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5 ChatGPT Prompts For Starting A Side Gig

Let's talk about how ChatGPT, a super-smart AI tool, can help you start a successful side gig. Using these simple 5 ChatGPT prompts for starting a side gig, ChatGPT can guide you in figuring out your resources, creating cool business ideas, planning your first steps, setting financial goals, and getting the confidence you need.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Aug 17, 202343.1K Shares575.6K Views
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  1. Assessing Your Available Resources
  2. Generating Tailored Business Ideas
  3. Crafting A Detailed Action Plan
  4. Setting Financial Targets And Metrics
  5. Building Confidence And Overcoming Doubts
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  7. Conclusion

In the pursuit of finding joy and boosting income, many people explore the idea of a side gig. A side gig is like a new adventure, something you do alongside your main job or business. When your main job doesn't make you happy anymore or you just want a change, a side gig can be a great way to go.

Let's talk about how ChatGPT, a super-smart AI tool, can help you start a successful side gig. Using these simple 5 ChatGPT prompts for starting a side gig, ChatGPT can guide you in figuring out your resources, creating cool business ideas, planning your first steps, setting financial goals, and getting the confidence you need. Here's how you can do it:

Assessing Your Available Resources

Resource Management Infographic
Resource Management Infographic

Starting a successful side gig relies on making the most of what you already have. Your skills, network, and time are all important factors. Share a detailed overview of your available resources with ChatGPT, including your financial situation, skills, network connections, and time availability.

Ask ChatGPT to help you prioritize your top five resources based on their impact on starting your side gig. Also, request suggestions on how tomaximize the potential of each resource and incorporate them effectively into your side gig strategy.

Example Prompt

Here's a breakdown of my available resources: I have savings of $5,000, around 10 hours of free time per week, strong skills in graphic design, a network of professionals in the creative industry, and a good understanding of social media. Could you help prioritize my top five resources in terms of their impact on starting a side gig? Please explain why each resource is crucial and offer suggestions on maximizing its potential.

Sample Result

Absolutely, let's analyze your resources. Based on your provided information, here are your top five resources ranked by their potential impact:

  • Skills in Graphic Design -Your strong graphic design skills can be a valuable asset. You can offer design services to clients or create digital products.
  • Network of Professionals -Your network can provide potential clients and collaborations. Reach out to them for referralsor partnerships.
  • Understanding of Social Media -Your social media knowledge can help you market your side hustle effectively and reach a wider audience.
  • Savings of $5,000 - Your savings can cover initial expenses like website setup, marketing, and equipment.
  • 10 Hours of Free Time per Week - Dedicate this time to your side hustle tasks, ensuring steady progress.

Maximize your graphic design skills by creating an online portfolio and reaching out to your network for freelance gigs. Leverage social media to showcase your work and connect with potential clients. As you earn, reinvest some savings into growing your side gig further.

Generating Tailored Business Ideas

A man holding a tablet while putting sticky notes into a whiteboard.
A man holding a tablet while putting sticky notes into a whiteboard.

A successful side hustle begins with a businessidea that aligns with your interests, skills, and network demographics. Describe your main interests, passions, and the composition of your network to ChatGPT.

Ask for ten unique side hustle ideas that seamlessly blend with your profile, keeping in mind your preferred time commitment, revenue goals, and frequency of income generation. The AI's suggestions will be tailored to your preferences, helping you discover ideas that resonate with you and your potential customers.

Example Prompt

My interests include fitness and health, and my network consists of individuals aged 25-40 who are interested in wellness. Given these insights, can you propose ten side hustle ideas that align with my profile? My goal is to dedicate 15 hours per week and generate $500 every month within the next six months.

Sample Result

Certainly! Based on your interests and network, here are ten side hustle ideas that align with your profile:

  • Personal Training Services -Offer personalized fitness training sessions to individuals in your network.
  • Healthy Meal Planning - Create customized meal plans for people looking to improve their health.
  • Fitness Blogging -Share your fitness journey, tips, and advice through a blog or social media.
  • Online Workout Classes -Host virtual fitness classes for your target audience.
  • Wellness Coaching -Help individuals set and achieve their wellness goals through coaching sessions.
  • Healthy Recipe E-Book - Compile your favorite healthy recipes into an e-book and sell it online.
  • Fitness Apparel Brand -Design and sell fitness-related apparel targeted at your age group.
  • Wellness Workshops -Organize workshops on topics like stress management and healthy living.
  • Fitness Challenges - Create and run fitness challenges that engage your network and encourage healthy habits.
  • Fitness Retreats -Organize weekend wellness retreats for a rejuvenating experience.

These ideas leverage your interests and network demographics while aligning with your time commitment and income goals.

Crafting A Detailed Action Plan

How To Write An Action Plan Infographic
How To Write An Action Plan Infographic

To turn your side gig idea into reality, you need a clear plan of action. Describe your chosen side gig concept to ChatGPT and ask for a detailed, step-by-step plan consisting of at least ten key actions.

Specify the amount of time you plan to allocate to your side gig on a daily or weekly basis. Collaborate with ChatGPT to fine-tune each step of the plan, adding your insights and seeking clarification as needed. This collaborative approach ensures that you have a well-structured roadmap to follow.

Example Prompt

I've decided to start a freelance writing service. Can you provide a detailed, step-by-step plan consisting of at least ten key actions? I plan to allocate 3 hours per day to this venture. Feel free to add any insights or suggestions based on your expertise.

Sample Result

Absolutely, let's create a roadmap for your freelance writing service:

  • Skill Enhancement - Spend the first week honing your writing skills through online courses and practice.
  • Portfolio Development -Create a diverse writing portfolio showcasing different writing styles and topics.
  • Website Setup - Design a professional website highlighting your services, rates, and samples.
  • Content Creation-Dedicate 1 hour each day to create high-quality samples for your portfolio.
  • Market Research -Identify your target clients and analyze their needs to tailor your services.
  • Brandingand Marketing - Develop your personal brand and create social media profiles to promote your services.
  • Client Outreach - Contact potential clients through emails, pitches, or networking events.
  • Pricing Strategy - Set competitive pricingbased on industry standards and your expertise.
  • Contracts and Agreements -Create clear contracts for your clients to ensure a smooth working relationship.
  • Time Management -Allocate specific time slotsfor client work, marketing, and self-improvement.

This plan ensures a gradual build-up of skills, portfolio, and clients, allowing you to establish a successful freelance writing service.

Setting Financial Targets And Metrics

Setting Smart Goals Infographic
Setting Smart Goals Infographic

Financial goals are crucial for your side gig's success. Define your desired revenue and income targets for ChatGPT. Ask for recommendations on key performance indicators (KPIs) to track your progress toward these goals.

Additionally, request a revenue and profit forecast on a monthly basis, aligned with your overall financial objectives. This data-driven approach will provide you with a clear roadmap for staying on track and ensuring your side gig's profitability.

Example Prompt

My financial goal is to achieve $1,000 in revenue per month within the next year. Can you recommend key performance indicators (KPIs) to track my progress toward this goal? Also, provide a revenue and profit forecast on a monthly basis, aligned with my overall financial objective.

Sample Result

Absolutely, let's work on tracking your financial progress:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Number of Clients -Monitor the growth in the number of clients availing your services.
  • Conversion Rate -Calculate the percentage of potential clients who become paying clients.
  • Revenue per Client -Track the average revenue generated from each client.
  • Repeat Business - Measure the percentage of clients who return for additional work.
  • Referral Rate - Keep an eye on how many new clients come through referrals.

Monthly Revenue and Profit Forecast (Example)

  • Month 1 - $150 revenue, $100 profit
  • Month 2 - $300 revenue, $200 profit
  • Month 3 - $500 revenue, $350 profit
  • Month 4 - $800 revenue, $600 profit
  • Month 5 - $1,000 revenue, $750 profit
  • Month 6 - $1,200 revenue, $900 profit
  • Month 7 - $1,300 revenue, $1,000 profit
  • Month 8 - $1,400 revenue, $1,050 profit
  • Month 9 - $1,600 revenue, $1,200 profit
  • Month 10 - $1,700 revenue, $1,300 profit
  • Month 11 - $1,800 revenue, $1,350 profit
  • Month 12 - $2,000 revenue, $1,500 profit

This forecast assumes gradual growth as your client base expands, resulting in steady revenue and increasing profits.

Building Confidence And Overcoming Doubts

The journey into entrepreneurship can be filled with doubts and fears. Describe your concerns, apprehensions, and areas of self-doubt to ChatGPT. The AI will respond with personalized pep talks, highlighting your strengths and emphasizing your potential for success. These motivational messages will help you overcome negative thoughts and gain the confidence needed to take the leap into your side gig adventure.

Example Prompt

Imagine I'm someone who's eager to start a side hustle but struggling with doubts and fears of failure. Can you provide a motivational message that leverages my strengths and potential? Help me overcome these apprehensions and reinforce my confidence in succeeding.

Sample Result

Absolutely! Remember that every successful journey begins with a single step. Your strengths, like your dedication, skills, and passion, are powerful allies. Doubts are natural, but they shouldn't hold you back. Embrace them as challenges to conquer, not obstacles to deter you.

You have a unique blend of talents and a network that believes in you. Visualize your success and the satisfaction it will bring. As you take one step at a time, you'll realize that your potential is greater than your fears. Believe in yourself and your ability to create something amazing. The road might have bumps, but your resilience and determination will lead you to triumph.

As you start using these 5 ChatGPT prompts for starting a side gig, share these tips with friends wanting to do the same, skip the four and grab a huge motivation from the sample result from ChatGPT to build confidence and overcome doubts as you start your side gig.

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People Also Ask

How Do You Start A Side Gig?

5 Tips For Starting A Side Hustle:

  • Match Skills and Interests- Choose a side hustle aligned with your strengths and passions.
  • Determine Time Commitment- Assess how much time you can dedicate alongside your main responsibilities.
  • Create a Strong Plan- Outline goals, target audience, pricing, and marketing strategy.
  • Set Earning Goals- Define financial targets and deadlines.
  • Understand Legalities- Research any legal requirements or regulations.

How Can A Beginner Start Freelancing?

Steps To Begin Freelancing With No Experience:

  • Define Your Niche- Identify your specialized area.
  • Build Online Presence- Create a professional online portfolio.
  • Develop Portfolio- Showcase sample projects to demonstrate skills.
  • Network with Professionals- Connect with industry peers.
  • Pitch to Clients Directly- Send personalized pitches to potential clients.

What Skills Do I Need To Start Freelancing?

Top Freelance Skills For 2023

  • Copy/ContentWriting- Crafting written content for various platforms.
  • Graphic Design- Creating visuals for brandingand marketing.
  • Social Media Management- Handling business social media accounts.
  • Digital Marketing- Promoting products and services online.
  • Coding- Developing websites, applications, and software.

What Are Easy Side Hustles?

Simple Side Hustle Ideas

  • Monetize YouTube- Create content for adsand sponsorships.
  • Sell Digital Products- Offer e-books, templates, or courses.
  • Tutoring- Teach subjects online or in person.
  • Package Delivery- Deliver items for local businesses.
  • Podcast Creation- Share insights through podcasting.
  • T-Shirt Design- Design and sell custom t-shirts.
  • Pet Services- Pet sitting and dog walking.
  • Rideshare Driving- Drive for ride-hailing platforms.

What Are Smart Side Hustles?

Strategic Side Hustle Ideas

  • Podcasting- Share valuable content through podcasting.
  • Influencer Marketing- Collaborate with brands as a social media influencer.
  • Focus Groups- Participate in market research studies.
  • Coaching/Consulting- Offer expertise in a specific field.
  • Affiliate Marketing- Promote products for commissions.


By engaging ChatGPT with these 5 ChatGPT prompts for starting a side gig, you'll receive tailored guidance and insights to kickstart your side hustle journey with confidence and enthusiasm. ChatGPT's ability to assist you in assessing your resources, generating creative business ideas, crafting actionable plans, setting financial milestones, and boosting your self-assurance is invaluable.

While ChatGPT provides a solid foundation, remember that your dedication and hard work are the driving forces that will turn your side hustle aspirations into a fulfilling and prosperous reality. Embrace the power of AI, harness your determination, and embark on your journey toward entrepreneurial success.

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