by issuing a public statement to the press. Journalists will often look at your social media accounts for your side of the issue now, rather than wait for that statement.

Respond to unpleasant news as quickly as possible on social media. Correct the claims and put out the fire as quickly as feasible. However, don't go too in-depth on your social networking page. Instead, offer links to your website in your post or message for more information.

For example, get ahead of the issue if a member of your company's staff has been accused of misbehavior. Release a brief message on social media, even if you don't know all the details. It's possible that it'll be to the tune of.

"We are disappointed to learn of the latest facts concerning _______, a member of our team. We are now conducting our own investigation and will take appropriate action. In the meantime, rest assured that no member of our brand will tolerate such behavior. Please see the following page of our website for the most up-to-date information on the issue."

Precision Target Your Audience

In the past, public relations consisted mostly of the spray and pray strategy: disseminating your message as far as possible in the hopes of reaching a small percentage of your target audience.

Now, social media allows you to reach out to specific people in your target demographic. You can send your message to people based on theirs.

  • Age
  • Genders
  • Interests
  • Location of residence
  • Specific behaviours
  • Education
  • Work history

For example, you could limit a social media message to only those who have visited your website, work in your industry, or live in a specific city. This type of audience segmentation helps you get the most out of your public relations operations.

Identify Threats To Your Brand

Have you ever wished you could keep your ear to the ground and be aware of everything that goes on in your industry? With social listening, social media provides you with that power. Social listening is increasingly gaining traction as a powerful public relations technique.

To listen socially, use free programs like Google Alerts or HowSociable. If these free tools don't provide you with enough power, you might want to consider paying for a service like SproutSocial or Hootsuite. Individuals can also use Hootsuite's free edition. HowSociable also offers premium programs.

Set up these apps to send you notifications anytime your brand, specific hashtags, or industry buzz phrases are mentioned on social media. Depending on what you learn from your social listening excursion, you may want to keep an eye on social mentions or take action.

Interact With Journalists

Many media institutions have cut back on resources, forcing journalists to use social media to investigate articles and find leads. Paying attention to journalistic conversations and interactions on social media may help PR professionals get their companies in the spotlight.

Take advantage of opportunities to answer questions, share insights, and bring your brand in front of people when a debate about your business arises on social media. You never know who could be listening in on the other end of the line as a journalist.

You should also use social media to follow all the journalists in your field. If they ask a question or bring up a topic about which you are knowledgeable, you can contribute significantly to the conversation. This is a more behind-the-scenes social media strategy used by PR pros, but it's no less effective!

Find And Interact With Bloggers

Blogs have exploded in popularity, outpacing many established media channels. As a result, interacting with bloggers as part of your PR plan is critical. Many bloggers rely nearly entirely on social media to do their research and publish their blog pieces. Put yourself in a position to interact with these blogs and become a resource for them. Don't overlook the significance of these bloggers in your entire marketing approach.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • Use social media to share firm announcements like product launches, expansions, and accolades.
  • Find and interact with influencers who can help you expand your brand's reach.
  • Keep up with discussions about your business and industry by using social listening.
  • Journalists and bloggers will ask you questions on social media, and you can help them by giving them your advice and point of view.

Which Social Media Platform Is Most Effective For B2B Interactions?

For B2B firms, Facebook is the most cost-effective social media marketing tool, especially for small businesses and startups. You can create a free Facebook profile to advertise your business and communicate with potential consumers.

What Is The Role Of Social Media In B2B Marketing?

Finally, one of the advantages of social media marketing is that it increases sales. Granted, the majority of B2B transactions do not take place online. Social media, on the other hand, helps with the identification of possible customers (prospects), the positioning of the product to appeal to these prospects, the development of connections with prospects, and the care of leads.


The value of social media for B2B businesses is enormous and increasing rapidly! Make the most of the potential benefits of social media for your public relations plan.

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