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Sales Page - Make Them Click The 'Buy' Button


The sale is what every marketer wants most, and you can get it on the sales page. This one transaction is the result of all the free ebooks you've given away, squeeze pages you've made, and social media campaigns you've run.

If you've done one, give yourself a pat on the back. You must have a great product and have done a good job of marketing it. See, it's much easier to ask someone to download a free ebook or sign up for your newsletter than to ask them to buy something.

They are easy to do and don't cost much. But how do you get them to click "buy"? That's a whole different story.

It means they have to give up hard-earned money and commit, often without the promise of a refund if they're not happy, to your product or service and the solutions you've promised it will bring.

That means that your offer will be closely looked at. And the more people look at it, the more convincing you have to be. For this, you need sales pages.

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What Is A Sales Page?

What is a Sales Page?

A sales page is a web page that is only about selling something. Other landing pages are meant to bring in leads, but the goal of a sales page is to close the deal and get paid.

Because it's the last page you want your visitors to see before giving you their payment information, a sales page's text, images, and call to action (CTA) are all meant to get a user to buy.

Sales pages can be used for all kinds of products, services, and other offerings. They usually fall into one of two categories: long-form sales pages or short-form sales pages.

Both types are used to close a sale, but each is best for a different kind of sale. Long-form sales pages, for example, are best for products or services that need a little more information (and education) for a visitor to feel ready to buy, while short-form pages are best for low-cost items that people are more likely to buy on the spot.

Most sales pages include:

  • A headline that tells the reader what you're selling and gets their attention.
  • Graphics and pictures that show off your product or service.
  • Use bullet points to show features, advantages, and advantages.
  • Signs of trust (reviews, testimonials, FAQs, endorsements, etc.).
  • All over the page, there are CTA buttons that stand out.

When Should You Use A Sales Page?

Sales page in a monitor and line graph
Sales page in a monitor and line graph

For each product or service you sell, you should have at least one sales page. All of your other pages are meant to lead people through your sales funnel. Then, when you think a potential customer is ready to buy, it's time to send them to a sales page.

Most sales pages are "hard sells," which means that you actively (and tastefully) try to get people to buy right away. That's why you want them to have already seen your other landing pages and products before they get to this one.

For example, a customer may have already downloaded your free ebook and been learning about your products and services through an email marketing campaign. They are familiar with your brand, have shown that they trust you, and are still interested. That's when you make your last pitch with your sales page.

Do You Need A Long-form Or Short-form Sales Page?

We've already talked about the fact that there are two kinds of sales pages: long-form and short-form. So, which one should you choose? The best piece of advice we can give you is that your sales page should only be as long as it needs to be.

Your goal is to give visitors enough information (or motivation) to buy your product or service without overwhelming them with too much text. Depending on what you're selling, you'll need to include different amounts of information.

Most of the time, you'll need longer sales pages if you're selling something expensive or complicated and shorter sales pages if you're selling a cheaper item that's easier to sell.

Long-form sales pages, which are sometimes called "sales letters," usually have more than 400 words and several sections that go into detail about the benefits and answer any questions the reader might have.

Short-form sales pages only have a few paragraphs of copy, or sometimes just one, and get right to the point. Most of the time, they'll just list the main benefits and then try to make a sale. Let's look more closely at the pros and cons of both of these types of sales pages.

Advantages Of Long-Form Sales Pages

What To Include in a Long Form Sales Page

  • Gives you more room to describe benefits and show value.
  • This gives you the chance to answer questions and concerns.
  • Pages that are longer are more likely to show up in search results.

Before people are ready to pay for some products, they need a little more information about them. This is especially true for things that cost a lot of money.

For example, if you're selling a $2,000 photography session, you'll need to show why it's worth that much. A long-form sales page gives you more room to explain why a big purchase is a good idea.

Disadvantages Of Long-Form Sales Pages

  • When sales pages are too long, there can be too much information.
  • Too much text can bore people and make them not want to read your copy.
  • Customers today get bored quickly, especially when it comes to online content.

Even if you need more content to get people to buy your product, too much copy could make them bored and cause them to leave. Once a visitor leaves your funnel, it's hard to get them back.

That's why it's so important to make sure that even the longest sales pages use clear language without a lot of filler or exaggeration. Try to use as few words as possible at all times.

Advantages Of Short-Form Sales Pages

What To Include in a Short Form Sales Page

  • It lets you quickly describe what your product or service does and why it's good.
  • They are easier to read and understand for visitors.

When selling low-cost, low-barrier products, short-form sales pages work well because there isn't much to explain or justify. If you use less copy, people can quickly figure out why they should buy from you and decide if they want to buy or not.

Disadvantages Of Short-Form Sales Pages

  • Some questions might not be answered.
  • Unlikely to show up in search results.

Customers can get bored with long sales pages, but short sales pages might make people want to see more. If you try too hard to keep it short and don't give enough information, you might not do enough to get people to buy.

You should also remember that search engines are less likely to list pages that are short. So, short landing pages aren't the way to go if you want to get more traffic from search engines.

In the end, you'll have to think about the pros and cons of each type of landing page and decide which one is best for your product or service. You can also use both short and long sales pages in an A/B test to see which one converts better.

How Is A Sales Page Different Than A Landing Page?

Landing Page vs Sales Page: What is the difference? 🤔

In a way, sales pages are a type of landing page. But most people think of a lead generation page or an opt-in page when they think of landing pages. On a sales page, the goal is to get people to buy something. On other types of landing pages, the goal is to collect leads.

One of the first pages prospects will look at on their way to becoming customers is a lead generation page. Once you have someone's email address, you can build trust and tell them about your products and services. You can then send them to your sales page when they are ready to buy.

In order to get people to sign up for more information, these pages often advertise a free offer that people can get by giving their email address (this is known as a lead magnet). Some of these free things are:

  • Ebooks
  • Checklists
  • Video training
  • Consultations

How Do You Create A Successful Sales Page?

How to Create a Sales Page to Sell Your Product [FREE TEMPLATE]

Now that you know what a sales page is and the pros and cons of the two ways to make one, you can start making your own.

Okay, that's all well and good, but what do you need to put on your sales page to actually make the sale? Let's look at the seven things that the most effective sales pages do to get people to buy.

Begin With A Catchy Headline

Your headline needs to catch people's attention right away. The headlines on sales pages tend to be longer than those on other landing pages because they are more of a "hook" than a title.

The headline should be a sentence or short statement that tells the customer right away what's good about your offer. When writing your headline, ask yourself: What is the biggest benefit or change the reader will notice if they buy your product or service?

Some marketers find it hard to write longer headlines because they are used to writing short, catchy titles. The customer is more likely to keep reading, though, if the title is descriptive.

For instance, you might be tempted to make the title of your ebook the same as the headline of your sales page. But if your ebook's title hasn't already brought in customers in the past, it probably won't get people interested.

Instead, you need a headline that tells people why they should read the book. What will change in their lives after they read this book?

Focus On Benefits Instead Of Features

People often get features and benefits mixed up, but they are very different. What your product has to offer are its features. Why they should want to buy it because of the benefits.

Benefits are much more interesting than features, which is why you should focus on them. Start by making a list of all the features of your product or service. For example, if you offer video services, some of your features could be:

  • HD camera that is up to date
  • Video editing
  • Make as many changes as you want

Then turn each of these features into an advantage:

  • Get a clear high-definition video of the most important things you do.
  • Your video will be ready in three days or less.
  • Change and edit your video until it's just the way you want it.
  • Use this method to get people interested in what you have to offer.

Add Reviews And Testimonials From Your Customers

Customer Testimonial Page Inspirations For Your Website

Social proof is one of the best ways to get people to change their minds. According to studies, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends.

These "trust indicators" show that you can be trusted and let potential customers know how much your past customers liked your products and services. Testimonials and reviews also show the benefits and advantages of your product from the point of view of a customer.

Another way to build trust is to show social likes and shares. Or, you can show that your business is reliable by putting the logos of reputable publications on your website that have backed your product or service or written about it.

Cut Out The Fluff

The copy on long-form sales pages is the main reason they don't work. The content should be interesting, correct, and use just the right amount of words to get the point across.

You don't want a lot of unnecessary "fluff" that keeps your customer on the page. The more clear and to-the-point you are, the more likely it is that your customers will keep reading.

Don't make it about how long it is, but how well you explain it. Also, you should make your writing interesting and easy to read. Use bullet points, pictures, and shorter sentences.

Keep your paragraphs to three or four lines to create more white space, and use a lot of subheaders to break up your writing. Most of all, don't talk too much. Just say what you want to say, back it up, and then move on.

Include The Right Images To Support Your Copy

What you say with your words should match what you show with your pictures. People are visual beings, so even though the copy is the most important part of a sales page, the graphics draw the customer in even more.

This makes a page that looks good and is more likely to convert. Your pictures should show your product from many different angles and highlight all of its features and benefits.

You should also show a picture of how the product is used so that customers can picture themselves using the product. Images aren't always the best way to show what a service is like. One way to do this is to use pictures that show off your main benefit.

Are you a business consultant who helps business owners make more money? Show a business being run and worked on by a happy person. Try new things!

Make sure that your photos are good. If you don't have the right gear or enough experience, it's a good idea to hire a professional photographer.

You might also think about putting a short video on your page. Videos on sales pages can make them over 80% more likely to be bought. They're a great way to explain your brand and product quickly while keeping people interested.

Answer Your Customers' Questions

One of the most important parts of a long-form sales page is the part called "Frequently Asked Questions." This is your chance to answer any questions your prospects might have that might be stopping them from buying.

Think about all the times people have asked you questions about your product or service. You should also come up with questions and answers that answer any objections people might have. Then, pick the five or ten best ones to put on your sales page.

Make sure you give honest answers. You don't want to give customers the wrong idea. Focus on giving answers that are correct, clear, and consistent with the voice of your brand.

Finish With A Strong Call To Action

Your CTA should be the center of all the content and copy. This is what makes the reader want to buy, and it also tells them what to do next. If the call to action (CTA) isn't clear and direct, your prospect might not know how to move through the rest of your sales funnel.

Most of the time, the CTA on a sales page will be to buy the product. But just saying "Buy Now" isn't enough most of the time. You'll also need to give information about secure checkouts, prices, and payment methods that are accepted to back up your message.

Lastly, make the CTA button easy to see and understand. It should be the most interesting part of the page to look at so that it draws your attention.

People Also Ask

Why Is A Sales Page Important?

Your business starts with your sales page. It's where your leads decide whether or not to buy your product or service with their own money. Most of the time, sales pages are your last chance to win over a lead, so the stakes are high.

What Does A Good Sales Page Look Like?

Your sales page needs to work like a salesperson, which means it needs to convince leads to pull out their wallets. The headline should tell people what they'll get right away, and the body copy should address sales objections, answer possible questions, and convince people to click "buy." Show how the product works.

What Should Be In A Sales Page?

  • Know who you're talking to.
  • Make a Statement of Value.
  • Get the right price.
  • Figure Out the Right Size.
  • Get the title and subheadings right.
  • Tell me about your product.
  • Show what's good about the good.
  • Use the right words.


You can turn visitors into customers with the help of sales pages. They are easy to make because they have a clear purpose. You don't need any extra modules, like sidebars or links for navigation, so you can focus on making the sale.

Don't forget to tell people about your sales page after you've made it. Add it to the mix of things you post on social media, for example. You don't want to constantly promote your sales page, but you should do so about once a week to make sure new followers see it.

The most important thing is to let your personality show. Show potential customers why your online courses are better than those of your competitors.

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