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Why Should You Never Buy Any Samsung Device?

Some of its users are not satisfied with this brand and its services. So, why should you never buy any Samsung device?

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Aug 01, 202261 Shares836 Views
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  1. What Is Wrong With Samsung TV?
  2. Why Samsung Phones Are Bad?
  3. Is Samsung Safe For Privacy?
  4. People Also Ask
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Samsung is one of the biggest names in the techindustry. It offers a wide range of electronics like LCD/LED, smartphones, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. BUT!!! Some of its users are not satisfied with this brand and its services. So, why should you never buy any Samsung device? Here is the detailed answer.

Some people consider a brand's name before making a purchase. You'll be surprised by the response that nearly 80% of consumers give brand names consideration when making a purchase.

People only trust Samsung because of its well-known brand name; they are unaware of its covert scheme taking place in the technology industry.

Always keep in mind that the word "Trust" is never added after a brand name.

Let's start the discussion about why should you never buy any Samsung device.

Samsung tablet, smart-watch, flip-model and other devices
Samsung tablet, smart-watch, flip-model and other devices

What Is Wrong With Samsung TV?

The motion smoothing settings on your Samsung Smart TV need to be disabled first.

You won't find it simple to perform this by hand, and your television will likely cause you frustration.

After that, you should remove it from the remote. That may be your only choice.

Fortunately, Samsung doesn't take advantage of this feature and won't do so to harm you.

You are unable to connect to WiFi, which is another problem. The device will abruptly announce that the connection is out and always turn back and cause interruptions on when you try to watch something.

Reconnect to the wifi and give it another shot. Although it won't take long, you won't be satisfied with the outcome.

After that, you can control your other devices through the HDMI ports. Then, your Samsung Smart TV will make it simple for you to switch inputs.

You should try operating the TV without the internet after the initial setup. It might not have a signal or be online if it can't connect to other devices.

The majority of internet-connected TVs have this issue. It is recommended to buy a dumb TV if you want to avoid this issue. You can not utilize your Samsung Smart Hub if it is malfunctioning.

Why Are Samsung TVs So Buggy?

The outdated firmware on a Samsung TV is the main cause of the delayed loading of apps and menus.

Unfortunately, Samsung does not offer auto-update for their older models, so if the TV needs to download an upgraded OS, there may be a problem.

Try removing every piece of software and app from the Samsung TV, then reinstalling it to see if it helps.

The TV ought to work flawlessly for the time being. Defective memory components are one of the most frequent reasons for a Samsung TV's sluggish processing performance.

The TV will take longer to load apps and operate if these parts are full. The TV may take longer to turn on if the power supply and plugs are broken.

You must consult a professional in order to solve the issue. You can go to a service location to get the TV fixed. Then you can make it perform again.

Background apps are the main cause of sluggish program loading on a Samsung smart TV. These programs use a significant amount of RAM on your smart TV.

Close all running background apps and restart the TV to resolve this. This will fix the issue.

If you can't do this, you can use the TV to figure out if you have problems with your memory.

Samsung UHD Premium TV on a white and orange background
Samsung UHD Premium TV on a white and orange background

Why Samsung Phones Are Bad?

The majority of smartphone purchasers prefer Samsung over other brands like Lenovo or Motorola, as well as some Chinese companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus.

Yet why? In 2022, Apple and Samsung don't seem to slow down when it comes to new ideas, great new features, reliable hardware, development, or competition.

So why, then, does the typical user think twice before purchasing a phone at any given price?

All he/she requires is an Android phone, of which Samsung is renowned for producing the best.

Samsung has also been one of the leading brands in the race to make Android available to all people, delivering flexibility, utility, and the strength of the web.

Additionally, Samsung has a solid grip on the smartphone market share and has held the top spot for a while.

Even still, some consumers are perplexed by Samsung's implementation of how their smartphones should work.

Some people, on the other hand, are picky about brand value and choose to get a Samsung flagship. But not everyone experiences this.

So let's move on to the list of the top reasons why Samsung cellphones are bad instead of wasting time on this discussion.

Limited Battery Life

The number of installed apps, background apps, use of heavy mobile themes, etc. are the main determinants of the battery life of a phone.

Even when all the tips for saving battery life are used, Samsung smartphones never have enough battery life.

Mobile Phone Hanging On A Regular Basis

Another typical issue that users of Samsung smartphones have experienced is this one. Every now and then, people report feeling as though their phone is stuck.

While playing demanding games, this issue frequently arises. If you only want to buy a Samsung smartphone for basic needs, you don't need to worry about this.

If not, exercise caution and look for a better solution.

Samsung Z-Flip Model placed on a grey surface
Samsung Z-Flip Model placed on a grey surface

No Resale Value

No one wants to use their mobile devices for extended periods of time these days.

They only use it for a brief time before selling it for the highest profit in order to purchase another.

Most of the time, a person is willing and able to sell an item for 50% of what it cost the first time.

Because of the Samsung device's low resale value, you will never be able to obtain that much return.

The reason why Samsung is the only company with a large brand name and a low resale value needs to be investigated.


That's the issue with Samsung phones as well as those from other manufacturers. They pre-install some apps on each of their devices. Most of the apps among them are useless.

And Samsung upped the absurdity factor with the Galaxy S6, which came pre-loaded with 56 apps, including some general-purpose social and instant messaging ones.

Even so, Samsung only offered the option to disable the majority of the programs; there was no way to completely erase them.

Nothing more than that, so if you don't disable the apps, they will eventually cause your phone to run slowly by consuming all the memory.

Less Social Influence

For the vast majority of people, Samsung smartphones are relatively standard mobile devices.

In contrast, if you are holding a Sony or an iPhone, people will just grab them out of your hands and start asking you questions about how much the phone costs and its new features.

You might have figured out the hidden meaning of these notes. You have to keep in mind that people constantly prioritize social status and pride.

Is Samsung Safe For Privacy?

No, it is not as devised by some of its users. Some say they take information about anything you do on a Samsung device. Samsung TVs take regular screenshots of what you are watching on them.

More specifically, the researchers found that Samsung mobile devices track user events, device configuration data, and device and user identifiers. This is called "telemetry."

User jiggawattsshared some information about the so-called privacy offered by Samsung and how it can leak your personal information, "I avoid all things Samsung for a much more important reason: They spy on you mercilessly, up to about the same level as Facebook.

For example, they take screenshots of what you watch on your Samsung Televisions!

You're not their customer, you're the product.

Additionally, Samsung have a habit of releasing forced updates that almost-but-not-entirely brick their TVs, slowing them down to molasses. They do this right before the next model becomes available for purchase.

Last but not least, a colleague worked there as a consultant, and his stories of their lax IT security were nearly unbelievable. Even though they spy on you like Google or Facebook, they are not like a FAANG when it comes to protecting your private info! They've been hacked for sure, probably by multiple nation state actors. Whatever you watch or do with their TVs is being relayed to the US, Russians, Chinese, or whomever. Assume that nothing you do with a Samsung device or Samsung software is remotely secure or safe.

They're a slimy company made up of unscrupulous people trying to squeeze every last drop out of every rock.

Don't give them your money. There are many other companies with much better track records."

People Also Ask

Why Samsung Phones Are Not Good?

Samsung doesn't give a damn about upgrades. They manage to upgrade their flagships, but if you have a mid-range or cheap Samsung phone that costs between $150 and $200, you're out of luck. The company is holding off on releasing software updates because they believe that since you have a less expensive handset, you should switch to a high-end flagship.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Samsung?

Samsung products frequently have a weak thermal management system, which can cause the battery to overheat if used excessively. Samsung gadgets are highly warm when used over an extended period of time.

What Samsung Phones Should I Avoid?

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung should be avoided. Even though the devices still get some updates now and then, software support has gone down and their hardware has gotten so bad that it's best not to use them at all.


Samsung's high-end Android phones are great in many ways, from their slim, attractive designs to their excellent build quality and often top-of-the-line parts.

Not to mention Samsung's no-holds-barred marketing approach, which has contributed to the company's acquisition and maintenance of its dominant position among the Android ranks and is maybe even more crucial.

But some of its worst facts or reasons are also mentioned above, which answers the question of why should you never buy any Samsung device.

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