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Niche Edits - Be The Featured Content Of Authoritative Websites

A niche edits service is one of the ways that people have used to build links. These niche editing services are made to help you get links and mentions of your website in old blog posts or articles that are already on the web. Search engines look at this link as a sign of domain authority, which in turn helps a website rank in search results.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Jul 18, 202297 Shares1.3K Views
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  1. What Are Niche Edits?
  2. Does Niche Edit Backlinks Work?
  3. Advantages Of Niche Edits
  4. Disadvantages Of Niche Edits
  5. Why Are Niche Edit Links Important For Your SEO?
  6. Are Niche Edits Better Than A Broken Link Building Service?
  7. Are Niche Edits White Hat?
  8. What To Consider For Niche Edits?
  9. People Also Ask
  10. Conclusion

Niche editsare also called contextual backlinksor links that have been hand-picked.

They are the process of adding a link to an existing article by using anchors that are optimized for search engines.

These posts have already been found by Google.

There have been niche edits for a long time.

Recently, more and more people are using them because they are easy to use and powerful.

What Are Niche Edits?

Hand holding a phone in a google search engine
Hand holding a phone in a google search engine

Niche Edits, which are also called curated links or contextual links, are links and mentions of your website in blog posts that have already been posted online.

We get these mentions as editorial links in the flow of other contentwe make to add value to the blog post.

Search engines use these link mentions as signs of authority, which can help a website rank higher in search results.

Using a niche edits service is better than using a guest posting service like Blogger Outreachwhere you get links from brand-new content.

With a niche edits service, you get to be featured on content that has already built authority over time.

In order to do niche editing, you have to ask owners and authors for permission to link your site's content to theirs.

This is done with a backlink that makes sense in the context.

In the past, this was called "link begging."

Vadim came up with the term "niche edits" which is used more often now.

They run a businessonline, and their huge collection of blogs is well-known in their field.

Good question.

Yes, SEOis the answer.

Niche edits sometimes work.

Occasionally, they don't.

Then, should they be a part of your SEOplan?

Yes, almost certainly.


Because you need backlinksto win at SEO, and niche edits are some of the most relevant and cheap links you can get.

The key to making niche edits more likely to work is to focus on a simple formula we call "RAD":

  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Due Diligence

Let's take a quick look at what this means.


When you put a niche edit link on a website or page, you want to make sure it is as relevant as possible to the site to which your niche edit link goes.

In general, the niche edit is better when the website or page is more relevant.


It goes without saying that your niche edit is more likely to work if a site has a lot of authority.

Domain Rating (Ahrefs metric) or Domain Authorityare two ways that people often measure authority (Moz metric).

There are other ways to measure authority, like Majestic's Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics.

When you put up a niche edit, you should think about both the overall domain authority and the page authority.

If a site's domain authority is high and the page you're thinking about has some good backlinks, this is a great niche edit target.

Due Diligence

Assuming a website passes the relevance and authority tests, the last step is to do a little research to make sure the site is not harmful.

You don't want to make niche edits that hurt your website instead of helping it.

Advantages Of Niche Edits

To tell you the truth, there are a lot of good reasons to use niche edits.

A man typing in laptop with google search rankings, results, and statistics
A man typing in laptop with google search rankings, results, and statistics

Money Talks

With Amazon affiliate commissions going down and competition getting tougher, more and more webmasters are realizing that link buildingcan help them make extra money.

Back in the day, not as many people used email to reach out, so it was easier to stand out.

Free links would be given to you.

Since website owners now know that they can get paid to add links to their content, they won't do it anymore unless you pay them.

Speed And Scale

This way of building links is much faster than many other ways, like guest blogging.

It doesn't require you to make new content to give to the webmaster, and you won't have to make something amazing to get linkers.

When you offer money, people respond faster, and you can build links to a lot of pages faster.

Offering money as a reward is also a lot easier than making complicated outreach campaigns that try to get people to care about you.

You don't have to send them a perfect outreach email, and you don't have to worry about failed outreach campaigns that took you hours to put together.

Great For Difficult Pages

It's a great way to get links to pages that are hard to find.

You might have service-based pages or even just informational pages on your website that aren't very impressive but still bring in the kind of users you want.

Trying to start a traditional, white-hat outreach campaign for those pages is probably doomed to fail.

Disadvantages Of Niche Edits

There are, of course, some bad things about it as well.

Quality Ceiling

Paying money won't get you links to the best sites.

Some people can't be bought.

There are a lot of great publications that have strict rules about quality and won't take cash for the kind of link we're talking about.

Even the New York Times has sponsored content on its website, but it is clearly labeled as such, and all links that lead away from the site are set to "nofollow."

Unfortunately, if you want to get links on the best websites, you'll often need to come in with a value proposition, like a PR-style pitch showing them an incredibly insightful, data-rich piece of content that nobody has covered before.

People Get Sloppy

When people do this kind of link building, they sometimes make a lot of mistakes.

They end up paying for links in bad neighborhoods, which are basically sites that have sold their soul to the link builders of the World.

Quality checks happen less and less often, and people start to care more about how many links they have than how good they are.

Laptop with google statistics and notebook, pencil and pencil holder beside it and a phone in front of it
Laptop with google statistics and notebook, pencil and pencil holder beside it and a phone in front of it

Niche edit links are a type of link that can help you move forward quickly and see your rankings rise.

Digital marketing experts wish they had niche edit links on domains with high domain authority, the right anchor text, and other metrics.

Not all backlinks are the same, and one of the main reasons contextual links are so important is that search enginealgorithms give them a lot of weight.

Also, niche edits help improve your website's credibility.

These are the links with the most power and juice, and the relevant content also helps.

Here's why niche edit links are powerful in general:

  • Indexation - A niche edit is added to the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Effectiveness - A niche edit is much more effective.
  • Traffic - The majority of niche edit backlinks get good traffic.

The process is a lot like a broken link-building service, and the end result, a link mentioned, looks exactly the same.

The main difference with niche edit backlinks is that we look for relevant blog posts.

This means that the link mentioned can add usually fits very well and doesn't require us to add much content.

Broken link building, on the other hand, is the process of finding web pages that are no longer online, recreating a resource that is similar to and, ideally, better than the original, and then asking websites that used to link to the old resource to link to your new version.

The problem with a broken link-building service is that there are fewer chances for the link to be relevant to the content.

It can also take a lot of time and a lot of resources.

Are Niche Edits White Hat?

Google statistics result with pie and line graph
Google statistics result with pie and line graph

There are three different kinds of niche edits when you break them down.

The white hat method is the one that makes the most sense.

In plain English, this means that you have to manually contact site owners and offer to trade valuable content for a free link.

Even though this may take a lot of time, it does mean that you can make a cheap link campaign.

By meeting other blog owners in person, you can also build long-lasting relationships that will let you reach out to them again in the future, or they can do the same for you.

You can also go the grey hat route and pay people to put links on your site.

But keep in mind that this is against Google's rules.

If this is the path you choose, you will need to be careful.

The last way to niche edit a campaign is to use page hacking to add links.

This method is very unpopular, and your link will be taken down in a matter of minutes, so it won't help your SEO strategyat all.

What To Consider For Niche Edits?

Care needs to be taken when using a link-building method like niche edits.

You have to think about the different anchor texts and how fast the links are moving.

They need to fit in well and have something to do with the topic.

If they don't, you could have problems with Google, which would hurt the reputation of both your domain and the host.

Niche edits are a great way to bring in traffic and keep old posts up-to-date.

But you shouldn't rely on these alone.

To make sure you're ready for link losses, you need to network to build a database.

These losses could be caused by webmasters who have retired or by sites that have been taken down.

It's important for the success of your site to find a good balance between niche edits, guest posts, and other high-authority outbound links.

People Also Ask

Do Niche Edits Work?

Niche edits are a good way to get more links.

Just make sure that your content and website are good enough to link to before you use them.

Are Niche Edits Safe?

In reality, niche edits are a safe way to get backlinks from high-quality websites.

You just have to know how todo it right.

They can even help you in ways that other types of backlinks can't.

Some niche edit links are put on hacked sites without the owners' knowledge, while others can be earned in a legit way.


As you can see, using niche edits is good for both the linker and the host in many ways.

If you use the "white hat" method, your organic traffic will go up, which will improve your Google rankings.

When done right, approving niche edit requests can also help you spread out your SEO and build up your domain.

Use your time wisely and only look for relevant partnerships to build a list of contacts.

This will help your campaign be successful.

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