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Wikipedia Page - Should You Get A Wikipedia Page For Your Business?


Having a Wikipedia page for a company makes it more well-known.

It gives any business more trust.

A Wikipedia page is a web page on the best-known encyclopedia in the world that is made, edited, and kept up-to-date by volunteers.

It has more than 4.5 million English articles, but there are many more in 280 other languages.

Every day, 10,000 articles are read, and every month, 500 million people read it.

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But Wikipedia does not have any official editors or peer review.

Not every business or organization needs a Wikipedia page.

Why You Should Have A Wikipedia Page?

One of the most important reasons why your business needs a Wikipedia page is that it can help you maintain your online reputation, get more exposure, and improve the credibility of your business in a market that is always getting more and more crowded and competitive.

A hand holding a phone and wikipedia on screen, and a wikipedia screen at the back
A hand holding a phone and wikipedia on screen, and a wikipedia screen at the back

Remember that 81 percent of people do research online before they buy something.

Here's where Wikipedia can help you out.

Having a Wikipedia page helps convince people who might buy from your business to do so.

People will think less of your business if it doesn't have a Wikipedia page.

It makes it seem like your business isn't very important or trustworthy.

Not only that, though:

Having a page on Wikipedia can also help your SEO.

Remember that Google sees Wikipedia as a relevant, trusted source, and getting a link from Wikipedia can give you an instant boost in SERP rankings.

Wikipedia also helps you make your business more visible on the web.


Because Wikipedia is the top result for more than 56% of all Google searches.

positions on Wikipedia

You'll agree with this: the more people see you on the web, the better your conversions will be.

Why Does Wikipedia Dominate Google?

Google and wikipedia logo held by hands
Google and wikipedia logo held by hands

There's no doubt that Wikipedia seems to have become the biggest competitor for every SEO, which is why its dominance in Google gets so much attention.

In addition to having a high domain authority, a good structure for internal links, and a high page authority, one of the most important things for SEO on Wikipedia pages is that they have unique, in-depth content.

As can be seen on almost every Wikipedia page online, it is used as a basis for case studies and has a lot of information.

Each page is written around a main search term and has a good chance of ranking for both main search terms and long-tail keywords.

Even though long-tail keywords seem less popular, they often bring more targeted traffic to your website that converts better than short-tail.

BiQ Cloud's Keyword Intelligence is the first step to getting related long-tail keywords that show more specific search intent.

You won't find another keyword research tool that has a database with more than 2.5 billion keywords.

Also, there are 4 main tabs that can help you improve the way you do keyword research.

We all know that a "long-tail" search term is one with three or more words.

It has less competition and can find what people are looking for well.

Sort keywords by how they are related and/or how long their names are.

Use the "Advanced Filter" to sort closely related and long-tail keywords for accurate answers when choosing which related keywords to use.

And you'll see a list of long-tail keywords that could be profitable and are just waiting to be explored.

SEO is a technique that changes quickly and needs time, effort, research, and constant analysis.

In our fast-paced world, it's important to have a complete SEO Suite that can keep up with all your SEO needs.

5 Things To Know Before Using Wikipedia As A Marketing Tool

5 people using laptop
5 people using laptop

Wikipedia is and always will be one of the best ways to market your business.

Having a Wikipedia page will not only help your brand show up on the first page of Google, but it will also boost the page rank of your website if it is linked to your Wikipedia page.

Marketers have been using Wikipedia to help their clients move up in the rankings for years.

Even a simple link to Wikipedia will help your marketing efforts, since Google gives Wikipedia a lot of weight.

I make a living by editing Wikipedia entries for different clients, which takes me a lot of time every day.

I have seen many times how dangerous it can be to use Wikipedia as a marketing tool.

If it's not done right, a page can do more damage than you can think of.

Before you start making changes to Wikipedia for yourself or a client, there are a few things you should know:

Conflict Of Interest Guidelines

When it comes to conflicts of interest, Wikipedia has very strict rules.

When someone editing an article has a close connection to the topic, this is called a conflict of interest. This means that someone who wants to edit an article about themselves or their company is strongly advised not to do so.

Even though there is no rule that says you can't edit an article, if an editor finds out that you have a conflict of interest, they are likely to tag the article and maybe even delete it.

Wikipedia Can Hurt You If Not Done Properly

Wikipedia is like surgery: if it's not done right, it can kill your business.

For example, you might think it's a good idea to add a link to your website to a lot of Wikipedia articles.

What you think is a good idea is spam, and the links will probably be taken down (as well as your URL blacklisted so that it cannot be added in the future).

I've written before about how to use Wikipedia to manage your reputation.

Even though it might seem like a good idea to have a Wikipedia article to manage your reputation (because it will push negative information off of page one of Google), you shouldn't make one if you already have bad information on Google.

Editors will eventually link these negative articles to the Wikipedia page, which will give these articles more weight in Google. This will make all of your efforts to manage your reputation useless and make things worse.

Formatting Guidelines

Formatting is second only to notability in Wikipedia's guidelines.

Unformatted articles are scrutinized more than formatted ones.

This is about visualization, not Wikipedia rules.

Visually appealing articles seem well-written and follow guidelines.

Editors are more likely to reject articles with proper headings, citations, and images.

A poorly formatted article suggests that the author doesn't know what they're doing.

The article is then gutted or deleted.

Article Creation And Submission

Wikipedia has two main article-posting methods.

First, post the article to the main space; second, submit it to Wikipedia's AfC project.

Wikipedia has no "approval" process.

Even if your article is "approved" by AfC, it may be deleted in the future.

If you're nervous about writing your first article, submit it to AfC to get feedback and hopefully get it published.

If you're confident in your article, post it to the main space, where it will sink or swim.

Deletion Process

The delete process is scary.

You won't panic if your article is recommended for deletion if you understand the process.

Three types of deletion are fast, proposed, and recommended.

If your article is up for "speedy deletion," you have little time to defend it.

You must immediately defend the article on its talk page.

Two other deletions are much calmer.

"Proposed deletion" means an editor found issues that, once fixed, can be removed.

"Deletion recommendation" means an editor recommends deleting the article and explains why.

The community votes on whether to keep or delete an article, and you can too.

Remember that deleting or keeping depends on consensus, not votes.

People Also Ask

Why Is It A Must That Your Business Have A Wikipedia Page?

People often forget that having a presence on Wikipedia is a good way to market online.

If a business has its own Wikipedia page or is in any way connected to Wikipedia, this gives the business credibility and can help to position the business as an expert in its field.

Is Creating A Wikipedia Page Free?

Because of this, some people and businesses offer to get paid to write Wikipedia articles.

Wikipedia is free in every way. It is a place where all of the world's knowledge is stored, it is written by volunteers from all over the world, and it is free and doesn't have ads.

Can Companies Edit Their Own Wikipedia?

Because anyone can edit Wikipedia, it attracts people who work in public relations as well as employees and supporters of businesses, government agencies, the military, and non-profits who may decide to edit pages about their organizations.


So, now that you know how important it is for your business to have a Wikipedia page, go ahead and make one.

But don't forget to follow the rules.

Here's some advice: after submitting your Wikipedia page, keep an eye out for comments from editors and keep making changes to your page based on what they say.

Don't give up, because a Wikipedia page might not be reviewed and published for up to a month.

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