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Nailed It! 5 Ways to Create a Killer LinkedIn Summary 2021

Nailed It! 5 Ways to Create a Killer LinkedIn Summary 2021

Last updated: Jul 14, 2021 12:20 | Feb 02, 2017 12:20
Keith Peterson

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Create a Killer LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the top ways for B2B think leaders to succeed – with 107 million users alone in the US! It is easy to get lost in the mix in the broad realm of social media. Thus you are just another company, marketer, hard-working, and committed... blah, blah, blah, etc.

However, those that are tuned realize that it is necessary to start creating a niche for themselves someplace. And a summary killer in the LinkedIn profile may be found when lead creation and personal branding are concerned. We updated this post to add even more good advice on how to enhance your summary and how to make more progress through a fascinating profile.

Approximately 25 million LinkedIn profiles are visited each day – so what's more than a short look at your LinkedIn profile? In the end, you want them to do what you are presenting. It should motivate others to know you more and connect with you – not just go on to the next person. But what best practices will distinguish your profile from the competitors?

It is vital to have a clear concept of the message you would like to express in your summary before you even put your finger on your keyboard. These are a few questions that will enable you to identify that.

Who's your perfect audience? Who do you want to read (and act on) your summary?

What would you like them to learn? What do you want to do to them? How do you want to feel them?

Create a Killer LinkedIn Summary

Take the New Year's Eve picture away

While your picture is not strictly part of your description, LinkedIn searchers are generally the first to notice (and make people 11 times more likely to stop and read your profile).

Picture yourself and your significant another person in the Caribbean on the Facebook profile or your photograph of your New Year's Eve (just because the night looked extremely fantastic, it doesn't mean it will help you get a job) for a smooth, unsense headshot.

Another error that I sometimes notice in profile pictures is that people utilize the emblem of their companies as a photo profile. Whatever your pride, people read your profile in order to learn about your own career and talents. Your photo profile should represent the professionals you are.

Be committed and original

Saying that someone is original may be regarded with an expression of a deer in the headlights. No need to be scared. You're original because nobody has your personality, wit, or experience. To allow visitors to your profile to see that.

Take note of the things that distinguish you from your colleagues. You could mention:

  • Notable achievements
  • Values and loves
  • Superhuman capabilities — what no one else's doing you bring to the table.
  • External validation — any prizes or awards you have received, as well as other testimonies

Instead of starting your summary:

Detailed business analyst with excellent issue solving expertise.


I was the child who spent hours attempting to solve every riddle I could discover. I was the child. Since then, I have never flinched away from and seemingly impossible tasks or any challenge to pound your head on the wall that crosses my road.

Write in person first

LinkedIn is all about connecting, not only professionally, but also personally.

Take the chance to include in your summary "I," "my" and "mine."

Sometimes I notice people concealed using pronouns like "we" or "us" behind their corporation. This is not the "About Us" page of your firm, so make sure you and your personal narrative are focused on it.

Pro Tip: Skip the jargon and concentrate on communication.

Define who your audience is and talk to them directly

You would obviously not create your LinkedIn profile in the same way as you would write your dating profile online. You have your audience to know. You're in the marketing game, after all. Do you advertise yourself to customers, future employers, or recruiters? Then answer the questions below.

  • What does my audience want me to know?
  • What about you when you look for profiles?
  • What would their attention be captured?

Call for action included

If you are a hidden job hunter, clearly you don't want to obscure an action call like that, "I'm looking for new employment possibilities actively. Contact me, please." Such desperation will most probably send folks in the opposite direction.

However, without going out yourself, you may be very clear about what you want to happen next. Make it attractive or even amusing. Think about anything like:

"I always want to solve a new problem, so if you have a doozy with which to get a hand, feel free to contact me personally at"

Need these recommendations to be implemented? Check out how these thinkers have utilized their summary of the LinkedIn profile to take the audience forward.

From his clean and professional photograph to his funny attitude to his ambitions to work, the description of Craig Japp reaches our every point.

Kay Allison takes us on a trip with her overview – from her earliest insights into her business as a small child, through her different mature entrepreneurship and the passions that led her on the path.

Sure, inspiring examples! Remember always that your profile must ultimately be distinctive and allow you to stand out from the crowd. In that respect, don't be afraid to shift expectations and grow beyond the strict limits that the textbooks may put down.

With our top five tools for writing a great summary LinkedIn, you're well on your way to inspire others and bring them to the professional world. Let your B2B social media plan include the creation of a LinkedIn summary.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile killer which helped you succeed as a B2B thinker? Tell us all about it in the following comment area!

Keith Peterson | I'm an expert IT marketing professional with over 9 years of experience in various Digital Marketing channels such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMO (social media optimization), ORM (online reputation management), PPC (Google Adwords, Bing Adwords), Lead Generation, Adwords campaign management, Blogging (Corporate and Personal), and so on. Web development and design are unquestionably another of my passions. In fast-paced, high-pressure environments, I excel as an SEO Executive, SEO Analyst, SR SEO Analyst, team leader, and digital marketing strategist, efficiently managing multiple projects, prioritizing and meeting tight deadlines, analyzing and solving problems.


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