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3 Ways To Remove/Uninstall Cortana

Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, is designed to help users with various tasks, such as setting reminders, performing searches, and managing schedules. While some users find Cortana useful, others may prefer to disable or uninstall it due to privacy concerns, resource usage, or personal preferences. If you fall into the latter category and want to remove Cortana from your Windows system, follow this step-by-step guide on how to uninstall Cortana.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
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  1. How To Completely Remove Cortana In Windows 10 – 3 Ways
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  4. How To Install Cortana In Windows 11?
  5. How To Remove Cortana From Taskbar On Windows 10 FAQ
  6. How To Remove Cortana From Task Manager FAQ
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Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, has been an integral part of the Windows operating system for several years. While many users find Cortana helpful in performing tasks and providing information, some may prefer to uninstall it for various reasons, such as privacy concerns, system resource usage, or personal preferences. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how touninstall Cortanasafely and effectively. Uninstalling Cortana can be a more advanced procedure compared to typical software removal, requiring careful execution to avoid any potential issues with the Windows system.

How To Completely Remove Cortana In Windows 10 – 3 Ways

How To Uninstall Cortana in Windows 10 | Permanently Disable and Remove

Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, comes built-in with Windows 10 and is integrated deeply into the operating system. While some users find Cortana useful, others prefer to remove it completely for various reasons, such as privacy concerns or resource optimization. If you are looking to bid farewell to Cortana from your Windows 10 system, here are three effective ways to accomplish it:

Using PowerShell

  • Open PowerShell with Administrator privileges. To do this, right-click on the Start button, then select "Windows Terminal (Admin)" or "Windows PowerShell (Admin)."
  • Type the following command and press Enter to uninstall Cortana from your system: Get-AppxPackage-allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Remove-AppxPackage
  • Cortana should now be removed from your Windows 10 system. Restart your computer to apply the changes.

Using Group Policy Editor

  • Press Win + Rto open the Run dialog, type gpedit.msc, and hit Enter to open the Group Policy Editor.
  • In the editor, navigate to Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> Windows Components-> Search.
  • Locate and double-click on the "Allow Cortana" policy on the right side.
  • Select the "Disabled" option, then click "Apply" and "OK."
  • Restart your computer to apply the changes, and Cortana should be completely removed.

Using A Third-Party Tool

Several third-party tools are available that can help you uninstall Cortana from Windows 10 effortlessly. Some tools allow you to disable Cortana without affecting other system functionalities, ensuring a smooth experience.

  • Research and choose a reputable third-party tool that suits your needs.
  • Download and install the tool on your computer.
  • Follow the tool's instructions to remove Cortana completely from your system.
  • Reboot your computer to complete the process.

Please note that removing Cortana from your Windows 10 system may have implications for Windows updates and future feature releases. If you encounter any issues or change your mind, consider creating a System Restore Point before proceeding with the uninstallation.

Remember, removing Cortana is an advanced procedure, and it's essential to proceed with caution. Make sure to back up your important data and create a restore point as a precautionary measure. Choose the method that aligns with your comfort level and always exercise caution when modifying critical system components. With these steps, you can enjoy a Cortana-free Windows 10 experience, tailored to your preferences and needs.

How To Disable Cortana In Windows 11?

How To Disable Cortana Permanently in Windows 11 [Tutorial]

In Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced changes to Cortana, making it more focused on productivity and integrating it into the Start menu. If you want to disable Cortana in Windows 11, you can follow these steps:

  • Open Settings -Click on the Start button and then click on the Settings gear icon (or press Win + I) to open the Windows Settings.
  • Go to Cortana Settings -In the Settings window, click on "Cortana" from the left-side menu.
  • Turn Off Cortana -Under the "Talk to Cortana" section, toggle off the switch for "Hey Cortana." This will disable the voice activation feature for Cortana.
  • Disable Cortana on Lock Screen -To disable Cortana on the lock screen, toggle off the switch for "Use Cortana even when my device is locked."
  • Disable Cortana from the Taskbar -In Windows 11, Cortana is integrated into the Start menu, and there is no separate icon for it on the taskbar. However, you can unpin the Start menu from the taskbar if you don't want Cortana to appear there.
  • Customize Cortana Widgets -On the Cortana settings page, you can also customize the widgets that appear in the Start menu. Toggle off any widget that you don't want to see.
  • Restart Your Computer -After making these changes, restart your computer to apply the settings.

Following these steps will disable Cortana in Windows 11 and remove its presence from the taskbar and lock screen. However, it's worth noting that Cortana's search functionality is still integrated into the Start menu, allowing you to search for apps, files, and settings. Disabling Cortana in Windows 11 provides a more streamlined experience, especially for users who don't wish to use the virtual assistant.

How To Disable Cortana In Windows 11 With The Task Manager?

How to Disable Cortana Permanently in Windows 11

  • Another way of stopping Cortana is from the task manager. Use the computer shortcut ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ to open the Task Manager in Windows 11. When Task Manager shows, switch to the ‘Startup’ tab to control tasks that power up when you boot up your PC.
  • Locate Cortana from the list of startup things and click on the ‘Disable’ button. Cortana will no longer take up resources when you are starting your Windows 11 machine.

If you prefer to explore alternative methods or third-party tools to disable Cortana, exercise caution and ensure you are using reputable software to avoid any potential risks to your system's stability or security. Before making any significant changes to your Windows 11 settings, consider creating a System Restore Point to have a backup option in case anything goes wrong during the process.

Always stay up to date with the latest information on Windows 11, as Microsoft may introduce new options or changes to Cortana's functionality in future updates.

How To Install Cortana In Windows 11?

How to enable cortana in windows 11

Cortana is integrated into Windows 11 by default, and there is no separate installation process required. However, Microsoft may introduce changes or updates to Windows 11 in the future, so it's essential to check for the latest information from Microsoft or reliable sources to confirm the current status of Cortana in Windows 11.

Assuming you have a legitimate and up-to-date version of Windows 11, Cortana should be available as part of the operating system. By default, you can access Cortana by clicking on the Start button in the taskbar, and Cortana's search bar will appear at the bottom of the Start menu.

If, for any reason, you don't see Cortana in your Windows 11 installation, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Check Cortana Settings -Ensure that Cortana is not disabled in the Windows Settings. To do this, open the Settings app (Win + I), go to "Cortana" from the left-side menu, and make sure that the "Talk to Cortana" option is turned on.
  • Windows Update -Check for Windows updates and make sure your Windows 11 installation is up to date. Microsoft might have released updates that include Cortana enhancements or fixes.
  • Regional and Language Settings -Cortana may be limited or unavailable in certain regions. Check your regional and language settings to ensure that they are compatible with Cortana's availability.
  • Windows Search Troubleshooter -Windows 11 includes built-in troubleshooters that can help resolve issues related to Cortana and Windows Search. To access them, open the Settings app, go to "System-> Troubleshoot," and run the "Search and Indexing" troubleshooter.

Remember that Cortana's features and availability may vary based on your region and language settings, as well as any updates or changes introduced by Microsoft. Always use a legitimate version of Windows 11 from reliable sources and keep your operating system up to date to ensure you have access to the latest features and improvements, including Cortana.

How To Remove Cortana From Taskbar On Windows 10 FAQ

How to remove Cortana from Windows 10 (task manager, taskbar, & start menu)

Can I Remove Cortana From The Taskbar In Windows 10?

Yes, you can remove Cortana from the taskbar in Windows 10. While you cannot uninstall Cortana completely, you can disable its appearance on the taskbar.

How Do I Disable Cortana From The Taskbar?

To disable Cortana from the taskbar, right-click on any empty space on the taskbar, hover over "Cortana," and choose one of the following options: "Show Cortana icon," "Show search box," or "Hidden." Selecting "Hidden" will remove Cortana from the taskbar.

What Happens When I Remove Cortana From The Taskbar?

Removing Cortana from the taskbar only hides its icon or search box. Cortana's functionalities, such as voice search and virtual assistant capabilities, will still be accessible by pressing the Windows key and typing your query.

Can I Still Use Cortana If It's Removed From The Taskbar?

Yes, even if you remove Cortana from the taskbar, you can still access its features and functionalities through the Start menu or by pressing the Windows key and typing your command.

Can I Re-enable Cortana On The Taskbar After Removing It?

Yes, you can re-enable Cortana on the taskbar. To do this, right-click on any empty space on the taskbar, hover over "Cortana," and select either "Show Cortana icon" or "Show search box."

No, removing Cortana from the taskbar does not affect Windows search. You can still use the search functionality by pressing the Windows key and typing your query, even if Cortana is hidden from the taskbar.

Can I Uninstall Cortana Completely From Windows 10?

As of Windows 10, Microsoft does not provide a straightforward method to completely uninstall Cortana. However, you can disable most of its functionalities through various settings and options.

Is Removing Cortana From The Taskbar Reversible?

Yes, removing Cortana from the taskbar is reversible. You can re-enable Cortana at any time by following the steps mentioned in question 5.

Does Removing Cortana From The Taskbar Affect System Performance?

Removing Cortana from the taskbar should not significantly impact system performance. However, disabling unnecessary background processes, including Cortana, may free up some system resources.

Can I Remove Cortana Permanently Using Third-party Tools?

While third-party tools might claim to remove Cortana permanently, it's crucial to exercise caution when using such tools. Modifying core system components can lead to instability or security risks. Microsoft does not officially support or recommend third-party tools for Cortana removal.

How To Remove Cortana From Task Manager FAQ

Cortana on a laptop
Cortana on a laptop

Why Would I Want To Remove Cortana From Task Manager?

Some users may wish to remove Cortana from Task Manager to free up system resources or disable its background processes. However, disabling Cortana through Task Manager is not a supported or safe approach.

What Is The Correct Method To Disable Cortana In Windows 10?

The recommended way to disable Cortana is through the Windows Settings. Open the Settings app, go to "Cortana," and toggle off the "Hey Cortana" feature. This will disable voice activation for Cortana. Additionally, you can disable Cortana on the lock screen from the same settings page.

Are There Any Risks In Removing Cortana From Task Manager?

Yes, removing Cortana from Task Manager can have severe consequences, including system instability, functionality issues, and potential security risks. Modifying core system components through Task Manager is not advisable and can lead to an unusable Windows installation.

How Can I Optimize Windows 10 Performance Without Removing Cortana?

To optimize Windows 10 performance, consider the following:

  • Keep your system and drivers up to date.
  • Disable unnecessary startup programs.
  • Run disk cleanup and remove temporary files.
  • Upgrade hardware components, such as adding more RAM or switching to an SSD.
  • Use the built-in Windows tools like Disk Cleanup and Task Manager to manage resources efficiently.

Can I Use Third-party Tools To Remove Cortana From Task Manager?

Using third-party tools to remove or modify core Windows components like Cortana is not recommended. Such tools can pose significant risks to system stability, security, and may violate Microsoft's terms of service.

Is Disabling Cortana Reversible?

Yes, disabling Cortana through the Windows Settings is reversible. You can re-enable Cortana by following the same steps used to disable it.

How Can I Customize Cortana's Behavior Without Removing It?

You can customize Cortana's behavior through its settings in the Windows Settings app. You can toggle various options, including voice activation, lock screen access, and customizing the widgets in the search bar.

Where Can I Find Reliable Information About Cortana And Windows 10?

For reliable information about Cortana and Windows 10, visit the official Microsoft website, Microsoft support forums, or reputable techwebsites that cover Windows-related topics.

People Also Ask

How Do I Disable Cortana In Windows 10?

To disable Cortana in Windows 10, go to Cortana's settings, and toggle off the "Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts, and more" option.

Can You Completely Uninstall Cortana From Windows 10?

While you cannot completely uninstall Cortana using standard methods, you can disable it through the Windows Registry or PowerShell commands.

How Do I Turn Off Cortana Voice Activation?

To turn off Cortana voice activation, open Cortana settings, and disable the "Hey Cortana" feature.

Does Disabling Cortana Improve Performance?

Disabling Cortana may free up some system resources, potentially leading to improved performance, especially on older or less powerful devices.

Can I Reinstall Cortana After Uninstalling It?

Yes, you can reinstall Cortana by restoring your system to a previous state using a System Restore Point created before uninstalling it.


Uninstalling Cortana from your Windows system can be a viable option for users who no longer wish to utilize the virtual assistant. While Cortana offers useful features, it may not align with everyone's preferences or privacy concerns. By following the step-by-step guide presented here, you can confidently remove Cortana from your computer without compromising the stability of your operating system.

Before proceeding with the uninstallation, remember to back up your essential data and create a System Restore Point as a precautionary measure. The guide walks you through stopping Cortana processes, unregistering the Cortana package, and disabling Cortana through the Windows Registry. These steps, when executed correctly, should effectively remove Cortana from your system.

Always exercise caution during the process, as modifying critical system components may have unintended consequences. If you encounter any issues after uninstalling Cortana or have second thoughts, you can revert the changes using the System Restore Point you created earlier.

Ultimately, the decision to uninstall Cortana rests on individual preferences and needs. Whether you choose to keep Cortana or remove it from your system, this guide empowers you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about the virtual assistant's presence on your Windows computer.

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