The Top Tools Every B2B PR Professional Needs

Posted by Wendy Marx

Jan 21, 2016


In today’s mile-a-minute workplace, PR professionals more than ever need to stay connected, organized and informed. Fortunately, this has become easier with the explosion of online applications designed specifically for writers and B2B PR professionals. Here’s a look at the top tools PR professionals use to gather information, build their network and increase their productivity. So let's get started!

 Grow Your Network....Keep Tabs on Trends

B2B PR Tools

  1. 7 PR Tools Your Agency Can Start Using Today: PR Daily author Kristen Tischhauser points out seven tools shaping the public relations landscape. Apps like Rapportive provide a deeper understanding of how to grow your network and strengthen existing social media relationships. Check out the post and start utilizing the great applications suggested here.

  1. 23 Great Digital Tools for PR Pros: Mike Lizun lists a number of websites and web applications to manage your account, stay abreast of trending topics, and find sources for stories. By using even a handful of these applications you will stay abreast of the latest happenings within your sphere of influence.

B2B PR Productivity 

  1. The Top 15 PR Tools for Agencies and Professionals: Here are some excellent tools to stay on top of the latest news, connect with reporters and monitor news coverage. These will be a great boon for your media outreach.

  1. Best Free PR Tools: Shift Communications’ Christopher Penn suggests tools and technologies to help you perform your daily work. Everything from taking notes... to staying abreast of news... to writing copy. Things like: EverNote, Flipboard and Google Documents. I for one couldn’t live without EverNote.

  1. 20 Online Tools Geared to PR: Publicity Magazine details some great web applications specifically tailored to PR pros. A few of my favorites are PitchEngine, a free and paid service to distribute your press releases. Journalisted, an online database of journalists, so you can familiarize yourself with their work before you pitch them.And Copyscape, which checks for plagiarism to see if anyone has been stealing your work. Check out this blog post if you want to economically distribute your content, connect with journalists and cut down on intellectual property theft.

B2B PR is a continually evolving industry that demands change from professionals working in the field. The influence of social media, blogging and search engines mandate the use of new tools (click here to check out how to really rock social media).If you are to start anywhere, social publishing tools like Buffer, connection tools like Rapportive and collaboration tools like Google Documents are three essential ones. Get going and see your productivity soar!

PS: I'd love to hear the tools you find useful. Please share your favorite tools in the comments space below.

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