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Developing A Unique And Recognisable Brand Identity


Your brand identity embodies who you are at your core. Many people confuse the terms "brand" and "logo." While there are certain overlaps, a logo is only a representation of the company. There's a lot more to the brand. When we discuss brand identity, we are discussing who you are, the principles you uphold, and the general character of your business.

The way that people see your business is influenced by a variety of things. One major component of it is your logo. Consider some of the most renowned and identifiable logos you are familiar with, Amazon, Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola. Because of how distinctive their logos are, you may associate an image with a company right away. Additionally, there are taglines such as ‘Just do it’ and ‘America runs on Dunkin'’.

However, apart from these two components, there are others that make up a brand identity.

Define Your Audience

Your primary demographic must have some influence on your brand. To put it another way, who is your target market and why should they be interested in your particular brand? Consider this when developing your brand, for instance, if the Baby Boomer generation is the target market for your goods. Your brand's voice should be appealing to people in that age range, compared to, perhaps, a service or item that might be more appropriate for teenagers.

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This means that every aspect of your brand's identification, including the colours you pick, the logo design, and the messaging, must be pertinent to your primary target. A lot of businesses invest a lot of money on market research. You need customers to stay in business, after all. So, when developing a brand, keep these in mind.

Stay Consistent

You want to make sure that everything is consistent while advertising your business, whether it be through traditional marketing methods or your social media channels. Here, consistency is crucial. Make sure you spend the time instilling your distinctive brand identity in people's minds after all the effort you put into creating it. The well-known, recognisable businesses excel at this. When it comes to adhering to their brand's mission, they are unwavering. Take Mc Donald’s as an example; their branding is so consistent that it is recognisable all over the world. The same can be said for KFC, Nike, Adidas, etc. You must follow suit. Deliver what customers anticipate while staying on message and keeping everything consistent.

However, with this in mind, you will also need to take note our previous point on target audience. Always staying consistent to the brand, you also need to keep in mind your customers. This means that sometimes you will have to deviate in your offerings. For example, Mc Donald’s offers the same menu for consistency. However, for instance in Vietnam, rice is offered as an extra side alongside its classic fries. The same can be said for other businesses in major industries, like those in the betting industry. Australian betting sites might offer more odds or a variety of different sports odds compared to betting sites in South Africa for example. Australian sites will probably promote Aussie rules odds more in such a case.

Focus On Your Messaging

Building brands relies on messaging. We briefly discussed the well-known taglines. What makes those businesses effective is that the language that follows (in everything they produce) is pertinent. Use language consistent with your brand's funnier tendencies if yours is one of them. Use terminology that is more professionally grounded while dealing with high-end clients. The tone and language you should use in this situation can be determined with the help of your brand personality.

Style is crucial. The tone has a significant influence on the development of your brand, as does reading the content carefully in general. Consider tone to be the attitude. If you have a more laid-back "attitude," this will eventually define your entire brand, whether you meant it to or not. Be mindful of the tone you use in all of your marketing materials.

In essence, brand identity will set you apart from your rivals. If we consider brand identity in terms of a personality, it becomes clear why it must be distinctive. Everyone has a unique personality, right? Companies are not an exception. As a result, as a business, you must carefully identify that brand. When people see, hear, or think about something, you want them to immediately associate it with your brand.

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