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What Do You Do When Your Ipad Won't Charge

"Why isn't my iPad charging? When your iPad refuses to charge, it can be a frustrating experience. Whether you're using an older model or the latest iPad, encountering charging issues is a common concern among users.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Dec 11, 20236.8K Shares104.1K Views
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  1. Why Is My IPad Not Charging When Plugged In
  2. Fix An IPad That Won't Charge In 7 Steps
  3. How Much Does It Cost To Fix An iPad Charging Port?
  4. Your iPad Is Charging Now!
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What Do You Do When Your Ipad Won't Charge

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, your reliance on devices like iPads has become integral to your daily routines. However, the exasperation that ensues when your iPad won't charge can be a significant disruption.

Whether you're prepping for an essential presentation, gearing up for an extended journey, or simply wanting to unwind with your favorite apps, a non-charging iPad can throw a wrench into your plans.

In this in-depth guide, you'll delve into the common reasons behind this predicament and provide detailed, step-by-step solutions to revive your iPad. So, what do you do when your iPad won't charge? Let's explore.

Why Is My IPad Not Charging When Plugged In

Turned on Ipad
Turned on Ipad

Why Won’t My IPad Charge?

If you depend on your iPad for many everyday activities, the stress of finding out that it won't charge might be crushing. The remedy may lie in uncovering the underlying problem.

  • A damaged charging cable or adapter might cause an unusable charging connection. Even minor, unseen damage could create complications.
  • If the charging port has any debris, such as dust or dirt, the charger may not connect.
  • The gadget will not be charged if the outlet or power supply you are using is defective.
  • Sometimes, a software error may prevent the device from detecting that it is attached to a charger.
  • The ability to charge a battery is compromised by deterioration or damage to its internal components over time.

Why My IPad Is Dead And Won’t Charge?

  • There may be a problem with the power supply.
  • It's possible the battery is dead and may take a while to react.
  • There might be a software issue prohibiting charging.

Why Won’t My IPad Charge When Plugged In?

  • The power supply may be defective, either the wall outlet or the USB port.
  • A possible cause is a charging accessory that isn't approved for usage with your device.
  • The charging procedure may have been disrupted by external influences such as very high temperatures.
  • If your iPad has been physically damaged, especially at the charging port, you may not be able to charge it.

Why My IPad Won’t Charge Or Turn On?

  • Check whether your iPad is compatible with the charger.
  • Something as simple as a defective motherboard might cause catastrophic hardware failure.
  • The battery may be old or broken.
  • A fatal software mistake may have prevented the iPad from being charged or powered.

Fix An IPad That Won't Charge In 7 Steps

Check The Charging Cable. Is It MFI-certified?

When an iPad won't charge, check the power cord first. It may go bad quickly if it's worn or MFI-uncertified.

For those unaware, MFI means “made for Apple.” Apple certifies cables sold by most third parties. Searching for one for your device is validated by it. However, if your cable is not MFI-approved (like if you bought it for $3), that might be a significant issue.

Examine the cable you bought. If it's Apple, MFI certification is specific. However, if it originated from another source, check your purchase history (or receipt) for the description. If not, update.

Remove your device's cord and inspect it from end to end. Is there wear? When wrapped around your adaptor, your charging wire may be simply packed up for businesstravels. This causes wear, especially near plugs. Frayed cables may prevent iPad charging.

If possible, use an alternative charging cord. If one isn't nearby, you may buy one at a store or get a 3-pack from Amazon, like this Essri one. Long, MFI-certified, and blue, this model is sharp. If your iPad still won't charge after trying another cable, go on.

Clean Out Your Lightning Port On Your IPad

If something is blocking the Lightning Port, the iPad may not charge. Usually, nothing gets in there, but if you take your gadget on businesstrips or outdoors, dirt, dust, and lint may. Luckily, it cleans easily.

Use one of the tools below to clean the Lighting Port after disconnecting the cords. Warning: be cautious. If you push anything into the Port, you risk harming its components. That will cause damage that only Apple can fix, which might be expensive!

First, brush debris from the Port using a soft brush. A fresh toothbrush and an unused artist's brush should work. Place the bristles into the port and gently “sweep” it out. Dust or other particles will come out. (Lay a handkerchief or napkin under the port to prevent lint on your desk or counter.)

Toothpicks help remove harder Lighting Port dirt. A plastic one is preferred, but a solid wood one would do. Put one end in the port and carefully brush out any obstructions around the edges. Be kind again. Metal toothpicks, particularly sharpened ones, might cause problems.

Turned On Ipad
Turned On Ipad

Room Temperature Can Make A Difference With Your IPad Not Charging

Your iPad may not charge due to temperature. Conditions might practically lower it to 100 percent due to heat or cold.

Apple Support recommends storing your iPad between - 4 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. On a bright day, it may grow hotter than that for a long time if left in a parked vehicle (particularly in Florida in the summer, it's absurd).

The iPad should also be kept out of direct sunlight. Cover it with a sleeve or bring it inside. If it is boiling, the iPad may not charge.

In severe temperatures, your iPad may malfunction. Apple warns that bringing it beyond its operational range (-4 degrees) might degrade battery life and prevent it from charging.

You realize business travels may be hot and chilly, so protect your iPad. Place it where it can reach room temperature. Within an hour, it should work again.

No need to escalate by placing the iPad in an oven or freezer to heat up or cool down. Doing it invites difficulties.

Try A Reset, And If That Fails, Enter DFU Mode

Apple's iPad software may be at fault here. It's not your fault, and fixing it just requires two simple procedures.

The Hard Reset

The first and least drastic is to conduct a hard reset on your iPad, manually shutting it off and turning it back on again. If your iPad isn't charging, these few seconds might be crucial.

If you have an iPad, you can force restart it by holding down the sleep/wake and Home buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. The display will shut off after a certain amount of time. When you're ready to go back to the main menu, the Apple logo will appear. When you get it there, plug it in and observe whether the little battery symbol in the corner goes from white to green to indicate that it is fully charged.

DFU Mode

DFU, which stands for "Device Firmware Update," is a method of restoring your iPad if there is a serious software problem. Connect the gadget to your Mac or other computer and launch either iTunes or Finder. There are now two distinct courses of action depending on the sort of gadget you have.

DFU Mode For Newer iPad Devices

For around three seconds, press and hold the device's side button. From here, keep that button pressed while also holding the volume-down button. Ten seconds later, the side button may be released. For a further five seconds, maintain pressure on the volume-down button.

When you're finished, your iPad will be in DFU mode. Here, you may try reverting your iPad's software to a previous version to see if it fixes the issue of it not charging. As a side note, before proceeding, make sure you have a recent backup of your device on your computer or in the iCloud.

After that, you can no longer leave DFU mode by pressing and holding Volume Up, Volume Down, and the Side button for a few seconds. The screen should turn off, and your device will reset.

Check its ability to maintain a charge. If that's the case, just install the latest update for your gadget, and everything should be back to normal.

DFU Mode For Older iPad Devices

On previous iPads, the technique to go to the DFU mode is different. Hold the side button for three seconds after connecting the device and starting iTunes. Hold it down, and then press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.

Then, after five seconds, let go of the side button but continue holding Home. After that, your device will enter DFU mode. Hold the Home and Lock buttons for a few seconds until the device reboots, then choose the older firmware.

Ipad On Wooden Surface
Ipad On Wooden Surface

Still Won’t Charge? Make An Appointment With Apple

Checked the cable for MFI certification. You've meticulously cleaned the Lightning port. You reset the firmware as required. The room temperature is right. Your iPad still won't charge. Get in touch with Apple.

Apple Support representatives may recommend additional troubleshooting or answer concerns regarding the cable or your iPad. If they fail, schedule an appointment at a local Apple Store/Genius Bar or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Fixing everything is possible. The iPad battery, software, or Lightning connector may be damaged, preventing charging. In most cases, Apple can repair it like new. Before proceeding, check AppleCare+. Your iPad repair will be cheap with coverage.

Without AppleCare+, the price may reach hundreds. This website is your best bet for coverage information. That may determine whether to repair or replace your gadget.

Let GadgetGone Take Your Old iPad

Your iPad may only be worth fixing if it charges. This applies primarily to older models (iPad 2 users). Don't worry. GadgetGone can take your dead device!

For top money, you take iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, gamingconsoles, and more. You'll accept them even if they're in poor shape. Uncharged iPads count.

We'll pay $40 for a broken iPad 7 with 128GB storage. That beats recycling, selling pieces, or putting them in a drawer. GadgetGone also offers significant value for newer models in poor condition. An older iPad Air 3 costs $59.

Also, your method is easy. Receive a pricing quotation from you and utilize the shipping label you give. Securely package the gadget and charging wire and send it to us.

You may pay with an Amazon Gift Card, PayPal, or a printed check two to five business days after receipt. You decide!

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An iPad Charging Port?

Repair costs for an iPhone's charging port depend on the severity of the damage and the type of iPhone being serviced. The price of repairs may be anywhere between $0 and $649. On occasion, costs may vary owing to characteristics unique to a specific model or a lack of a required component.

Warranty Repair ($0)

Apple provides a one-year limited warranty on all new iPads that covers manufacturing faults and includes free service calls during that time. Within the warranty term, you may have your charging port fixed at no cost if it breaks for any of the mentioned reasons.

Remember that the warranty does not cover unintentional damage. Therefore, you will be liable for the cost of repairs if the issue with the charging port is not the result of a flaw on the part of the manufacturer.

AppleCare+ Repair Cost ($49)

The cost of fixing an iPad charging port varies depending on the circumstances. The charging port repair, which is covered by the AppleCare+ plan, will cost you $49 if your iPad is still under warranty.

AppleCare+ provides two years of coverage for any repairs, such as screen and battery replacements, that come out to less than $129. If AppleCare+ is not installed on your iPhone, you may still obtain help from Apple.

Professional iPad Charging Port Repair Cost ($75 To $649)

The price of a professional iPad charging port repair is highly dependent on the iPad model and the quality of the replacement components. Apple and its approved repair facilities often employ genuine OEM parts, which sometimes result in higher expenses compared to independent repair shops that opt for cheaper aftermarket components.

A charging port replacement for an iPad Air 2 from Apple would set you back $299, whereas iResQ will only set you back $129. The cost to fix an iPad of an earlier generation is often lower than that of a newer one. For more information on the rates charged by local repair shops, please refer to the chart below.

Person Holding Ipad
Person Holding Ipad

DIY iPad Charging Port Repair Cost ($20 To $50)

You may attempt fixing the charging port yourself if you're technologically savvy and brave enough to do so. DIY repair kits are available online and may cost between $20 and $50. Further harm may result from faulty attempts at self-repair.

Your iPad Is Charging Now!

A malfunctioning iPad can disrupt our daily lives, especially when it refuses to charge. However, by systematically troubleshooting the hardware and software aspects of the device, you can often identify and resolve the underlying issues.

From inspecting charging cables to exploring software updates, the key is to be thorough in your approach. In most cases, after following the above methods, your iPad is charging now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My iPad Plugged In But Not Charging?

The plugged iPad won't charge. Why? The wall outlet or USB port may be broken, reducing power. Uncertified or unsuitable charging accessories may be used. Extreme temperatures may impair charging.

What To Do If iPad Is Stuck On Charging?

Hold the Home and Power buttons. When the Apple logo appears, release both. Here's how torestart an iPad without the home button. Hold Volume Up, Down, and Power until the Apple logo appears.

How Many Years Does An iPad Battery Last?

After two or three years, lithium-ion batteries lose capacity. A full charge will only last for a while. iPad batteries are difficult to change in the field.

Why Is My iPad Not Charging And Black Screen?

This usually happens due to battery or charger issues. Third-party chargers may easily overheat the battery. The phone will switch off to cool, resulting in a dark screen. The iPad itself may be a concern.

Can iPad Charging Port Be Damaged?

Though frequent, iPad charging pot damage may be costly. Repairing an iPad charging port includes assessing the issue, whether it's physical damage, debris, or an internal issue, and then finding a remedy.

In The End

Addressing charging issues with your iPad involves a systematic exploration of both hardware and software elements. From optimizing settings to exploring alternative power sources, the goal is to see the reassuring message, "Your iPad is charging now!" Persistence in troubleshooting and, if needed, seeking professional assistance ensures a swift resolution to the common dilemma of "What do you do when your iPad won't charge."

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