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Useful Websites - 10 Sites You Should Know Sooner


It's not always easy to find useful websites.

More than a billion websites are available on the internet, and a sizeable portion of them serve no purpose whatsoever.

You've definitely heard of some of the most helpful websites previously because of their widespread use and popularity.

However, in addition to the websites that you may already be aware of, there are many other helpful websites.

Thankfully, the laborious task of looking for you has already been completed by us.

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Check out these top beneficial websites, each of them has something that makes it worthwhile to visit the site.

Useful Websites For Everyone

There are millions upon millions of websites, yet the ones we visit are typically the same ones we visit every time.

On the other hand, you could not be aware of a lot of incredibly helpful websites that have the potential to become some of your favorites in the near future.

These websites allow us to save time and money, conduct more efficient searches, to gain a deeper understanding of reference materials, and have a lot of other benefits.


Journalist's Toolbox: Tinywow Productivity Tool

There are a lot of online tools, like PDF converters, image resizers, word counters, and word processors.

And, even better, available for free.

TinyWow, a free online file converter is one of these kinds of tools that you can't live without.

In fact, this site can help you with a lot of different things.

When you land on the main page, you'll see a lot of tools you can use right away.

And they can help you with almost any file problem or file conversion.

Even so, that's only a small part of what you can do on this one free website.

From TinyWow's main page, you can also click on the following tools:

  • A PDF creator
  • Video trimmer
  • Meme maker
  • Video resizer
  • IMG sharpener
  • Audio extractor from video files and much more

TinyWow is one place where these professionals can get help with some of their software needs.

Jenni AI

Jenni AI homepage
Jenni AI homepage

You can carry Jenni with you wherever you go and use her as an indispensable content assistant, whether you're producing blogs, copy, or anything else.

While you write, Jenni will provide you with insightful tips.

Produce persuasive writing ten times more quickly.

Whether it is a blog for search engine optimization, a caption for social media, or even an important email.

With the Jenni chrome extension, you can get suggestions regardless of the website that you are currently visiting.

Jenni is the artificial intelligence helper that helps you remain in control of the situation.

When you write with Jenni, she edits what you've already written, and once you've worked with her, you'll never want to use another editor again.

You may have your essays and emails written automatically by Jenni AI, an artificial intelligence-powered auto-writing application.

You merely need to provide it with a title and some introductory paragraphs to get started.


Tempmail homepage
Tempmail homepage

TempMail combines temporarily with mail.

Email addresses are often requested while registering on a website, filling out a form, applying for something, or playing games.

Sharing permanent email addresses can lead to hundreds of scam emails.

Temporary email addresses appear now.

Users don't have to deal with tens of spam or ad emails daily or hundreds per week.

Temporary email addresses expire after an hour, so users don't receive unwanted emails.

Temp mail's disposable email accounts allow anonymous communication and file sharing.

Permanent email accounts can be hacked to steal critical information.

An hour-long email is safe for revealing information.

Temporary email offers a 10-minute solution for sharing sensitive material.

TempMail provides phony and temporary email IDs.

People use email addresses for the Internet and online shopping.

Consequently, many people use the same email address.


How to use QuillBot | QuillBot - AI Paraphrasing Tool | Save time & improve writing Instantly

Quillbot is an online tool that helps you summarize and rewrite the text.

Quillbot helps people get better at writing by giving them tools to reorganize and rephrase their text in the best way possible.

Students can use it to change the way words look, how sentences sound, and how paragraphs are put together.

The Quillbot paraphraser is simple and easy to use.

Just copy and paste your text into the box and click "Paraphrase."

On the right, you can see the text that has been changed.

Quillbot uses different colors to show where changes and edits have been made.

For example, the orange color shows changed words, the yellow color shows changed structures, and the blue color shows words that haven't changed.

Quillbolt lets you choose from 7 different ways to rewrite something: standard, formal, simple, creative, expand, and shorten.

Each mode is different and has its own features, but only the first two are free.

The great thing about Quillbot paraphraser is that it is much more than just a tool for paraphrasing.

It also helps you fix "awkward paragraphs, improve weak topic sentences, and get instant feedback and new ideas you can use to change the structure, style, vocabulary, and tone of your work."


How to Use Loom Video Recorder

Loom is a simple app for sending video messages.

It's not like Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime because you can only record yourself and your screen and send the finished video to other people via a link.

Loom is an app for sharing videos, like Snapchat or Marco Polo.

But Loom focuses more on sharing on-screen recordings and using it their work.

Loom works on almost every platform.

It has a website, Chrome extensions, desktop apps for Mac and Windows, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

But each app has a different set of features.

The iOS app, for example, cannot capture in screen and camera mode, while the Android app is unable to record in just camera mode.

Also, the Chrome extension can't be used to record with any app but Chrome.

When used by a group, Loom really shines.

For example, it might be the perfect way to send one-way messages, such as company updates and videos for welcoming new employees.

Loom is not very useful for personal projects.

But since you can record your screen, you could use it to make YouTube videos.

It could also be used to send slideshows of family photos to friends and relatives.

No matter what, Loom solves a niche problem by making it easy to record videos from your screen and share them.

Give this app a try if you think it's something you'd use often.

Aside from that, you're probably better off using Zoom's built-in features to share your screen and record.

Otter AI

Otter AI homepage where three people are in a call and floating messages
Otter AI homepage where three people are in a call and floating messages

Otter AI is an artificial intelligence assistant that was developed specifically to assist individuals in the process of meeting transcription.

Otter AI assists customers in converting speech discussions that take place on platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and others into intelligent notes that are simple to search and share.

Notes can be taken during meetings and interviews with the help of Otter AI by its users.

Additionally, it assists the user in transcribing their previously recorded audio and podcasts.

In addition, users can utilize Otter AI to take screenshots while they are recording, and thereafter, they can incorporate these screenshots into their transcripts.

Users who are trying to take notes on virtual platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, amongst others, may find this tool to be extremely useful.


Pexels logo
Pexels logo

Pexels is a stock image site that gives people from all over the world access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality, free stock photos and videos.

Compared to some other sites that offer free stock images, like Pixabay, Pexels is a relatively new site.

Pexels's goal is to give designers, marketers, artists, programmers, and other professional creators more power.

It does this by giving them a place to find images, designs, and videos that are current, creative, and ready to use.

All of the pictures on Pexels are covered by the Pexels License, which is a creative commons zero license that lets Pexels users access and use any picture on the site for free and without giving credit.

Pexels is a great resource for creative people who are on a tight budget because it doesn't charge high subscription or per-image fees.

Pexels is also a great place for photographers and digital artists to build a portfolio and a name for themselves.

The images that artists upload to Pexels are checked, and only the best ones are made available to Pexels users.

Contributors with a great reputation can join their Heroes program, which is meant to help top Pexels contributors advance in their careers.


Easily Remove Backgrounds from Images with RemoveBG

If you've ever had to quickly get rid of an image's background, you know how hard it can be, even if you have Photoshop.

Well, Remove.bg is a website with only one purpose that uses artificial intelligence to do the hard work for you.

Just upload any picture, and the site will automatically find any people in it, cut out the foreground, and let you download a PNG of your subject with a transparent background.

It's the latest example of how once-advanced machine learning techniques are being turned into simple tools for everyday use.

There are already a few open-source algorithms that can be used to get rid of the background of an image.

Remove.bg has just made them (or something similar to them) into a free online tool.

Remove.bg is not perfect, that's for sure.

Like any magic wand, it gets confused when the lines between the foreground and background aren't clear.


Convertio Tutorial - How to Convert any file type to any format

Convertio is a piece of software that lets you change the format of files online.

It can convert over 2000 different types of files, such as audio, documents, ebooks, images, presentations, and more.

You can upload files to other apps like Google Drive and Dropbox with this software.

You can start a conversation, leave the app, and wait until your files are successfully uploaded to your cloud storage.

Convertio can change more than 5 different file types, no matter what kind of file is being changed.

For example, when you upload an audio file to the software, it can make audio files in MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, AMR, AAC, AIFF, CAF, AC3, APE, and DTS formats.

Convertio can do more than just convert audio, video, and documents.

It can also convert eBooks, images, fonts, and presentations. eBooks can be changed into formats like EPUB, MOBI, TCR, AZW3, SNB, PDB, FB2, RB, and LRF.


Getting Started with MICROCOPY & UX WRITING

The tiny bits of copy on products are called "microcopy."

You use it everywhere on our interfaces, from the label on a call-to-action button to the placeholder text in form fields.

Small bits of text can have a big effect on our experience.

Even though these small groups of text don't take up a lot of space on our products, they are a driving force and make a big difference.

They are also responsible for a large part of the user experience.

Microcopy can help us guide users, get their attention, hint at functionality, and give them a good time.

Think of it as a small voice that helps users along their way.

By Nicolás J. Engler, look at how the label on the button below is changing. After a user clicks on it, the label changes from "submit" to "sending."

This small but thoughtful change lets the user know that the system is working in the background to process whatever the user submitted.

Once the process is done, the label changes from "sending" to "done."

This is a great example of how microcopy can inform, delight, and guide the user.

People Also Ask

How Are Educational Websites Useful?

Educational websites might have games, videos, or links to other websites with information about the subject that can be used to help students learn and teachers teach better in the classroom.

In this day and age, these websites help keep students entertained and interested.

What Are The 3 Types Of Websites?

There are three types of web design: static, dynamic, or CMS, and eCommerce.

What Is A Educational Website?

Educational websites can have games, videos, or other resources related to a certain topic that help people learn and supplement what they are taught in the classroom.

These websites help make learning fun and interesting for students, which is especially important in this day and age.


This list of useful websites has a variety of different options, so there is something on it for everyone.

The next time you need to do a particular task, there is definitely a robust website that may assist you in doing so.

It's crazy to think that there are so many helpful services tucked away in the depths of the internet.

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