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What is Unethical Advertising And How To Avoid It

What is Unethical Advertising And How To Avoid It

There will be occasions in your marketing career when you will naturally doubt a campaign's ethics, or perhaps be involved in something unethical. Even if you try to avoid it, it may be unavoidable, especially if you are under pressure from other parties to complete tasks quickly without having time to consider your options.

Keith Peterson
Last updated: Nov 17, 2021 | Nov 10, 2021

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There will be occasions in your marketing career when you will naturally doubt a campaign's ethics, or perhaps be involved in something unethical. Even if you try to avoid it, it may be unavoidable, especially if you are under pressure from other parties to complete tasks quickly without having time to consider your options.

Consumers will have a deep ingrained mistrust in your company or brand once unethical acts are uncovered (which is more than likely to happen in the age of the internet, considering how quickly information can spread), and this mistrust may never recover. Simply said, people don't like being misled, and they don't appreciate feeling exploited — regardless of whether your product or service is truly useful to them.

This essay delves deeper into the distinction between ethical and unethical marketing, as well as why unethical marketing should be avoided at all costs.

What is Ethical Advertising?

Ethical marketing is a mindset, not merely a strategy. Because people's perspectives on what is 'good' and 'wrong' are so fluid and alter based on their personal experiences, culture, and education, there are no fixed criteria for ethical advertising. Marketers and advertisers must do what is right in the eyes of the majority of their audience and consider what works morally.

What is Unethical Advertising?

Now that we've discussed ethical advertising and what it comprises, let's look at unethical marketing. So, what precisely is unethical marketing? Unethical marketing manipulates people's emotions to get them to buy a product or engage with a service. It does this by utilizing print ads, TV commercials, and other mediums to purposely elicit sentiments of grief, fury, and/or fear in order to get people to react in ways they wouldn't normally.

  • Spamming— is when a company sends out spam emails, letters, or otherwise tries to contact a customer more than once.
  • Plagiarism or content theft — stealing content directly from other companies' websites or marketing materials.
  • Defaming/attempting to bring down the competition — apparent attempts to discourage people from purchasing competitors' products
  • Spreading false information or lies - exaggerating the benefits of a product while obfuscating the drawbacks
  • Exploiting emotions — this can be done in a variety of ways, including provoking controversy or purposefully upsetting content, or guilt-tripping customers into donating money or purchasing a product.
  • Buying links is an example of a ‘black hat' method.

Volkswagen is embroiled in a low-emissions scam. Volkswagen was caught out purposefully misleading customers by marketing low-emission vehicles using data from emission tests they had cheated on[v] in an infamous scandal. This is a great example of why it's not worth it to deceive customers.

Activia yoghurts are a type of yoghurt that contains active ingredients. Activia claimed on its packaging in 2010 that their yoghurts had "unique bacterial components" and that they had been scientifically proven to strengthen immune systems. As a result, they were able to rationalize their items being significantly more expensive than identical products from their competitors. Of course, this was incorrect, and Dannon was hit with a $45 million class action settlement.

What are Some Examples of Unethical Advertising?

  • The use of sex, particularly the usage of women as sex objects, is a controversial topic.

It is true for many things, such as aftershave lotion and motorcycles, in which women are featured in commercials but have no involvement with the products in real life.

  • Advertisement of Alcohol. In India, alcohol advertising is prohibited in both broadcast and print media. However, we can find alcohol manufacturers promoting for Soda in an attempt to keep the brand name fresh in consumers' thoughts.
  • Tobacco advertisement is frowned upon as unethical advertising. To emphasize the risks, all cigarette advertisements should include a statutory warning that smoking is harmful to one's health. However, advertisers produce very colorful and appealing cigarette advertising that create the idea, particularly to the youth, that smoking cigarettes is actually graceful.
  • False Statements. It is a case of false claim if an air-conditioning company promotes that it employs foreign compressors in its machines for superior performance while actually utilizing an indigenously built one. Advertisements for mixes and chemicals that claim to be able to slow down the aging process are considered unethical.

Why is Misleading Advertising Unethical?

Deceptive advertising that promotes a service or product is unethical because it fails to provide consumers with all of the information they require to make an informed decision. As a result, people may waste money on things or services that they do not require or desire.

What is Unethical in Business?

Anything that violates the minimum norms of business behaviour falls within the notion of unethical business practices. This encompasses any actions widely seen as ethically reprehensible and leading to the abuse of humans, animals, or the environment.

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