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MarX Communications provides B2B PR services and BtoB marketing in key industries including financial services, marketing services, advertising, digital, professional services, and security. We also work with the community by helping at least one pro bono client.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about using MarX Communications for their BtoB marketing and B2B PR. Getting a free executive consultation is simple. Just call 203-445-2850 or email us.

MarX Communications has been a key contributor to my success at the last two companies I’ve run. Wendy and her team combine a solid understanding of digital and direct marketing with a keen “ear for the story.” She knows what the press want to write about, and deftly positions us to give them what they want. But while her management of the press is top notch, it is her client management that sets her apart from other PR firms I have worked with. Wendy has a knack for giving us honest feedback, while leaving our egos in tact. She is quietly but forcefully determined to not allow us to “talk to ourselves.” She makes sure all our communications are clear and understandable and pleasantly argues the points when they are not. And when it comes to nudging, prodding and facilitating us to create marketable thought leadership content, NO ONE does it better.”

John Nardone
Chairman and CEO
, [x+1]

“Wendy at Marx Communications is a top-notch PR professional.”
“Wendy brought the perfect touch to the work I needed to have done. She is invaluable not only in getting placement, but has that wonderful ability to guide a client (me!) to get all the right things said. Her preparedness and professionalism were much more than I have ever seen in any small firm.”

Ed See
Executive Vice President and Senior Partner, Information Resources

“Wendy Marx has all the skills a good, results-oriented PR person needs and understands what makes a good PR story.”
“She is creative, persuasive and persistent. Her unique talents helped create numerous PR opportunities for Peppers and Rogers Group and greatly expanded our visibility. I highly recommend her.”

Bob Dorf
Former CEO, Peppers and Rogers Group
General Partner, 1to1 Venture Partners

“She tops the list for creating new channels of exposure.”
MarX Communications delivered stellar PR when we hired her for services during my tenures at BroadVision and Darwin. She has press access, sharp skills, and is very well connected to get key messages into the marketplace. She is also great value for the results she delivers, especially on the subjects of the Internet, Personalization, and Web 2.0.

“Wendy is creative and connected, two key ingredients for stirring a buzz in the world of new media. She tops the list of many for creating new channels of exposure for individuals and companies alike.”

Drew Bartkiewicz
Vice President, Technology and New Media Markets, The Hartford (worked with MarX Communications at Broadvision and Darwin Professional Services)

“Wendy at MarX Communications is one of the most outstanding business partners I have ever worked with.”
“We end this particular period of work with you grateful for your creative services, your thoughtfulness and your professional quality of work. Be assured that you are one of the most outstanding business partners I have ever worked with, and I am prepared to tell that to any future client you may want to wish to have me speak to.”

David A. Linsky
Chief Executive Officer
SSC, Inc.

“Wendy and her team at Marx Communications provided great opportunities for my financial service practice securing significant coverage for me in Morningstar, Worth and other industry publications, as well as booking me as a speaker. All the publicity has helped put my practice on the map far beyond my own marketing. This was also done within the very tight restrictions we operate in because of legal compliance issues. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Joseph I. Chu,
Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Wealth Management Advisor
Merill Lynch

“She managed to get inside our heads and our business.”
“Thanks to the work of Wendy Marx and her firm, we were quoted in BusinessWeek Online, Computerworld, InfoWorld, eWeek and other crucial magazines our prospects read. She managed to get inside our heads and our business – to be able to explain what we do and how we do it better than we could ourselves. Bottom line: She made us more visible to the right people and more marketing-driven.”

Alex Cone
CEO, CodeFab

“Now I have more clips than the CEOs of much larger companies.”
“Before engaging Wendy Marx and Marx Communications, I had no PR program, no clipping file and was not on any media person’s radar screen. Within two weeks of starting, I was quoted in the Chicago Tribune, and an avalanche of speaking engagements, interviews and writing commissions followed – everything from CNBC to CNET to the New York Times. Now I have more clips than the CEOs of much larger companies, have spoken at many of the major conferences and am frequently asked for my comments by the media. A key difference: Having Wendy Marx and Marx Communications handle my PR. In summary: Wendy rocks!”"

Michael Drapkin
CEO, Drapkin Technology Corp.
Former Chair, E-Commerce Management, Columbia University