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How To Tag Someone On Twitter? Increase Your Engagement


Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites, especially when it comes to public conversations about important and popular topics like social, cultural, and political issues. If you want to know how to tag someone on Twitter, you are in the right place.

On Twitter, you can tag people not only in the text of your tweets but also in the photos you upload to the site. For example, if you're uploading a picture with a friend and want to tag them, or if you're tweeting and want to talk to or ask them a question in the tweet, you can tag them.

What Is ‘Tagging’ On Social Media?

Tagging symbol
Tagging symbol

As it is used in real life, "tagging" someone on social media means telling them about a post they most likely made or should know about. Most of the time, tagging sends a message to the person you're tagging, along with a link to their profile.

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Putting someone on a tag is a good way for marketers and other people to get their attention so they will read a tweet. This makes them interact more with the post, which could lead to good things like more likes, shares, comments, and even sales.

Can You Tag Anyone On Twitter?

You can tag anyone on Twitter as long as they haven't blocked or muted you and you haven't done either of those things to them. If someone has blocked you on Twitter, you won't be able to see their profile.

The same is true if you have blocked them. Only if you mention someone from a public account will people be able to see it. Most social media sites have rules that are similar.

How To Use A Tag Or Mention To Your Advantage?

Marketers, Start Tagging Your Content! Social Media Minute

Using tagging or mentioning on Twitter to draw people's attention to a post or photo can be helpful. When it comes to brands, this tool can help businesses connect with their followers better by tagging them in posts about new products and changes to their services.

But too much tagging could be bad for a business as well. This makes you look unprofessional, which could turn people away from you and your brand instead of drawing them in. As a general rule, you shouldn't use tags and mentions very often. Only tag people who have something to do with the post.

What Exactly Happens After You Tag Someone On Twitter?

If you want to tell someone about an event or issue and start a conversation with them, you can use their Twitter username to tag them. When you tag someone on Twitter, you let them know you're talking about them and get their attention. People will see in their notifications tab that they have been tagged.

Can You Tag Someone On All Devices?

Yes, the Twitter platform is pretty much the same through all devices. The format might change slightly, for example using a web browser will appear just a little different to an android or iPhone device, but the process is nearly identical.

How To Tag Someone On Twitter?

You might have been tagged in a lot of tweets on Twitter, but you might not know how to do it yourself. There could be a lot of tweets that mention your name, but until now, you didn't have a good reason to mention people back.

Thankfully, it's not hard to tag people. We're going to look at how to use Twitter tags in a basic way by going through a series of steps. Let's get started, but before we do, make sure you're signed into Twitter and have made a post of some kind.

How To Tag People On Android, Or IOS (iPhone)?

How To Tag Someone On Twitter Tutorial

  • Tap the "Compose Tweet" button. Again, this is an image of a feather with a plus sign at the bottom of your screen, above your direct messages.
  • Choose the picture you want to tweet and add it. After the picture has been sent, you can choose who is in it at the bottom left of your screen. If you have a tweet to go with the photo, you can start typing it now. Click on the image.
  • In the contact field, you'll see the profiles of people you've recently talked to or their Twitter handles. If the profile link you want to tag is visible, you can either click on it or type the first few letters of their names into the search box to find their profiles.
  • Choose "done" after you've chosen the profile.
  • Choose the profile you want to tag, and then tap "tweet" to send your tweet. Users who are mentioned in a tweet will be told, and they can look at it and reply.

Just like you can tag people in photos, you can tag people in Twitter videos by doing the following:

  • Open Twitter and choose "compose tweet" from the list of options.
  • Choose the video you want to share on Twitter. You can add your location and any other comments about the video you're about to tweet if you want to. You might want to say something like "I saw this and thought of you" to explain why the tag was made.
  • Choose the account's profile from the list that comes up to see who is in this video. If the profile isn't listed, you can also search by entering the first few letters of the username and choosing.
  • Choose the "Tweet" option once you've picked all the profiles of the people you want to tag.
  • After that, your tweet video is shared, and everyone you tagged will get a message in their notifications tab.

How To Tag Someone Using A Desktop?

How to tag/mention someone on Twitter | How to tweet on Twitter | Techno Logic

  • On your PC, go to twitter.com and sign in to your account.
  • There are two ways to tweet: through the "What's going on" section on the homepage or the "Tweet" button at the bottom left of the menu list.
  • Type the tweet, add a space, and then type the "@" symbol. Then, type the username of the person you want to tag and choose them from the list of suggestions.
  • Now, all of your profiles will show up with your text in the tweet.
  • Now, on the same screen, click the "Tweet" button, and your tweet will be sent.

Just like you can tag people in photos, you can tag people in Twitter videos by doing the following:

  • Click on the option at the bottom of the tweet section.
  • Upload the photo or video you want to tweet. Next, click "Tag People" at the bottom of the picture.
  • You'll see the profiles of people you've talked to recently. If the profile you want to tag is on the list, you can choose it. You can also use the first few letters of the names of profiles or multiple usernames in the search box to find them.
  • Each profile that has been tagged will appear at the bottom of the photo.
  • Mention everyone you want, and then click the Tweet button.

How To Tag People On Twitter With Metricool?

Once you add multimedia to your tweets, Metricool makes it easy to schedule them all and tag up to 10 people. What to do?

  • Open the Metricool planner and write the tweet there. Make sure that Twitter is your social network of choice.
  • You can add up to four images and then click on "Twitter Presets" and "+ Tag people."
  • Write the name of the user you want to tag in the search box, and Metricool will fill in the field for you.
  • Once the users are saved. You'll see the people who have been tagged and have the option to remove them.
  • Choose the time and date the tweet will be sent out, then click "Save."

Metricool is similar to Twitter in that you can't tag a user who has turned off tags, blocked you, or has a private account. Now you know how to tag people on Twitter both through the social network and through Metricool, which lets you schedule tweets so you have more time to do other things.

Reminders About Tagging On Twitter

The tweets that a user is mentioned in do not show up on their profile page. When a tweet starts with a @ symbol, it tells Twitter to keep the conversation open to the public, but only to Twitter users who might be interested in it.

That includes anyone who clicked on the original tweet or who follows both of you on Twitter. A tweet that mentions someone else is one that has their username anywhere in the tweet itself. Your notifications tab will show mentions and all replies to them.

People Also Ask

Why Can't I Tag A Person On Twitter?

On Twitter, it's up to each user to decide if they want other users to be able to tag them. Even if you both follow each other, the other user can turn off the tab, making it impossible for you to tag them.

The same thing happens with people who have private accounts or who have blocked you on a social platform.

Why Can't I Tag People Who Don't Follow Me?

It's possible that the person you're trying to tag has a private profile and has set their settings so that no one can tag them. This happens a lot, so it might be an answer to your question. You might not be following the person you are trying to tag, which is another possibility.

How Do I Enable Tagging On Twitter?

Under "Privacy," tap "Photo tagging," and then swipe to turn it on or off. If you turn on photo tagging, you can choose whether anyone can tag you or only the people you follow can.


Modern ways to get people interested in a topic or brand are to tag, mention, and use hashtags. Now you know how to tag someone on Twitter.

People and businesses that have mastered these have seen their engagements and sales go through the roof. This feature can help you connect with new people and get to know your customers and audience better.

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