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Quality Blogger Outreach - The Basics Of Spreading Your Content To Increase Your Influence


Blogger outreach is something that a lot of people have never heard of because, even though it is used a lot, it is not talked about a lot.

Blogger outreach is a strategy that helps you build relationships with people who have a lot of influence in your industry.

This can help you reach certain goals.

It includes, but is not limited to, things like content marketing and SEO.

A big part of blogger outreach is getting backlinks for SEO and spreading the word about new content.

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Most people don't use blogger outreach, especially because it makes them look pretty unsure of themselves.

Most people think that reaching out to bloggers is a lot of work, but it actually helps your brand move up the ladder.

Blogger outreach is hard to understand because many people think it is more like spam than useful content.

In fact, though, it is not.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

A girl wearing a smart watch typing in a laptop with a phone beside it
A girl wearing a smart watch typing in a laptop with a phone beside it

Blogger outreach is when a company works with a blogger or other influential person to increase brand awareness by using the blogger's audience.

Blogger outreach is when a company contacts a blogger and offers samples of its products, free services, or prizes for the blogger's giveaways in exchange for a product review, a brand mention, or a backlink.

In other words, a brand might just contact a blogger and ask them to write about or talk about its products or services in exchange for prizes and free stuff.

Now that you know what blogger outreach is, you may still be wondering if it really works.

Let's get into it.

Is Blogger Outreach Similar To A Guest Post Service?

The way a blogger outreach service works is a lot like how a guest post or guest blogging service works.

People think that the last link mentioned in a blogger outreach placement looks much more natural.

This is because the point of guest posting is to contribute to a blog as a "guest author," which means that the link will probably be in the author's bio.

With blogger outreach, on the other hand, you'll reach out to relevant blogs and work together on a piece of content that only mentions links in an editorial way.

This means that there will be no author boxes since the content will be written by the blog owner and posted as their own work.

Search engines like Google will see this link placement as a sign of authority, which will help your clients' websites rank higher.

Why Should You Adopt Blogger Outreach As A Marketing Strategy?

How to do Blogger Outreach for Backlinks - 3.5. SEO Course by Ahrefs

Why should you spend your valuable time and money on blogger outreach when there are so many other ways to do things?

It works, that's why.

You see, it's not a secret that it costs more to get new customers than to sell to people you already have.

Customers are more likely to come back if they trust your brand.

With blogger outreach, you can use the trust that other people have built to promote your own business.

In the words of Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind authors Al Ries and Jack Trout:

"To be successful in today's world, you have to face facts. And the only truth that matters is what is already in the mind of the prospect."

Blogger outreach and influencer marketing are two of the best ways to connect your products and services to what your prospects are already thinking about.

Bloggers and publishers have loyal readers who know, like and trust them.

By putting your brand in the same category as these bloggers, their readers are more likely to trust you too.

Influencer marketing is taking over the market in part because of this.

About 80% of business owners think that influencer marketing works.

Also, 7 out of 10 business owners say that influencer marketing brings in better customers than other methods.

Benefits Of Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach takes the best parts of all of these strategies and uses them together.

It helps the bloggers you reach out to, the people who read their blogs, and, in the end, your website.

You might think this means sending people emails.

Is this yet another thing you can do to look like a spammer?

No, that is not at all true.

Even though you have to send a few emails, that doesn't have to hurt your reputation.

Listen to the "Building the Perfect Backlink" podcast they just did with SEO expert Neil Patel.

You have great products, services, software, or content, and you want people who really care about it to use or consume it.

Digital marketing has always been about making people talk about things like this.

But to get your message across, you do need shares on social media, links, and a lot of other digital marketing basics.

Most people run into trouble when they want to send out a lot of emails at once.

They think that the only reason the rest of the world exists is to link to their content.

They send out a lot of emails and can't wait to hear back.

They hope for that much-needed boost in sales.

The next day, prospects will fill their inboxes with messages like "Don't send any more emails" or "Not interested."

That's not how blogger outreach works, so you won't have to feel so bad anymore.

How Exactly Does The Blogger Outreach Work?

What is Blogger Outreach? and How To Use It for Link Building

It's a lot of work to reach out to bloggers.

When you first start, getting each backlink can feel like climbing Mount Everest.

We have taken the whole process and broken it down into easy steps for you to look over.

  • Step 1: Prospect Relevant Bloggers
  • Step 2: Make sure they see you on social media.
  • Step 3: Look for email addresses.
  • Step 4: Personalize email for bloggers
  • Step 5: Set email automation campaign
  • Step 6: Contact the bloggers again

The Battle Of Blogger Outreach Approach: Sniper VS. Shotgun

Sniper Approach

The sniper hides and waits for the right moment to take a clean shot that doesn't hurt anyone else.

Sniper outreach is less dangerous, but it works just as well.

It depends on making a list of good prospects who are likely to be interested in working with you, removing spammy and low-authority sites, and finding a verified email address for each site.

Then, and only then, can you contact each site with a personalized message, not just a generic template?

This process takes a lot of time, but it's really the only reliable way to get valuable links (or mentions, shares, or whatever your goal is) from high-quality blogs and websites.

Shotgun Approach

If the sniper approach is like doing surgery with a laser, then the shotgun approach is like trying to do surgery with a machete in a crowded room.

Almost certainly, you'll hit something, but it probably won't be the best thing for anyone.

It is the opposite of sniper outreach.

Instead of making a list of websites that are good, you just try to reach as many people as possible.

And instead of taking the time to write emails that are interesting and personal, you send everyone the same boring message that is clearly from a template.

It's fast and lets you reach a lot of people and it almost never works (at least, not if you want to collaborate with high-authority sites).

What Is A Blogger Outreach Service?

What is Blogger Outreach? And How Does A Blogger Outreach Service Work?

Blogger Outreach Services, which are also called influencer marketing or guest posting, are meant to get other relevant bloggers in your field to link to and talk about your website.

Blogger Outreach is a popular way to build links.

It involves reaching out to blog owners and offering to write free content for them or work with them to make content that is relevant to their target audience and about your business, product, or service.

Then, you add a non-promotional link to your site within the content.

The outreach team makes sure that all of their links come from editorial links in the flow of a non-promotional blog post.

Then, search engines use these mentions and links as signs of authority, which can help a website move up in search results.

People Also Ask

What Is Quality Blogger Outreach?

With a blogger outreach campaign, you can (almost) get quality backlinks from other popular sites in your niche for free, which can help you rank higher on search engines.

The more trustworthy the websites that link back to you are, the more of an expert you will be seen to be by search engines.

Why Is Blogger Outreach Important?

By reaching out to bloggers, you'll be able to get your business enough attention and attract more of your ideal customers.

Best of all, this digital marketing strategy can help you reach both short-term and long-term goals.

Why Is Outreach Important For Business?

It helps people remember the brand, makes advertising easier, and brings in more money.

The main idea is to offer a reward in exchange for a favor instead of trying to force customers to buy something from your business.

Outreach marketing makes it possible for both parties to benefit from working together.


Getting in touch with loggers isn't hard.

It might seem that way because of how long this article is, but once you understand how things work, they usually fall into place pretty quickly.

That doesn't mean it's always easy, though, because it's not.

To really do well with outreach, you need to be well-organized, good at solving problems, and, most importantly, a people person.

Not even all of those? Don't worry, because most people aren't.

The trick is to hire people who are good at each part of the process.

If you do that, you'll have a way to keep track of all the links you need.

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