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What Is Guerilla Marketing, And How Do You Launch Such A Campaign?


In the ever-evolving marketing world, businesses must continually find new ways to capture consumers' attention. Traditional marketing techniques are becoming less and less effective as clients become immune to advertising overload. Making cold calls may still lead to some outcomes, but typical promotional methods slowly become a thing of the past. Does it mean digital marketing is the only practical solution to TV and radio ads? By no means, no. There are various techniques to spread the word about your product, and you need to evaluate them in an effort-result ratio. However, keep in mind that people sometimes want to see something unusual to spark their enthusiasm about your product and make them interested in purchasing it. And this is where guerilla marketing comes in.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

At its core, guerrilla marketing is a style focused on being creative and unconventional to get attention and stand out from the competition. Guerilla technique includes tactics such as street art, guerilla street theater, flash mobs, or anything else that will get people talking.

Guerrilla marketing is effective because it helps businesses cut through the noise and get noticed, especially if they do not have a large advertising budget. Additionally, it can be a cost-effective way to market since many tactics do not require a lot of money to execute.

Different Types of Guerilla Marketing

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Several types of guerrilla marketing exist, but the most used and effective include ambush technique, flash mobs, stealth method, and viral approach:

  • Ambush marketing is a marketing strategy in which a company hijacks an event to promote its products or services without paying to be an official sponsor. If you remember caricature ads where an airship hovered over the football field, this is an excellent example of ambush marketing.
  • Flash mobs are coordinated group activities designed to surprise and delight onlookers. Some examples of flash mobs are when a group of people suddenly break out into a dance in a public area, dress up in costumes and hand out candies to kids, team up and start playing music, and spell out a message with their bodies.
  • Stealth marketing is a type in which marketers try to generate buzz for their product or service by being stealthy and blending in with their target audience. For example, an influencer can surreptitiously use a facebook cover design of a company they secretly cooperate with.
  • Viral marketing is a technique in which a company creates a buzz about its product or service by getting people to share information about it with friends and followers. This strategy often requires using social media, making online videos, and disseminating emails.

Merits and Demerits of Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing can be a game-changer because:

  • It is often less expensive than traditional techniques, making it a good option for small businesses and startups.
  • It can be creative and attention-grabbing, making your brand more distinct and memorable.
  • It may be an excellent way to reach a target audience hardly reachable through other channels and means.

As perfect as it might seem, guerilla methods have downsides like any advertising method. Think twice before adopting the technique as:

  • It can be disruptive and annoy potential customers, leading them to avoid your brand altogether.
  • It can be challenging to control and may not always produce the desired results. 
  • It may not be appropriate for all brands or products and may not be suitable for every business situation.

How to Create a Guerilla Marketing Campaign?

Once you decide to try your hand at guerilla marketing, here are a few crucial steps to take:

  • Identify your targets. Who are you trying to reach with your message? What may people be most interested in seeing?
  • Develop a catchy title or slogan for your campaign. Don't hesitate to come up with several versions and choose the best one.
  • Create promotional materials that are sparkling. Consider choosing vibrant colors that will distinguish your product in the defined space.
  • Get creative with your distribution methods. Try to reach your target audience in unexpected places.
  • Make sure your campaign is timed correctly. You don't want to bombard people with too much information at once.
  • Evaluate the results of your campaign and make adjustments as necessary.

Real-World Examples of Guerilla Marketing

For you to better understand how to leverage guerilla marketing, check out these two examples:

  • A company called Spyfu decided to take its product promotion offline in a genius way. They placed post-it notes all around town with their company name and website. They even put up a particular number that people could text to learn more about the company. This type of marketing is called geofencing, and it's fantastic to get people talking about your enterprise.
  • Another stunning example comes from the clothing company, Betabrand. They created a giant QR code that people could scan to learn more about the company and its latest products. This type is called the ambient method.

Bottom Line

Guerrilla marketing is a low-cost technique that can be used to significant effect by small businesses. Using creative and innovative tactics enables companies to reach a broad audience without spending a fortune. Remember that this technique is about thinking outside the box and being creative with your efforts. With a bit of ingenuity, you can reap the benefits of this cost-effective marketing approach shortly.

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