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Karen Quintos - Dell's First CCO Sharing Wisdoms For Success

Karen Quintos is Dell's first Chief Customer Officer (CCO). She is in charge of a worldwide group of people who work to help customers.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Jan 20, 2023126 Shares2.1K Views
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  3. Don't Just Be A Mentor; Speak Up For Other Women As Well
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After taking a long time to change from a public company to a private one, Dell hired CCO Karen Quintosto lead efforts to combine digital and social to improve customer support, which is a major focus of the Texas-based computer giant.

Dell's digital marketing strategy has been improved while Quintos has been in charge. This means using social mediaas another way to meet the needs of customers. Here you will know Karen Quintos' lessons for success.

Who Is Karen Quintos?

The Circulars 2019 – Karen Quintos, Dell (Sponsor of The Circulars 2019)

Karen Quintos is Dell's first Chief Customer Officer (CCO). She is in charge of a worldwide group of people who work to help customers.

Under Karen's direction, the CCO organization defines and develops Dell's customer experience strategy and programs with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction, customer acquisition, customer retention, and profit.

Karen is also in charge of Dell's strategy and programs for Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion, and Entrepreneurship. These are areas of businessthat are important to our customers and team members all over the world, and she is very passionate about them.

Karen was a senior vice president and the Chief Marketing Officer at Dell before. She was also the vice president of Public Sector Marketing and North America Commercial, and she was in charge of services, support, and supply chain management.

Karen joined Dell in 2000. Before that, she worked at Citigroup, where she was vice president of global operations and technology. She was in charge of marketing, operations, and the supply chain at Merck for 12 years.

Karen has a master's degree in marketing and international businessfrom New York University and a bachelor's degree in supply chain management from Pennsylvania State University.

She is on the boards of both Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Lennox International. She is also on the board of the Smeal College of Business at Penn State and won the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014.

Forbes named Karen one of the most powerful CMOs in the world, and Working Mother magazine called her "Mother of the Year." She lives with her husband and three kids in Austin, Texas.

Karen Quintos' Lessons For Success

She is the only female leader at Dell, and she is changing the company's approach to work and family life without sacrificing either. Chief Marketing Officer at Dell's headquarters outside of Austin, Texas, Quintos is in charge of all branding, advertising, and consumer data analytics.

Listen And Put The Pieces Together

What does a Chief Customer Officer do? Well, Quintos came up with the part. After a short talk about how important customers are, Michael Dell told her about an idea for a role that would focus on customers. She then made the pitch that got her the job.

She didn't spend hours alone writing what she thought made sense. Instead, she talked to and listened to hundreds of people in sales organizations, with customers, and in leadershippositions to find out what they needed and how she could help.

After a lot of listening, she started to see patterns and made a role that broke down silos across the organization by giving value leaders the tools they needed to better advocate for customers.

She also changed what it meant to be a "customer" to include both employees and the people in the world who Dell affects through its corporate social responsibility programs.

Quintos made a job that helped Dell's ecosystem of people in a way that no other company had done before. She shows us how important it is to listen if you want to find your own way to leadership.

Support Policies That Help The World Move Forward

A lot of companies change their diversity agenda and focus it externally, but in order to make real change, you have to commit to internal change.- Karen Quintos

She, Dell, and HR leadership made it their goal to commit at the highest level of the organization by setting goals, holding leaders accountable, and building a diverse leadership team.

At the end of the day, you can talk all you want around diversity, but if your culture is not one around inclusion, individuals will leave.- Karen Quintos

She worked hard to teach their leadership team about unconscious bias, stand up for zero tolerance for harassment and bullying (they've fired executives on the spot) and set up ways for people to speak up if they felt uncomfortable

It was very important for them to focus on what some business leaders call "the frozen middle," which is the middle layer of management that makes decisions every day that affects the culture. Also, they put a lot of effort into making their workforce flexible.

They did this by redesigning their facilities and making policies that let people work when and how they want. As well as putting an emphasis on the community through programs like Women in Action and promoting women in STEM fields.

She shows that the culture of a workplace can be changed, even if the change is scary if the leaders aren't afraid to "pilot it, test it out, and go for it."

Don't Lose Your Sense Of Wonder

Karen Quintos wearing a white outfit
Karen Quintos wearing a white outfit

Quintos works hard to keep her sense of wonder alive, both in her morning routine and in the way her team works together. She says that she really believes that you should feed your body, soul, and mind. She doesn't let the stress of the day or the many emails on her phone get to her.

Instead, she reads about what's going on in the world or goes for a run to clear her head. She asks her own team, her peers, and her family what they think to help her keep things in perspective.

Consistently go back to those things that give you energy and the individuals that will tell you the truth when it comes to those things that you might think are insurmountable.- Karen Quintos

She also helps others, and if a team member is stuck, she thinks it's her job to figure out why and try to get rid of the things in their way. Keeping her curiosity alive helps her keep things like stress and problems in perspective for herself and her team.

Put A Harmonious Life Ahead Of Balancing Work And LifeQuintos doesn't think that the work-life balance that everyone talks about is real. She likes the idea of having more good days than bad days and not getting stuck on the days in between. Over time, the most important thing is that your days go well together.

She also thinks that you should put your most important things at the top of your list so that you can keep living. And it's important to have a partner or friends who back you up.

When Quintos got the C-suite job, her husband retired early and stayed home with the kids. She says that without his help, she wouldn't be where she is now. To live a balanced life, you need to change your point of view, set priorities, and work with other people.

Don't Just Be A Mentor; Speak Up For Other Women As Well

Quintos says that every senior woman has a responsibility to not only mentor younger women but also speak up for women. This means helping them open doors and being a sounding board. Her work with DWEN (Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network) has been very rewarding.

She talks about a recent event where a 13-year-old told how he started a business that was bought by a big store. One woman in the crowd asked what she really needed to do to climb. Her answer was money.

That person in the crowd got a group of investors to invest in her new business. Quintos set the stage for lobbying. More women need this kind of magic to help them out.

Have Faith In Yourself And Go For It

Quintos says she is a firm believer that the key to success is having confidence and knowing you can do anything you set your mind to. She wants women to take a chance:

Listen, you're gonna make some mistakes, I have along the way. But at the end of the day, if you believe in yourself, and you surround yourself with a group of people that you get energy from and that has your back, you can do amazing things.- Karen Quintos

People Also Ask

Is Karen Quintos The First CCO Of Dell?

Kaen Quintos is the first Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Dell, and in this role, he oversees a worldwide team of employees who are all advocates for Dell's customers.

Karen oversees the CCO team, which is responsible for defining and developing Dell's customer experience strategy and initiatives in order to increase the company's revenue, brand loyalty, and customer pleasure.

What Are Karen Quintos Responsibilities At Dell?

For Dell, Karen oversees CSR, DI, and entrepreneurship initiatives, which are all near and dear to her heart since they affect the company's bottom line and its relationships with customers and employees all around the world.

Does Karen Quintos Have A Master's Degree?

Karen has a BS in supply chain management from Penn State and an MBA in marketing and international business from New York University.


Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of Dell Technologies Karen Quintos regularly imparts two pieces of employment guidance to her daughters, ages 15 and 20.

Despite its difficulty, Quintos' time as vice president and general manager of Dell's small and medium business services and customer experience was one of the most fulfilling of her careerat Dell and likely a contributing factor to her promotion to chief customer officer.

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