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What Your Sales Pitch Is Lacking And How To Improve It


In sales, the best way to close a deal is through a pitch. It’s what makes every salesperson unique in their style and approach. Yet, there may be certain aspects of the salesperson's pitch they are missing that enables them to close more deals.

When struggling to get more sales because there is a lack of a certain approach or tactic in the pitch, there are ways to improve it. All one needs to do is know what makes a good pitch. With that in mind, here are the top entities a sales pitch could be missing and how to make a better impact.

No Knowledge of the Audience They’re Trying to Capture

When a salesperson doesn’t know who their audience is, it won't be easy to deliver content that speaks directly to the prospect. Therefore, it’s important to know the audience by clearly understanding the people the salesperson must reach.

Start defining the audience by knowing who it is, what they need and how to reach them. Doing so allows the salesperson to tailor their pitch to resonate with who they’re targeting and appeal to them personally.

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The Pitch Doesn’t Lead With an Offer

In a sales presentation, it’s best to lead it with an offer. Otherwise, it will not motivate the prospect to pay attention and engage with their words.

An offer shows that the salesperson is confident in their product or service, which gives the prospect a reason to trust them.

So when starting a pitch, consider presenting them with something they can’t refuse. This should be something that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Not Focusing on Solving the Customer’s Problem

When there’s no focus on solving the prospects' problems, they easily lose their focus and interest in the product or service. In fact, it can be tempting to talk about how great the product is and why they need it. Yet not taking the time to understand their problems, means the presenter is missing out on one of the most important elements of sales.

Once it’s clear on what problem the product solves for them, talk about it as much as possible within the pitch. Instead of telling them what the product is, tell them why it matters to them.

That way, they have a reason to purchase the product or service at the end of the presentation.

Talking Too Much About the Company

One of the essential elements needed to improve a sales pitch is one that focuses on the prospect and what they care about most.

Sometimes salespeople pay too much attention to telling their stories — and making the pitch about themselves and the companies. While it helps to build up a sales pitch with a background story, it’s best to keep this part brief and start asking questions.

Consider asking about their problems to understand the needs of the prospects and help solve them. The prospect will likely mention what matters to them, which gives the presenter a way to show them how the product or service can reach their goals.

Selling the Features and Not the Benefits

When selling a product or service, the salesperson must tell the customer why they should buy it. Instead of talking about the product or service, talk about what it can do for them.

Benefits make the product or service more desirable by showing prospects the outcomes they can reach with it. On the other hand, features are the nuts and bolts that make the product or service tick.

So when selling a product, tell them what makes the product great and how it will help them reach their goals. Effectively doing this will convince them to buy the product repeatedly.

Seamlessly Close More Sales

With these five key elements of a great sales pitch, sales professionals can look forward to improving theirs. Start by asking what it will take to make the pitch more persuasive. Then use these tips to create something that truly resonates with the audience.

Once a salesperson helps them see the value in the offer, it will make closing deals much easier in the long run.

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