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Is COIN App Legit Or Scam? Reviews 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology and innovative apps, a new player has entered the scene that's been generating both curiosity and skepticism among users: the COIN App. Promising to provide users with a unique way to earn cryptocurrency, it has captured the attention of many seeking opportunities in the crypto space. But as with any new app, questions arise about its authenticity. Is COIN App legit or just another elaborate scam? Let's look into the details and explore the reviews and experiences of users in 2023.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Sep 11, 2023518 Shares30.4K Views
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  1. What Is COIN App And What Does It Offer?
  2. How Does COIN App Work?
  3. How Much Does The COIN App Pay?
  4. Is The COIN App Legit?
  5. How Much Does COIN App Cost?
  6. Pros & Cons Of COIN App
  7. The Best COIN App Alternatives
  8. COIN App FAQs
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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology and innovative apps, a new player has entered the scene that's been generating both curiosity and skepticism among users: the COIN App. Promising to provide users with a unique way to earn cryptocurrency, it has captured the attention of many seeking opportunities in the crypto space. But as with any new app, questions arise about its authenticity. Is COIN App legitor just another elaborate scam? Let's look into the details and explore the reviews and experiences of users in 2023.

What Is COIN App And What Does It Offer?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the COIN appemerges as a fusion of fitness tracking and cryptocurrency rewards. But what exactly sets it apart in this crowded arena?

A Unique Proposition

The COIN app introduces an intriguing proposition: the ability to transform your everyday steps into valuable digital coins. Unlike traditional fitness tracking apps that solely monitor your activity, COIN app adds a layer of incentive by converting your movements into cryptocurrency. This marriage of fitness and finance ignites curiosity among users seeking novel ways to engage with both realms.

Passive Income Potential

What sets COIN app further apart is its passive income potential. Beyond active geomining, the app offers numerous avenues for users to earn COIN without actively engaging with the app. From product scans and store visits to rewarded surveys and sweepstakes participation, COIN app appeals to those seeking diverse earning opportunities without an excessive time investment.

How Does COIN App Work?

The mechanics behind the COIN app might seem complex at first glance, but the core concept revolves around turning movement into digital currency.

Download & Sign Up

Starting with a simple download and account creation, COIN app ensures a seamless onboarding process. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the setup is a matter of a few clicks. Upon account creation, the app prompts users to grant location access for geomining, a pivotal step for earning rewards through movement.

Unleashing Geomining

Geomining takes center stage in the COIN app's earning mechanics. By exploring real-world locations, users can geomine these areas within the app's map. Each successful geomine accumulates a fraction of COIN. An intriguing twist arrives in the form of short mini-games that users complete to clear an area, allowing them to geomine it again.

Diverse Earning Methods

Beyond geomining, COIN app embraces various earning methods to cater to a broader audience. From scanning in-store products to visiting specific highlighted stores on the app's map, the possibilities are diverse. Additionally, rewarded surveys and sweepstakes participation offer avenues for accumulating COIN. The concept of team lift, where multiple users mine the same area together, introduces a collaborative aspect to earning.

Maximizing Rewards With SentinelX

For those seeking to amplify their rewards, the COIN app offers SentinelX extensions. Available in BLE and NFC versions, these devices provide a temporary boost in geomining rewards. While these extensions cater to more dedicated users, they spotlight the app's versatility and the option to customize earning strategies.

Redeem COIN

The culmination of the earning journey arrives with the redemption process. Unlike conventional apps that offer direct cash rewards, COIN app takes a distinctive route. Users can't convert their earned COIN directly into PayPal funds or traditional cash deposits. Instead, the app offers an array of redemption options, including the conversion of COIN into other cryptocurrencies or physical rewards like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XYO, Apple products, headphones, gamingconsoles, and fitness watches.

How Much Does The COIN App Pay?

The fundamental query for potential users revolves around earnings – how much can you realistically earn with the COIN app's unique approach?

Variable Earnings

Earnings within the COIN app are inherently variable. Users report earning approximately 0.04 COINper successful geomine. While this might sound modest, the app's design encourages consistent engagement and exploration to accelerate earnings. The gamificationaspect, combined with diverse earning methods, provides a multifaceted approach to increasing your COIN holdings.

Leveraging Earning Methods

It's essential to recognize that geomining is just one facet of earning within the COIN app. Additional earning methods like product scans, store visits, surveys, and team lifts contribute to a cumulative earning strategy. The synergy of these methods enhances the overall earning potential, albeit over time.

Is The COIN App Legit?

COIN App Logo
COIN App Logo

The legitimacy question echoes loudly in the world of digital opportunities. Addressing this query requires examining both sides of the narrative.

Verified Reputation

The COIN app boasts a substantial user base, with over 4 million members and an impressive 4.5+ star rating on the Google and Apple app stores. This positive reception underscores the app's credibility and resonates with users who have experienced its rewards firsthand.

Skepticism And Concerns

Despite the positive sentiment, skepticism remains. Concerns about conversion rates, geolocation accuracy, and overall earnings transparency have prompted certain users to cast doubt on the app's legitimacy. These concerns underline the importance of cautious engagement and thorough research before fully embracing the COIN app.

How Much Does COIN App Cost?

The pricing structure of the COIN app plays a pivotal role in users' decisions to commit. Let's explore the cost dynamics.

The COIN app introduces a tiered approach, catering to users of diverse backgrounds and expertise levels. From newcomers to seasoned users, there's a plan tailored to individual goals.

Basic Plan - $0

Designed for newcomers and beginners, the Basic Plan comes at no cost and offers:

  • 1x Geomining Speed
  • Geomining Recharge Rate of 1x Speed
  • Likelihood of Big Geomines (1x)

Pro Plan - $34.95 Monthly

Ideal for committed users aiming for substantial rewards, the Pro Plan is priced at $34.95 per month. Its features encompass:

  • 3x Geomining Rewards and Geomining Recharge Rate
  • 3x Likelihood of Big Geomines
  • 12x Geomining Rewards
  • Geoclaim Bonus
  • 3x Background Reward Boost
  • 3x Additional Geomining Rewards
  • Bonus Drop Power
  • Geoclaim Shield and Bonus

Plus Plan - $24.95 Monthly

For users seeking enhanced rewards without the premium price, the Plus Plan costs $24.95 per month. Its features include:

  • 2x Geomining Rewards and Geomining Recharge Rate
  • 2x Likelihood of Big Geomines
  • 12x Geomining Rewards
  • 2x Additional Geomining Rewards
  • 2x Bonus Drop Power
  • 2x Background Reward Boost
  • Geoclaim Shield and Bonus

Curious users can explore the benefits of premium COIN app plans via a 3-day free trial, offering a taste of perks without immediate financial commitment.

Coin App Plans
Coin App Plans

Deciding whether to opt for a paid subscription necessitates assessing your potential earnings against the subscription cost. For casual users, the free plan offers an opportunity to gauge the app's potential before committing financially. Meanwhile, dedicated users seeking faster earnings might find value in the subscription plans.

Pros & Cons Of COIN App

As with any platform, the COIN app presents a range of advantages and drawbacks that users should consider before diving in.


  • Seamless Integration of Fitness and Earnings -The COIN app offers a unique proposition by transforming physical activity into digital rewards, creating a symbiotic relationship between health-consciousness and financial gains.
  • Diverse Earning Avenues -The app's multifaceted approach to earning ensures that users aren't limited to a single method. Geomining, scanning products, surveys, and more provide a rich tapestry of options.
  • Simplicity of Use -Despite its multifunctionality, the COIN app's user interface remains intuitive, enabling users to engage with its features without a steep learning curve.
  • Passive Earning -Geomining rewards users for their everyday movements, effectively turning mundane activities into a source of income.


  • Limited Redemption Options -While the app offers various reward redemption choices, the absence of direct cash options may limit users' flexibility in using their earned COINs.
  • High COIN Requirements for Rewards -The low value of individual COINs translates into high thresholds for redeeming valuable rewards, necessitating substantial earning efforts.
  • Variable Earnings -Users in areas with limited geomining opportunities may experience lower earnings compared to those in more active locations.
  • Conversion Rates and Fees -Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the conversion rates and fees associated with redeeming COINs, potentially impacting the perceived value of rewards.

The Best COIN App Alternatives

While the COIN app presents a distinctive approach to earning, it's important to explore alternatives that suit different preferences and goals.


Sweatcoin mirrors COIN's fusion of fitness and cryptocurrency. Users earn "sweatcoins" by walking, which can be redeemed for rewards ranging from gadgets to experiences.


Miles offers gift cards as rewards for daily travel activities, making it an attractive option for users seeking practical incentivesfor their journeys.


Honeygain allows users to monetize their unused internet bandwidth by sharing it with the network. It's a passive income avenue that complements the COIN app's concept.


Evidation rewards users for their physical activities, creating an additional revenue stream while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


CashWalk follows the footsteps of COIN, rewarding users for walking with gift cards, providing an alternative means of earning.

Coin App Review – BIG Money or Scam? (Find Out if It Is Worth It)


Here are some frequently asked questions about the COIN App:

Is The COIN App Worth It? FAQ

Yes, the COIN app can be worth it for individuals who are active and willing to engage in geomining, exploration, and various earning methods. It offers a unique way to earn rewards through real-world activities. However, its worthiness depends on factors such as your location, mobility, and commitment to using the app consistently.

While it's not a scam and provides legitimate rewards, it's important to manage expectations – the app's earning potential might not replace traditional income sources for most users.

How Do You Cash Out On COIN App? FAQ

Cashing out within the COIN app involves converting your accumulated Geomining COINs into various options, including other cryptocurrencies or physical rewards like Apple products, headphones, or gaming consoles. However, it's important to recognize that the conversion process might require a substantial accumulation of COINs to unlock valuable rewards.

Is The COIN App A Scam? FAQ

The COIN app operates within the legitimate landscape of cryptocurrency and digital rewards. While individual experiences vary, it is not classified as a scam. However, potential users should proceed with caution, tempering expectations with a realistic understanding of potential earnings and conversion rates.

What Is COIN App Used For? FAQ

The COIN app's primary purpose lies in incentivizing physical activity through cryptocurrency rewards. By merging fitness tracking with digital currency, the app encourages users to embrace an active lifestyle while exploring the world of cryptocurrency.

COIN APP Reviews

Here are some reviews from Reddit about COIN App:

Tbh it’s not worth buying the sentinel x or the subscription unless you’re a truck driver. You’ll be losing moneyevery month.

I honestly thought it was 1 coin to 1 XYO. Apparently, it is a waste of moneyand giving data for free. I hv given them tones of data for their surveys. They are so greedy.- aabush1

Im a truck driver, driving only in my homecountry. With pro packet i earn daily 4k coins. Im waiting for sentinel card and im wondering if its worth it. Anyone?- piranjaa84

Personally I think the subscriptions are not worth the money unless you drive a lot! However just leaving it on at home and using the nfc card is worth it. Basic free plan and the one time payment of $12 for nfc card get you decent coin. 10,000 coin is about $5 give or take.- xFUNKx707x

In the grand tapestry of technology and finance, the COIN app occupies a unique niche, intertwining fitness, innovation, and cryptocurrency. As 2023 unfolds, user reviews serve as guiding stars, illuminating the path toward informed decisions.

The pursuit of COIN requires not only curiosity but also careful contemplation. In this ever-changing landscape, the COIN app embodies both promise and prudence, encapsulating the spirit of the digital age.

People Also Ask

How Accurate Are Coin Apps?

Coin apps serve their purpose, particularly for initial research on coins or collections. However, displaying coin information or values doesn't guarantee accuracy.

Is Coin Switch App Safe?

Absolutely. CoinSwitch is a safe and legitimate exchange, standing as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency landscape. Its non-custodial nature ensures user fund safety.

Does Coin App Drain Battery?

Using the app in foreground mode comes with a drawback: substantial battery drain. It's advisable to keep your device charged, as constant usage can negatively impact battery life.


In conclusion, the COIN app offers a legitimate opportunity for users to earn rewards through real-world activities like geomining and exploration. While it can be worth considering for those who are active and enjoy engaging with its features, its value varies based on location, mobility, and commitment. So, "Is COIN app legit?" – yes, it is a legitimate platform, but its earning potential should be realistically assessed, as it might not replace traditional income sources for the majority of users.

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