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Would You Like to Market Your Business Better?

Take our brief quiz and find out right now how to make the most of your marketing.
Then commit to doing at least one of the ideas mentioned and see your business grow.

Do you believe the only way to get publicity is by working through the media?

Fact is, the media are unreliable. You can do all the right things and your story still won’t get printed. Be creative and bypass the media: Send out your own e-mail alerts about a new service or promotion. Run a special events or webinar (an interactive web-based seminar. Create or enter an awards program. Speak before relevant organizations.

Do you effectively use case studies and testimonials in your marketing materials?

Research shows that case studies and testimonials are among the most powerful marketing tools. Case studies focus on how your business solved a problem or created an opportunity for a customer. Testimonials are personal reports on how your helped a customer achieve their goals.

Do you always resolve customer complaints in a fast, friendly manner?

Studies show that nearly all dissatisfied customers will do business with a company again IF their complaint is taken care of on the spot. Here’s an example: Having just successfully returned a case of specially-ordered wine that went bad, we vouch that we will continue to trade with that business. Not only did they refund our money but they did it with a smile.

Do you know where your customers come from and how they hear about you?

Most business owners believe that they get most of their trade by word of mouth. While word of mouth is powerful, business comes in the doors in many different ways. One nationally-recognized organization believes they must hit their target audience in seven different ways to produce results. This includes newsletters, e-mails, advertising,
posters, direct mail, letters, and a Website. Are you using a combination of vehicles to reach prospects?

Do you know that advertising means repetition, repetition, repetition?

Just as in real estate where it’s location, location, location, advertising has to be repeated before it is effective. One or two ads just won’t cut it. You need to run an ad at least three times. And be sure to test different versions of your advertising message to see which is most effective.

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  1. Branding My Business Says:

    Please, can you write some more about how this applies differently to individuals.I really like blogs like yours…

  2. Wendy Marx Says:

    Glad to hear you’re finding my blog helpful. Can you be a little more specific in terms of what you’re looking for, i.e., example of what?

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