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Yep Search Engine - New Ahrefs Search Engine That Makes Money For Content Creators

Ahrefs, a big company that makes SEO tools, has been building its own search engine in secret. It works like Google, but its main goal is to help content creators make more money.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Aug 08, 20225 Shares331 Views
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  1. What Is Ahref's Yep Search Engine?
  2. How Does Ahref’s Yep Search Engine Work?
  3. Yep Search Features
  4. Advantages Of Yep Search Engine
  5. Disadvantages Of Yep Search Engine
  6. Yep Will Pay Content Creators More Than Google
  7. Will Yep Be Able To Compete With Google?
  8. Is Yep Good Alternative?
  9. People Also Ask
  10. Conclusion

Ahrefs made the announcement in March 2019 that their forthcoming contribution to the SEObusinesswill be the Yep search enginedeveloped by Ahrefs.

In order to provide support for high-quality contentand fairly reward content creators and publishers, Ahref's new search engine, Yep, was the brainchild of Dmitry Gerasimenko.

When pitted against Google's search engine, does Yep have a chance of competing successfully?

What Is Ahref's Yep Search Engine?

Yep search engine beta search bar
Yep search engine beta search bar

If you wanted to make a search engine from scratch, most people would use Google or Bing's APIs and repackage them in a different way.

In a way, this is whatDuckDuckGodoes.

But Ahrefs didn't do anything like this.

Instead, it decided to start from scratch and build its own search engine, which has cost it $60 million so far.

Ahrefs even has its own servers set up to run Yep.

The company says it already has more than 1000 servers running and storing more than 100 petabytes of data.

In fact, this seems to be a totally different way of searching that has nothing to do with Google, Microsoft, or Amazon in any way, shape, or form.

And that's both brave and something to be proud of.

No one just makes a search engine; it takes a lot of knowledge, money, and people to do so.

But Ahrefs is a bit different in this case.

It already has a web crawler called the AhrefsBot that visits 8 billion web pages every 24 hours.

It uses this tool to crawl the web in the same way that Google uses its Google bots.

And this bot will be what makes its search engine work.

Even more impressive is that Ahrefs only has eleven people working on this project, while Google has tens of thousands of engineers, developers, and coders on staff.

And if that doesn't make your head hurt, remember that Yep will be available in almost every country and language.

A small team of 11 people, they did a lot of impressive work.

How Does Ahref’s Yep Search Engine Work?

From the point of view of its users, Yep functions very similarly to any other type of search engine.

The fact that Yep provides "an unbiased, private search experience that rewards and compensates the makers of the content" is what sets the company apart from its competitors in the market.

The user's experience will be improved because they will not be subjected to a barrage of advertisements and popups and will not have their movements monitored across the web.

Crawling And Indexing

Yep is in the process of developing its own crawling and indexing system, which will be dubbed YepBot, and it now has more than 10 billion pages.

On the other hand, when compared to Google's search engine, which has four times as much data, Yep is still in the starting phases of its development.

A Personal Search Experience

The fact that the staff at Ahrefs prioritizes a personalized, individualized experience that puts the needs of content creators first is one of the things that sets Yep apart from other search engines.

High-Quality Content

Unlike Bing or Google, Ahref's new search engine has a businessmodel that splits profits 90/10 between itself and the content creators it indexes.

The company hopes that this will win over users and propel it to the forefront of the search engine competition.

The publishers and content creators are meant to receive ninety percent of the advertising revenue generated by this profit-sharing arrangement.

Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

The Yep search engine, which is owned and operated by Ahref, is similarly striving to move away from the conventional top 10 blue links that are typically associated with search engine results pages.

Yep's search engine results pages (SERPs) are still being updated, thus, for the time being, they link to other search engines.

This is because Yep has not yet developed the ability to offer refined and helpful results to all searches.

Yep Search Features

Will This Kill Ahrefs?

To compete with Google, AHREFS has tried to add many new features to the YEP Search Engine.

Some of these new features are described below.

Let's see how well it does at this job.

Advertising And Sharing Of Profits

Ahrefs's Yep search engine plan calls for a 90/10 revenue sharing business model, which means that Ahrefs will give these content creators or publishers 90 percent of the advertising revenue directly.

Google answers a lot of questions these days by showing the user the answer right in the search results, so they don't even have to click on the website.

Because of this, the number of people who visit websites is going down, which means that many sites are making less money.

But there are no profits to share right now.

Ahrefs said that adsand revenue sharing will be added when we are happy with the quality of the search results.

Yep Search Privacy

Yep Search Engine doesn't collect or share any of your personal information, like your name, age, gender, or location.

They won't try to figure out who you are and won't keep track of what you search for.

Yep's search service is not powered by any search indexes from outside sources.

That means that Ahreft yep search does not share your search query with any other service.

Also, by default, Yep search doesn't use cookies.

If you change your settings, cookies on your device will only be used to remember those changes.

In short, Yep search engines do not keep track of user's IP addresses, user-agent strings, or search history.

Ahrefs uses aggregated, non-personalized search data to improve search algorithms, make automatic spelling corrections or search suggestions, and do overall statistical analysis.

In other words, Yep Search made it clear that search data will be saved, but never in a way that could be used to find out who did the search.

For example, they will keep track of how many times a term was looked up or where the link that gets the most clicks is.

But they won't make a profile for you that ads can use to reach you.

Make Sure The Search Results Are Better

The Ahrefs Yep team said that making a great search experience is their top priority, and they are working on it.

Their main goal is to improve the quality of the search results for text, image, local, and news searches.

Advantages Of Yep Search Engine

  • It refreshes the analytics on over 420 million pages every 24 hours, in addition to scanning approximately 30 million new pages every 24 hours.
  • It performs keyword research on 20.8 billion terms across 243 countries using ten of the most popular search engines (Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Amazon, Yandex, Bing, Naver, Seznam, Baidu, Daum).
  • It is a massive SEOtool that can do a variety of SEO-related tasks.

Disadvantages Of Yep Search Engine

  • Outdated results: Ahrefs Bot doesn't crawl websites when content is changed or updated, so search results may not match what you're looking for.
  • Local search: Local search is so bad that you get no results even if you put your country and city in the search keyword. It's not like Google because Google searches with Google Maps.
  • Persistent 301 redirects: Just like when you don't crawl, it won't crawl the redirected page when you change or update a web page.
  • News: That could mean getting rid of the news section, which needs a lot of work. When you ask a question to find information, the answers you get have nothing to do with the question.
  • Metadata and Structured Data: Yes, it doesn't care about metadata or structured data at all, so be aware that the descriptions you already have are wrong.

Even though Yep is much faster than its competitors and has a beautiful design, it is not clear how users and the company can work together to split advertising revenue.

But if Ahrefs can protect users' privacy and give content creators this much money, you will have a lot of success.

It can be very hard to beat other search engines.

Yep Will Pay Content Creators More Than Google

Yep search bar with profit share below
Yep search bar with profit share below

Ahrefs says that the big thing that makes Yep stand out is that it will pay content creators 90% of the money it makes from ads.

That's a very big number.

It could add up to billions of dollars every year for sites like Wikipedia.

If this works out and Yep becomes popular, it could be a big moneymaker for both the biggest sites on the internet and smaller publishers as well.

And if you want people to use your search engine quickly, the fastest way to do that is to pay them.

Publishers of all sizes are always looking for ways to charge more for ads and make more money per impression.

If Yep can beat out Bing and Google on price, it will quickly become the darling of the publishing world, since no one else gives publishers 90% of the money.

Creators who make search results possible deserve to receive payments for their work. We saw how YouTube’s profit-sharing model made the whole video-making industry thrive. Splitting advertising profits 90/10 with content authors, we want to give a push towards treating talent fairly in the search industry. We do save certain data on searches, but never in a personally identifiable way. For example, we will track how many times a word is searched for and the position of the link getting the most clicks. But we won’t create your profile for targeted advertising. - Ahrefs founder and CEO, Dmytro Gerasymenko

Will Yep Be Able To Compete With Google?

Yep.Com Search Engine: The Next Google?

If you look at Google and Yep side by side, you can see that Yep has a long way to go before it can compete directly with Google.

Let's compare the search engines Yep and Google:

User Experience

With its current algorithm and because of the Ahrefs Bot, Ahref's new search engine does not yet give users results that are very relevant and up-to-date.

This new search engine doesn't do as well as Google does with meta tags, structured data, and local searches.

Google is the best search engine in terms of user experienceand performance.


The 90/10 revenue split is what makes Ahref's Yep search engine appealing, but it is still unclear how the search engine will make any money with its no third-party search index and privacy-first policy.

We all know that search engines make money by showing ads and keeping track of what users do.

With a revenue model that puts publishers, their content, and profits first, it doesn't look like Yep will be able to compete with Google in terms of revenue just yet.

Is Yep Good Alternative?

Using Yep as a new search engine is not going to hurt your experience in any way; nonetheless, the Google search engine is now the most dominant one on the web.

People don't use Google Search because of its name or reputation; rather, they utilize it because it produces high-quality search results.

This is the key to Google's unprecedented level of success.

This is only the beginning for Yep; the number of successful years it has ahead of it will be determined in the years to come.

People Also Ask

What Is Yep Search Engine?

Yep is a general-purpose search engine that will soon be available in all countries and in most languages.

What Is The Best Web Search Engine?

Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world, and it's also one of Google's most popular products.

Google has bought up almost 70% of the market for search engines.

The techgiant is always changing and trying to make the search engine algorithm better so that the end user gets the best results.

What Do You Mean By Search Engine?

A search engine is a piece of software that lets people use keywords or phrases to find the information they want on the Internet.

Even though there are millions of websites online, search engines are able to return results quickly because they scan the Internet all the time and index every page they find.


Taking all of these things into account, it's safe to say that Ahref's Yep search engine could use some work and will need to get ready before it can compete with Google.

Yep is still coming together, but if its profit-sharing model wins over content creators, we could be looking at the future of search queries.

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