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10 Personal Branding Tools That Will Help Your Strategy

Whether it's the conventional hammer and screwdriver, computer software, or specialized apps that help you do what you do better, tools are a part of our daily lives. And there are tools that might help you fly when it comes to your personal branding approach.

Let's have a look at what personal branding is and how having your own personal brand may benefit you before we get into which tools can help you with your branding.

What Is Personal Branding And Why You Need One

The technique of shaping an individual's public reputation is known as "personal branding." It establishes someone as an expert in their field, distinguishing them from others, emphasizing their knowledge, and enhancing their credibility.

A personal brand has become a requirement in today's social and connected world when you can look up nearly anybody online. It may make all the difference between getting that high-profile position or being successful when starting your own business.

A successful personal brand entails a variety of factors, including your social media activity (LinkedIn profile, Twitter activity, etc.), a blog where you discuss everything in your field, and public speaking at industry events. All of this contributes to the development of your personal brand and the creation of an industry name that everyone recognizes and appreciates.

You don't have to go it alone, though. There are a variety of free and low-cost tools available to help you manage your personal brand so you can focus on being yourself and interacting with your audience.

Let's take a look at a few of those tools right now to see how they fit into your overall plan and objectives.

On poster 10 ways with key points mentioned with essential to build a personal brand
On poster 10 ways with key points mentioned with essential to build a personal brand

10 Important Personal Branding Tools That Will Boost Your Strategy

Google Alerts

When it comes to branding yourself, it helps to know what others are saying about you and your sector. And Google Alerts can assist you in doing so. Simply go to Google Alerts and type in any keywords you want to be notified about—it might be your name, your rivals' names, or even industry phrases. As soon as you're finished, Google will set up an email alert for you anytime these phrases appear online. It's all completely free!

This data gives you an excellent idea of the health of your personal brand, including both the positive and negative aspects of what people are saying about your company and industry. This data may be used to adjust your brand strategy to the present situation.

Google Analytics

Google's free products are fantastic, and their analytics is no exception. Its analytics feature allows you to see how well your approach is working. This data allows you to adjust your plan as needed. Find out how many visits your website receives, as well as their location, the pages they view, and the device they use.


Any brand, including your personal brand plan, has to be on social media. You can plan social media activity with a program like Hootsuite, so you can see what works and what doesn't.


One of the keys to successfully branding oneself is organization. Asana aids in the organization of your whole brand and workforce. It allows you to organize all of your tasks in one spot, assign them to team members, establish due dates, and collaborate. This application may help you envision what you need to accomplish and drive you to do it on time, even if you're in a one-person team.


If you want to live in the digital world, you'll need images because no one wants to visit a website and see a wall of text. Visuals engage your audience, whether on social media or on your website. And one of the best tools for doing so is Canva.

Canva offers hundreds of templates and free photos, as well as pre-made sizes for social networking and other digital arenas. You'll get access to all of the tools you'll need to create stunning graphics. Canva is also available to everyone, regardless of their budget, thanks to a useful free version.


Your personal brand's professional image and believability are crucial, so don't let minor spelling and punctuation errors derail it. Grammarly is a simple and free programme.

If you're using Google Chrome, you may install the Grammarly extension directly from the browser. It's been built to integrate seamlessly with your email, social networking networks, and a variety of blogging platforms. In fact, Grammarly will work with most websites that you use for your personal brand to ensure that whatever you write is of the highest quality.


Subject lines, whether for emails, blog posts, or ebooks, are the first things people see and may have a significant impact on whether or not they read your content. SubjectLine has examined and analysed millions of headlines to determine which ones are the most effective. Simply type in your topic or title on the website to receive a grade (out of 100 possible points). It will inform you of what works and what can be done to assist you more effectively.

Brand Yourself

BrandYourself is a tool that lets you track your brand and watch how it evolves over time. If something changes, you'll be notified. Plus, BrandYourself keeps you up-to-date with advice on how to continually increase your search engine presence. You may follow up to three profiles for free, which is ideal for a personal brand that is just getting started.


Email marketing is a fantastic technique to keep your audience engaged while also promoting your business. With hundreds of templates to pick from, statistics to measure your progress, and audience segmentation to adapt your emails to the needs of each audience, Mailchimp makes this simple. Depending on the bundle you pick, MailChimp also includes various tools like form builders, CTAs, and landing page templates.


Magisto is an online video editing tool that lets you upload films and pictures to make professional-looking videos for your business. All of the standard video editing tools are available, as well as a media library with free music and the flexibility to fully customize your movie for your business. It also has lead-generation abilities, which means you can turn those views into real leads. Video is going to be a big part of personal branding in the future, and Magisto is a great tool for making the transition easier.

What Is Personal Branding Strategy?

A personal branding strategy is a method for elevating your reputation and career from obscurity to prominence. It outlines where you are now and where you aim to be in the future in terms of visibility. Content marketing is at the heart of a modern personal branding strategy.

What Is Branding As A Marketing Tool?

Simply put, branding tools assist firms in establishing a brand and a strong web presence. Boost your brand's exposure and recognition. They improve their brand's image among consumers, industry insiders, and their target demographic.


Thanks for reading, and we hope that these personal branding tools will assist you in building a strong personal brand.

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