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Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path?

Is containers/packaging a good career path? Let's explore the various jobs available in the containers/packaging industry, highlight the best-paying roles, delve into the average salary figures, and discuss the abundant job opportunities in this thriving field.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Jul 31, 20238 Shares7.8K Views

Are you seeking a career that offers creativity, stability, and a significant impact on various industries? If so, a career in containers and packaging might be the perfect fit for you. Containers and packaging play a crucial role in storing, protecting, and transporting products across different sectors, ensuring the safe delivery of goods while also reducing environmental impact.

Is containers/packaging a good career path? Let's explore the various jobs available in the containers/packaging industry, highlight the best-paying roles, delve into the average salary figures, and discuss the abundant job opportunities in this thriving field.

What Are The Jobs In Containers/Packaging Industry?

The containers/packaging industry offers a wide array of job opportunities, catering to diverse skill sets and interests. Here are some of the key roles in this dynamic field:

Packaging Engineer

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Packaging engineers are responsible for designing and creating innovative packaging solutions that safeguard products during transportation, storage, and distribution. They work with a variety of materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the packaging is not only functional but also cost-effective.

Packaging Designer

Packaging designers are the creative minds behind the visual appeal of packaging. They focus on aesthetics, branding, and consumer appeal to make sure the packaging stands out on the shelves and effectively communicates the product's value to potential buyers.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality assurance specialists play a critical role in ensuring that the packaging meets industry standards and regulations. They conduct thorough testing and inspections to ensure the packaging's durability and safety, guaranteeing that products remain protected throughout their journey.

Production Supervisor

Production supervisors oversee the manufacturing process of packaging materials and containers. They ensure that the production runs smoothly, meeting deadlines, and maintaining strict quality control to ensure the final products meet the highest standards.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers are responsible for coordinating the movement of packaging materials and products throughout the supply chain. They optimize logistics, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency in the packaging and distribution process.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Containers/Packaging?

Best Paying Jobs In Containers/Packaging Industry

Is containers/packaging a good career path? If you are considering a career in containers/packaging, rest assured that this industry offers many well-paying job opportunities. Let's take a closer look at some of the best-paying roles:

Sales Manager

Average Annual Salary - $100,000

Sales managers are instrumental in driving the sales of containers and packaging solutions. They develop sales strategies, train sales staff, and maintain strong customer relationships to ensure continued growth and success for the company.

Production Manager

Average Annual Salary - $95,000

Production managers are responsible for overseeing the entire production process of packaging materials and containers. They ensure that all products meet quality standards and are ready for distribution, making certain that production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance Manager

Average Annual Salary - $90,000

Quality assurance managers play a crucial role in maintaining the high quality of packaging products. They oversee inspections, testing, and quality control processes, ensuring that all containers and packaging materials adhere to stringent quality standards.

Container Design Manager

Average Annual Salary - $85,768

Container design managers lead teams in designing and developing cutting-edge containers used for product shipment. They ensure that all containers meet regulatory standards and are optimized for performance and efficiency.

Shipping Coordinator

Average Annual Salary - $39,830

Shipping coordinators are responsible for managing shipping schedules and collecting shipping information. They play a critical role in organizing the transportation of products, ensuring that deliveries are timely and efficient.


Average Annual Salary - $35,719

Loaders handle the loading and unloading of goods into various shipping vessels, including ships, trucks, and containers. They play a vital role in ensuring that products are transported safely and securely.

Assembly Technician

Average Annual Salary - $35,457

Assembly technicians work on assembly lines, organizing, packing, and shipping products efficiently. They are essential in ensuring that products are properly packaged and ready for distribution.


Average Annual Salary - $33,045

Stockers are responsible for organizing and storing products in retail stores, warehouses, and restaurants. They play a crucial role in maintaining inventory and ensuring products are readily available for sale.

Warehouse Worker

Average Annual Salary - $31,184

Warehouse workers handle various tasks, including receiving, organizing, and packing orders, as well as loading shipping containers. They are integral to the smooth functioning of warehouse operations.


Average Annual Salary - $30,485

Packers are responsible for packing and preparing items for shipping and sale. They ensure that products are properly labeled and packaged for safe transportation.

Average Salary Of Containers/Packaging

The average salary in the containers/packaging industry can vary based on the specific job role, level of experience, and geographic location. The salaries range from $30,485 for packers to $100,000 for sales managers annually. Entry-level positions, such as packaging operators, may have lower starting salaries but offer opportunities for career growth and advancement within the industry.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Containers/Packaging Industry?

The containers/packaging industry is experiencing robust growth, and as a result, there is a consistent demand for skilled professionals across various job roles. From high-level positions such as Director of Packaging and Senior Packaging Engineer to entry-level opportunities like Field Sales Representative and National Accounts Representative, this industry offers an array of options for career advancement.

  • Director of Packaging - $130,000-$180,000
  • Senior Packaging Engineer - $110,000-$170,000
  • Packaging Manager - $100,000-$150,000
  • Packaging Engineer - $80,000-$120,000
  • Senior Designer - $70,000-$100,000
  • Design Manager - $60,000-$90,000
  • Brand Manager - $60,000-$85,000
  • Marketing Manager - $55,000-$80,000
  • Product Manager - $50,000-$75,000
  • Sales Manager - $45,500-$70,500
  • Business Development Manager - $40,500-$60,500
  • Account Manager - $35,500-$55,500
  • Key Account Manager - $33,500-$53,500
  • Field Sales Representative - $32,000-$52,000
  • National Accounts Representative - $30,000-$50,000

With salaries ranging from $30,000 to $180,000, the containers/packaging industry presents a lucrative and promising job market for individuals looking to make a significant impact in this vital sector.

What Does A Packager Do?

Packagers play a vital role in the containers/packaging industry, as they are responsible for assembling, labeling, and preparing products for shipment or distribution. Some of their key tasks include selecting appropriate packaging materials, operating packaging machinery, inspecting products for defects, and organizing packaged products for storage or transportation. Packagers ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the packaging process, ensuring products reach consumers safely and intact.

Why You Should Choose And Consider A Career In Container/Packaging

Choosing a career in containers/packaging can be a highly rewarding decision for several reasons:

High Demand And Job Stability

The containers/packaging industry is essential to almost every sector, ensuring a consistent demand for skilled professionals. As long as products continue to be manufactured and distributed, there will be a need for containers and packaging, offering excellent job stability.

Diverse Job Options

Advancements in technology have led to innovative packaging solutions, creating multiple job opportunities for individuals with different skill sets and interests. Whether you have a talent for design, production management, quality control, or sales and marketing, the containers/packaging industry has a path for you.

Skill Development

As the industry continues to evolve, it provides ample opportunities to learn and develop new skills, including creativity, innovation, and time management. Working in containers/packaging allows individuals to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends.

Entry-Level Positions

The containers/packaging sector offers numerous entry-level jobs, making it accessible to individuals without extensive prior experience or specialized education. This creates a pathway for career growth and advancement within the industry.

Positive Impact On The Environment

With increasing awareness of environmental concerns, the containers/packaging industry has been making strides in sustainability efforts. Choosing a career in this field allows individuals to contribute to environmentally friendly packaging solutions, reducing waste and pollution.

Benefits Of A Career In Container/Packaging

A career in containers/packaging offers various benefits, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a fulfilling and well-compensated profession:

Creativity And Innovation

Working in containers/packaging allows individuals to tap into their creativity and innovation. Packaging designers have the opportunity to develop visually appealing and unique packaging solutions that capture consumer attention.

Career Growth And Advancement

The containers/packaging industry offers a clear career path with opportunities for growth and advancement. Hardworking and skilled professionals can move up the ladder, taking on managerial and leadership roles.

Competitive Salaries

The industry provides competitive salaries for various job roles. From entry-level positions to high-level management, containers/packaging professionals are rewarded for their expertise and contributions.

Diverse Industry Applications

Containers and packaging are vital in various sectors, ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and e-commerce. Working in this industry opens doors to different fields and applications.

Positive Industry Outlook

The continuous growth and demand for containers/packaging indicate a positive industry outlook. This offers job security and stability for professionals working in this field.

Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path For You?

How Can I Decide If Working In Containers/Packaging Suits Me?

Deciding on a career in containers/packaging involves considering various factors related to your interests, skills, and career goals. Here are five key considerations to help you make an informed decision:


Assess your strengths and skills, such as design abilities, technical expertise, or sales and marketing capabilities, to determine how well they align with roles in the containers/packaging industry.


If you have a passion for creative innovation, problem-solving, and learning new things, a career in containers/packaging may be an excellent fit for you.

Growth Possibilities

The rapid growth of e-commerce and the increasing emphasis on sustainable packaging offer numerous opportunities for career advancement in the containers/packaging industry.


Containers/packaging companies offer competitive salaries, and certain roles with specialized expertise can command higher pay.

Company Culture

Research the company's values and work environment to ensure it aligns with your professional and personal objectives.

What Are The Job Prospects For A Career In Container/Packaging?

The containers/packaging industry offers diverse and promising career prospects. With the increasing demand for effective packaging solutions driven by e-commerce growth and consumer preferences, there is a consistent need for skilled professionals across various job roles.

The job prospects in the containers/packaging industry are positive, with employment in this field expected to continue growing. As technology and innovation drive advancements in packaging materials and processes, the industry will continue to offer a wide range of job opportunities.

People Also Ask

What Is A Packaging Worker Called?

A packaging worker is commonly known as a packager. They are responsible for preparing manufactured items for shipment by placing them into containers, sealing, and labeling the items, ensuring they are ready for transport.

Is Packaging Engineering Hard?

Yes, packaging engineering can be challenging. Packaging engineers are involved in various activities, including product and cost analysis, managing packaging personnel, developing and operating packaging filling lines, and negotiating with customers or sales representatives.

Is Packaging A Major?

Yes, packaging is a major offered at Michigan State University. MSU is the first higher education institution globally to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in packaging. They are home to the top-ranked School of Packaging, and their graduates comprise more than half of all packaging professionals in the nation.

What Is The Hardest Engineering To Learn?

The top five most challenging engineering majors are chemical, aerospace, biomedical, electrical, and computer engineering. Students worldwide study engineering, and some majors are more difficult than others.

How Many Years Is Packaging Engineering?

Packaging engineering programs may be offered through an engineering school or a school of packaging within a university. Both bachelor of science and master of science degrees are available. It typically takes four or five years to earn a bachelor's degree and an additional two years for a master's degree.


In conclusion, a career in containers and packaging is undoubtedly a good career path. This dynamic industry offers a plethora of opportunities, from creative design roles to managerial positions. With competitive salaries, stability, and diverse applications across industries, containers and packaging professionals play an essential role in shaping the future of product distribution and sustainability.

If you possess skills in design, engineering, sales, or logistics, the containers/packaging industry provides a platform for you to thrive and make a meaningful impact. As the world continues to prioritize environmentally friendly packaging solutions, professionals in this field have the chance to contribute positively to the environment while enjoying a fulfilling and prosperous career.

Embrace the possibilities that the containers/packaging industry offers, and embark on a rewarding journey of creativity, innovation, and success. It's time to unlock your potential and contribute to the seamless and sustainable flow of goods around the world. Is containers/packaging a good career path? Absolutely, and it could be the perfect path for you.

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