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Mastering Pain Management With CBD Roll-Ons

Pain is a common concern in all age groups, so there’s a high demand for products helping reduce or eliminate pain. Learn how CBD roll-ons can help with this task.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Jun 15, 2023603 Shares46.3K Views
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  1. What Are CBD Roll-Ons, and Why Are They Gaining Popularity?
  2. How Does CBD Affect the Body?
  3. Pain Management Properties of CBD Roll-Ons
  4. Types of Pain Addressed by CBD
  5. Fibromyalgia
  6. Tips for Alleviating Pain with CBD Roll-Ons
  7. Conclusion

Pain is one of the most frequently reported and debilitating symptoms experienced by most adults at some point in their lifetime. Many people live with chronic pain that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning and engage in daily activities. According to the statistics, chronic pain affects almost a quarter of adults, so this problem concerns millions of people worldwide. CBD manufacturers have recognized the high demand for effective and safe remedies against pain, offering various CBD products with analgesic properties. In this article, we focus on CBD roll-ons – gels and creams in a roll-on format packed with hemp-derived chemicals specifically targeting pain.

What Are CBD Roll-Ons, and Why Are They Gaining Popularity?

CBD roll-ons are gels and lightweight creams containing cannabidiol (CBD) – one of the star compounds of the Cannabis sativaplant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is not a mind-altering substance, meaning that it won’t make you high. This fact is one of the reasons why CBD faces fewer legal restrictions and is added to numerous widely distributed products such as lotions, oils, foods, capsules, etc.

CBD roll-ons are packed in a roller format for easy use on the go. You can put them in your bag and apply them at work or the gym. The non-greasy formulas are created for no-fuss use and soak into the skin within a few seconds. You don’t have to worry about the stains on your clothes, as these gels and lotions are transparent. They often have additional components fighting pain, such as menthol, as well as skin-friendly ingredients, such as shea butter, vitamin E, and others. In this way, you can also enjoy the look and feel of radiant, soft skin.

CBD roll-ons’ accessibility is extremely important when it comes to pain management. Since stringent federal regulations do not hinder the use of CBD, it can be purchased over the counter and online. People with chronic or recurring pain particularly value this advantage because it may be challenging and time-consuming to get prescription drugs every time pain occurs.

Moreover, standard pain treatments are not always working and have undesirable side effects, including addiction and tolerance formation. This problem specifically concerns opioids, which should not be taken for a long time because of their addictive properties. In contrast, CBD does not cause addiction or significant side effects, so it is included in novel solutions for pain management, such as CBD roll-ons.

CBD roll-ons can come in various flavors, strengths, and packaging. The best CBD roll ons https://askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-topicals/cbd-roll-onalso vary in terms of effect. Most of them are marketed as natural remedies against pain, and these are the exact products you should pay attention to if your goal is to alleviate pain.

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

Before dwelling on the analgesic properties of CBD, it is important to explain how CBD affects the body and what are the pathways through which pain is managed. Research reveals that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid systemin the human body. This system is responsible for many vital functions, such as the following:

  • Stress response
  • Mood management
  • Energy homeostasis
  • Pain management
  • Gastrointestinal tract activity
  • Appetite

By binding to the system’s receptors, CBD can improve the listed functions, which explains its beneficial effect on the body. Since the endocannabinoid system also regulates pain sensation, CBD has a proven positive effect on pain perceptions.

How Does CBD Affect the Body
How Does CBD Affect the Body

Pain Management Properties of CBD Roll-Ons

CBD contained in roll-ons has impressive pain management characteristics, especially given that it is a natural remedy. It acts mildly but positively affects both pain and related concerns that make pain feel less or more intense. These include the following:

  • Sleep problems
  • Muscle tension
  • Inflammation
  • Appetite problems

By strengthening overall well-being and increasing energy levels, CBD helps the body fight the cause of pain more effectively or makes it feel less intense. Whatever the case, pain becomes less of a nuisance and does not interfere with daily activities.

Types of Pain Addressed by CBD

Pain is a symptom rather than a specific disease. It is present in many conditions and may vary in duration and intensity. Luckily, CBD helps with the pain of different etiology, as shown below.

Neuropathic Pain

CBD contained in roll-ons can help with nerve tingling, a common symptom of neuropathy. Moreover, a studyexamining the effects of CBD on neuropathic pain found that it reduced tactile hypersensitivity, also helping alleviate pain caused by this debilitating condition. Another researchadded that CBD is efficient for pain management in people with neuropathy and helps improve other aspects of their welfare, such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Arthritis Pain

Due to its pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD also helps with arthritis pain caused by inflamed joints. People with arthritis particularly value CBD for effective pain relief, sleep improvement, and anxiety reduction. The benefit of CBD roll-ons compared to CBD edibles is that the latter often contain sugar that can increase inflammation in affected joints. In contrast, CBD roll-ons have no ingredients that may be harmful to people diagnosed with arthritis.

Muscle Pain

If you are a frequent gym user, you know the toll muscle pain has on your activity levels and overall well-being. Muscle aches and pains can last up to several days after intensive exercises, distracting you and making even a simple daily activity a challenge. In such cases, using a CBD roll-on can be a great way to alleviate pain while also reducing inflammation in the muscles. This remedy can also be effective for back and neck pain affecting people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Muscle Pain
Muscle Pain


This long-term chronic conditionis associated with significant pain that affects different body parts. Fibromyalgia is associated with the following symptoms:

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Digestive problems
  • Mood problems

CBD is known to positively affect some of the listed symptoms, which makes it a great addition to the standard fibromyalgia treatment.

Tips for Alleviating Pain with CBD Roll-Ons

The effectiveness of CBD roll-ons for pain management depends on the products you buy because not all rolls are made equal. If pain management is your main goal, look for products marketed as pain relief solutions. These usually contain the needed CBD dosage to produce a discernible effect. You may also choose a product with additional components known to decrease pain. These may include the following:

  • Camphor oil
  • Menthol
  • Peppermint oil
  • Pepper extract

Depending on the additives, you may achieve a cooling or heating sensation. These are needed to distract the brain from pain and help decrease inflammation.

The great thing about CBD roll-ons is that the risk of applying too much CBD is minimal. You can use the roll-on as often as you like as long as it relieves pain. However, a patch test before use is recommended because some of the ingredients contained in roll-ons may cause individual allergic reactions.

Other tips to consider when you use CBD roll-ons:

  • Apply to affected areas only
  • Rub in gently for better absorption
  • Do not apply on an irritated or damaged skin
  • Use after shower or bath

Every product may have specific recommendations for use, so make sure you check the instructions before applying it.


Due to CBD’s effectiveness in reducing pain, CBD roll-ons have become a popular product among people experiencing different pain symptoms. CBD roll-ons act quickly, do not cause addiction, and have almost no side effects, so they are in many ways preferable to over-the-counter painkillers and opioids. If you use them wisely and follow instructions on product labels, you will likely experience more pain-free days and enjoy a better quality of life.

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