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Video For Personal Branding - Raise The Bar For Your Brand In 2022

The drastic change to values such as honesty and an unaltered presence on video or in photographs is forcing major companies to reconsider their ways to create an online presence.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Sep 09, 2022220 Shares220K Views
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  2. 6 Simple Steps To Create The Best Personal Branding Video
  3. Top 9 Ways To Use A Video To Stand Out And Strengthen Your Personal Branding
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The days of having a page on one of the social mediaplatforms being sufficient for people are long gone. Today, having an internet presence may help you establish yourself in a certain area.

Whether we like it or not, every user on YouTube, Instagram, or whatever social media platform comes to mind owns a brand. Yes, with some work, you can get there.

In an age where our lives are increasingly becoming digitized, having a distinct personal brand is critical. Personal brands have also altered the current landscape of global marketing.

The drastic change to values such as honesty and an unaltered presence on video or in photographs is forcing major companies to reconsider their ways to create an online presence.

6 Steps to Build a STRONG Personal Brand in 2020 (On AND OFF Social Media)

Videos help consumers understand who you are and promote your brand. Video helps to create trust by putting a face and a voice to a name. This is why video works for personal branding. It allows others to get to know you better.

Here's what's going on.

We are constantly using mobile devices, which offer us quick access to information. However, as amazing as quick access is, it also overwhelms us with news, entertainment, and businesscorrespondence.

Add to that our proclivity for multitasking and our short attention spans. When all of these elements come together, we have a stronger preference for video.

Because of the low cost and relatively easy technology, practically anybody, including you, can create videos.

Video Topics

While you could videotape yourself presenting your pitch or create a video résumé, this may not be enough to pique the curiosity of viewers.

A better approach would be to emphasize your industry knowledge or subject matter expertise. Keep in mind that you want to position yourself as an expert.

Your video's contentand aesthetic should be consistent with your personal brand and meet the demands of your industry. Watch videos on Facebook and Instagram for ideas, then modify them to your message and style.

Here is a selection of themes for personal brandingvideos:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Discuss a current industrial trend
  • Make a how-to video
  • Share job-related tips and hacks
  • Interview someone
  • Ask a question
  • Preview the eventsyou intend to attend
  • During an event, record live updates
  • Display your day at work
  • Film yourself during volunteer projects
  • Compile a collection of photographs and videos that highlight your working life
Here Are The 6 Steps To Create The Best Personal Branding Video
Here Are The 6 Steps To Create The Best Personal Branding Video

6 Simple Steps To Create The Best Personal Branding Video

There are six phases that are emphasized to assist you in creating your own video for personal branding. The following stages will help you to create an outstanding video:

Determine The Video's Purpose

Every personal branding video will be unique and made for a variety of reasons. In his Forbes article, Arruda explains 10 Ways to Use Video for Vibrant Personal Branding.

You must decide on the objective of the video and the message you want to communicate, whether it is for presentations, internet marketing, or a job application.

For example, one film I created was for Ryan Malfara, a well-known public speaker and businesscoach who felt he wanted a greeting video before his conference appearances.

The goal of this film was to energize the crowd and alert them to who was coming to speak. This brings me to the next stage.

Define Your Target Audience

To have the most impact, clearly specify who you want to view the video or who it is meant for. The film is designed for their reception, whether it is for live audiences, internet consumers, or an employer, so guide it that way.

For example, the video I created for Desiree Koo, a businesswoman, and author, was a short 2:30 minute film that briefly described her life from poverty to riches, emphasized her first publication, and concluded with her logo and picture to signal her to begin the presentation.

This video works wonderfully for a live audience since it is brief, offers a tale, sells her book to the audience, and provides a cue for the audience to welcome her on stage.

Identify And Create Your Story

We all have tales to share; it's simply a matter of discovering them. Identify your story, the facts you want to deliver to your audience and work your way from beginning to end.

Coherence is essential in crafting your tale such that it is logical and easy to understand the first time your audience watches it. The above example illustrates the tale of Desiree, who grew up in a poor family and learned the value of investing in financial education for her children.

We eventually fleshed out a short but focused tale that was both emotional and educational after draft after draft.

Choose A Storyteller

This phase involves deciding on the voice for your tale. It basically comes down to four choices:

By Yourself

Using your own voice to tell your narrative can make it more personal and centered on you like the topic, but it can easily cross the line into egotism or arrogance.

It typically refers back to step 2 of defining your audience, since it may be more appropriate for an employer to hear you tell your own narrative, but a live audience may want to hear someone else for credibility reasons.

By A Narrator/voiceover Artist

Hiring a narrator/voiceover artist is one way to emphasize trustworthiness and expertise since it shows that you went to great lengths to find a specialized voice to convey your narrative.

It also provides a third-person perspective rather than the first-person narration of oneself. We hired a professional voiceover artist to narrate Desiree's tale in order to distance herself from presenting her own story and to lend a professional appearance to the film.

By Others (testimonials)

Having people speak for you as testimonials is an excellent approach to boost your reputation and communicate your story from an outsider's point of view. Testimonials are the subjective accounts of people who possess them, and they can be more compelling to others than you trying to sell yourself.

The film I created for Max Tay, is a collection of testimonials from others. Multiple voices praising your narrative is an excellent approach to capture someone's attention without having to say anything about yourself

a public speaker and entrepreneur said.

By Text Graphics And Visuals

If none of the previous methods work for you, you may convey your tale using text graphics and photos. If done correctly, it may result in an engaging and visually appealing video to watch. However, you miss out on the added benefit of having an audible voice, as well as improving your audience's viewing experience by not making them read too much text. Choosing your text in the first place might be tough, especially if you want to explain the entire tale in as few words as possible.

Opt For Quality

So you've determined your objective, your audience, your tale, and a storyteller. It's time to finish the video.

Whatever you choose, be sure it is of high quality! Nothing is more frustrating than putting in all of your efforts just to end up with a shoddy-looking film that adds to the useless garbage that already pollutes our screens.

If your narrative is fantastic or your testimonials are outstanding, produce a high-quality film, even if it means spending a bit more money. It will be worthwhile!

Distribution Channels

You've got a great video, but what do you do with it? So, as previously stated, let the rest of the world see it! We're all eager to see why you're the go-to expert, so prove it to us in any way you can.

Use your social media pages: if you don't already have one, establish one, put it on your Facebook page, Tweet the link, and share it on LinkedIn. Make sure you have the footage in a variety of formats and sizes because you never know when a circumstance will call for it.

You'll want to make sure it looks well on whatever platform, whether it's a full HD version for conferences, a compressed file for emails, or a social media share.


Top 9 Ways To Use A Video To Stand Out And Strengthen Your Personal Branding

Regardless of your worries, the fact that you don't see everyone around you utilizing video (or doing it well) is precisely why you should.

Video will become widespread in the not-too-distant future. Then it will be difficult to stand apart. Right today, the medium itself provides you with the chance to develop your unique brand in order to be seen and heard.

Here are some examples of how you may utilize video to convey your message, strengthen your brand, and stand out from the crowd:

On Youtube

The obvious way is to make YouTube videos. Every career-minded professional should have a YouTube account. Concentrate your videos on presenting your knowledge and point of view so that people understand what your personal brand stands for.

In Your Online Accounts

Add some video to supplement the text in your profile to make it more dynamic and captivating. LinkedIn, for example, allows you to include video in the Featured area, which appears immediately below your bio (About).

As A Vlog

If writing isn't your thing, a vlog is an excellent method to get your message out there. Simply prepare to post on a regular basis so your audience knows what to anticipate from you.

Facebook Live

This is an entertaining method to encourage people to interact with you in real time. It's simple to implement and distinguish.

Embedded Videos In Articles

If you regularly blog or use the LinkedIn publishing platform to spread your message, mix your words with a video or two to make an impression on your audience. Messages do not have to be text-based or video-based. They can be either.

Video Messages

Consider sending a colorful video instead of a normal dull email if you have an essential message to deliver. You most likely had no idea you could send video messages to your LinkedIn friends, but you can. When you're cultivating relationships online, it's a strong method to make your mark.

Video Proposals

Do you want your supervisor to take notice of your suggestion and act on it? Send a captivating video message instead of a drab Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

If you're feeling very ambitious, including b-roll and music in your video pitch. It will make your boss sit up and take notice. The medium may sometimes be the message.

Embed In Presentations

As a keynote speaker (now a virtual keynote speaker), I put a lot of effort into making my lectures distinctive and compelling. Each lecture I give includes at least three videos. They serve to emphasize or strengthen a crucial point while also keeping the audience interested.

Convert Text-Based Content To Video

Even if you are really hesitant to turn the camera on yourself, video can help you stand out. Tools such as Lumen5 enable you to generate videos from previously published content. You may transform a blog or post into a more appealing message without ever having to turn on a camera on yourself.

The video is motivating. It draws you in. It makes a connection. And, once you get acclimated to it, video is neither complicated nor frightening.

Consider how you may utilize video to stand out and get recognized by the individuals that matter to you. Then set aside some time to put it to the test. After a modest learning curve jump, you'll be a fan in no time.

Personal Branding 101 [Build Your Personal Brand In 2023]

People Also Ask

Why Do We Need Personal Branding?

Personal branding that is effective will set you apart from the competition and help you to develop trust with prospective clients and employers. You seldom get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it one that distinguishes you, builds trust, and reflects your personality.

What Is Personal Branding Video?

Personal branding videos are, as the name implies, brief videos that provide an overview of your personal brand. They should be between two and three minutes long. It conveys your identity, your body of work, your intended audience, and the advantages or values you provide to their organizations.

How Do I Make A Personal Brand Video?

  • Know your target audience.
  • Make a plan.
  • Tell stories people want to hear.
  • Match your content to your brand voice.
  • Feature your brand colors and logo.
  • Create videos the easy way, before investing in large productions.
  • Share your brand video on social media.

What Should Be In A Branding Video?

Remember that the main characteristic of a brand video is that it emphasizes, well, your brand. That implies that it is not required to directly promote a particular good or service. Establishing your brand in the minds of the audience should be the main objective here.

Is It Safe To Brand Yourself?

The burn, unlike a tattoo or piercing, is permanent, so be sure it's something you want. Make sure the operation is done in a secure, professional location. If done incorrectly, it might result in severe infection, a disfiguring scar, or both.

What Is Your Unique Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is how you present yourself to the world. You want the world to perceive you as a one-of-a-kind mix of talents, experience, and personality. It is the telling of your narrative and how it reflects your actions, thoughts, and attitudes, both expressed and unsaid.

What Is The Purpose Of A Brand Video?

Increase brand awareness is perhaps the top reason firms utilize video, since it may help your company reach new customers and draw visitors to your social media sites and website.


Hopefully, these methods and strategies will inspire you to create your own personal branding video and share your story. Keep in mind that video is the future, and the future is today. So go and work on it!

If you want to be successful with personal branding, you must create a video. In this manner, you should be really thorough in order to discover your own style, voice, and language that your audience can understand. Keep in mind that a strong personal brand can open doors to new chances in your profession.

Stick to the suggestions we've made here and attempt to figure out what works best for you.

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