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Why Do Humans Need Community?

A community is a familiar thread used to bring people together to advocate and support each other in the fight to overcome those threats. Why do humans need community? As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Mar 17, 202225.2K Shares376.5K Views

In the past, Nassim Nicholas Taleb talked about what he called the "Lindy effect."

The Lindy effect says that if something has been around for a long time, it will keep going for even longer.Something that has been around for a long time means that it doesn't want to change or be destroyed.

With humans, the Lindy effect means that if we do something that we did 200,000 years ago, it is likely to keep going for a very long time – maybe because it is wired into our brains.

Let's start this book by saying that the idea of "Community" has been around for a long time by presenting this simple concept to you in images:

The importance of community: we need to connect the dots | Rosalinde Spitters | TEDxLeidenUniversity

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Humans Like To Discuss Stuff In Groups

Gathering of people while one man is talking
Gathering of people while one man is talking

Humans Get People Into Groups By Having Live Events

People gathering at a conference hall
People gathering at a conference hall
Zoom meeting screenshot
Zoom meeting screenshot

Humans Pass On Information To Their Communities Asynchronously

People talking to each other
People talking to each other

Humans Are Always Making Roles And Hierarchy

One man being served by people surrounding him
One man being served by people surrounding him

In many ways, these things will seem like they should be simple.They try very hard to justify their jobs in 2021, forgetting that running a community is just following the rules.In the same way, you are shepherding human biology into a common vision and goal. You may use different tools, but the main idea stays the same.

If something works on a group of humans at the same time as the rise of the Homo Sapiens, it's likely to work on the internet today, too.Find the right tool to do it.

Is A Community Important? Why Or Why Not?

In the absence of communities, we would live isolated lives with little or no contact with people outside of our own social circle.A self-fulfilling life is all about getting out of our close-knit group and meeting new people, so do that!

It lets us help each other, talk to each other, and share our modern-day problems and experiences with each other.What makes us feel more like we belong is when we connect with others in this way.

Communities also have a lot of things to do and things to get.This could be true both for you and for someone else.When there are a lot of different skills, common goals can be reached a lot more quickly.

6 Benefits Of Community And Connection In Challenging Times

In both good and bad times, being part of a supportive, caring community can help an older person stay healthy both physically and mentally.Resilient retirement communities help their residents deal with problems in positive, effective, and healthy ways, so they can stay healthy and happy.When older people move into retirement homes, they can stay socially connected even though they are physically apart from each other. They can eat well-balanced, nutritious meals, and they get personal care that is attentive and compassionate.

Being part of a supportive, caring community can improve an individual's health in both good and bad times, says Ontario's Alliance for Healthier Communities. It doesn't matter whether it's a neighborhood, a religious or cultural group, or a retirement home (AHC).

The power of a strong, supportive community, where people help each other physically, emotionally, and socially, also helps vulnerable people and the whole community deal better with bad things, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some important ways that living in a community and having strong social connections can be good for your health:

Vital Social Connection And Engagement

According to Psychology Today, older people who connect with others and are more active have better physical health and a stronger immune system, better mood, and less risk of dementia.HealthLink BC says that social connections can help people bounce back from stressful situations and give them more meaning and purpose in life.Retirement home staff keep an eye on residents even when they're in quarantine, and they keep them entertained with "in suite" games like puzzles, riddles, and crosswords.There are people who can help you set up video calls and other virtual visits with your family and friends as well, too.

Community Belonging Boosts Physical And Mental Health

Having a sense of belonging makes people less likely to have mental health problems, less likely to die from heart disease and more likely to be healthy overall, says the American Heart Association.

Resilient Communities Come Together And Adapt

Resilient communities look out for and help the health and well-being of their most vulnerable members as they learn to adapt and cope with adversity.

Researchers at McMaster University say that resilient communities show strong leadership, build social cohesion, communicate clearly, teach effectively and plan and carry out effective responses to big problems. They also value positive thoughts and mental attitudes.

Never Being Alone

Having a retirement home means that even if people aren't with their families and friends all the time, they can still get comfort, compassion, and the sense that they're connected to other people.In addition, well-trained and attentive staff also keep an eye on and help residents with everything from personal care to taking their medicine.Residents can always get help from staff if they have a problem, giving them and their families peace of mind.

Easy Access To Well-balanced, Nutritious Meals

Harvard School of Public Health says it's important for older people to eat healthy, regular meals to protect and strengthen their immune systems. Some older people who live alone may not be able to get good food easily or safely.Living in a retirement home that serves nutritious and tasty food makes it easy to eat healthily on a regular basis.Staff can also set up video dates for residents to eat with their families and friends, so they can have a good time as well.

Assuring Safety And Well-being

An infection control and prevention plan, as well as better workplace safety procedures, protect the health and well-being of both residents and staff in a community.


When it comes down to it, we're living in a time where we're not connected at all.Despite the fact that technology seems to connect us more than ever, we can't connect with each other because of all the screens around us.Wi-Fi alone isn't enough to meet our social needs. We need to meet people face-to-face to be happy.Technology should help us connect with other people, not replace it.

It doesn't mean that every introvert has to become a social butterfly because we all need to connect with other people.Being connected to other people can look different for each person.I know it can be hard to figure out how to make a real connection with someone, but that's OK.

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