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14 Public Relations Strategies For B2B Marketing Campaigns In 2022


Press releases are only one aspect of public relations. Public relations is a collection of activities aimed at improving a company's public image through various free or paid communications. For B2B enterprises, gaining earned media means identifying a target business audience, figuring out how to contact that demographic, and getting to grasp the motivations behind why they buy your products.

The planning process for 2020 has already begun for the majority of marketing businesses. For B2B marketing to be successful in the coming year, it will need to learn PR lessons from B2C brands. The following are five key methods your B2B company can utilize to increase its PR and marketing initiatives.

In today's ever-changing, omni-channel landscape, it's even more critical for firms to create tales that embody the soul of the brand in order to rise above the noise and interest reporters. For B2B, the emotional bonds created by B2C brand storytelling are crucial. In this article, you'll find out more about strategies to boost your B2B PR campaign.

Investigate how your items are being used, but don't stop there. Instead, develop pitches that include a personal element that are topical and relevant to your B2B buyer. They are a lot more effective, emotionally appealing, and have the context of honesty to bring in new customers to the table. It encourages them to spread the word about your tale.

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Tell Stories That Put The Needs Of Your Customers First

2 women shaking hands and smiling
2 women shaking hands and smiling

This month, Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot, spoke at the Inbound 2019 Conference about the secrets of today's successful leaders and innovators. These business leaders are utterly devoted to the welfare of their clients. They don't simply sell to customers; they also sell to customers through them. In other words, once they become a customer, the sales process does not finish. It lasts for the duration of a customer's relationship with you.

In today's ever-changing, omni-channel landscape, it's even more critical for firms to create tales that embody the soul of the brand in order to rise above the noise and interest reporters. For B2B, the emotional bonds created by B2C brand storytelling are crucial.

Investigate how your items are being used, but don't stop there. Instead, develop pitches that include a personal element that are topical and relevant to your B2B buyer. They are a lot more effective, emotionally appealing, and have the context of honesty to bring in new customers to the table. It encourages them to spread the word about your tale.

Brands That Come Up With Innovative Ideas Have An Advantage Over Their Competitors

Man wearing a suit with palm open and a lightbulb on top of it
Man wearing a suit with palm open and a lightbulb on top of it

For more than two decades, I've worked with start-ups and other firms that aim to disrupt markets by implementing cutting-edge technologies. When it came to becoming industry leaders, one of the most important characteristics was the capacity to explain the "big idea" that would alter the current situation. They had a clear vision for the future and went into the market with the conviction that "My company is altering the way the industry does XYZ."

We've pushed clients to come up with "big ideas" in all of our messaging initiatives. Finding your new story and launching a proactive PR campaign around it are critical if you want to get to the top of your industry. Drive the debate forward by taking the driver's seat!

B2B Influencer Marketing Is Now The Focus Of Attention

Animated man holding a megaphone with social media icons around him
Animated man holding a megaphone with social media icons around him

Consumer brands leveraging celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Snapchat come to mind when we think about influencer marketing. Influencer marketing for B2B companies is quite unique. It's not about selecting the influencer with the largest audience, but those that are most relevant and trusted by your target audience. It's becoming an increasingly significant tactic when trying to establish thought leadership, communicate thoughts, or raise awareness.

Due to the complexity of B2B products, it is important to identify key influencers early and communicate frequently about your goals and plans for growth. If you can, let them try your things out for themselves. Offer to develop content for and alongside the company. You must use a combination of earned and purchased media to influence an influencer. This includes guest blogging and contributed pieces as well as sponsored media. Build long-term relationships with influencers that benefit both your brand and theirs. Remember, it's all about using the credibility and reach provided by analysts, bloggers, users, and subject matter experts to persuade customers of the quality of your organization, products, and services.

Viral B2B Video Marketing Campaigns Aren't Just For Consumers

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge viral video campaigns have a lot to teach us. Many of us, including myself, were motivated to join the protest by dumping water over our heads. When it comes to B2B marketing initiatives, there isn't much difference between them and their consumer-facing counterparts. The media, like consumers, enjoys video material that they can distribute to their respective audiences via social media. Another tool in a public relations manager's bag is video.

Think SEO In PR Strategies

SEO in laptop screen surrounded by different types of SEO icons with lines connecting to it
SEO in laptop screen surrounded by different types of SEO icons with lines connecting to it

Your site is connected to every time an influencer talks about it. Many times, if your brand is mentioned in a newspaper, your website will be linked to that article. Link-building is critical for increasing the authority of your content. Consider that 91.5 percent of organic search traffic goes to sites that appear on Google's first page. Additionally, search engines account for over half of all site visitors. Give SEO-targeted terms to PR so they can use them in bylines, articles, and their pitching efforts. It's critical that your PR strategy incorporates SEO thinking and places an emphasis on backlinks, and that any media coverage comes from a source that is relevant to your company.

We'll keep rewriting the rules and modernizing PR techniques to locate, reach and persuade B2B consumers and prospects to acquire your products and services as internet channels grow. B2B companies that use emotional connections while communicating big ideas and creating real distinction are more likely to succeed and be successful.

How Does PR Help B2B Companies?

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A sound public relations plan, whether traditional or digital, may help a company reach new heights. Customers, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders will be able to connect with firms using this platform in addition to other business partners.

B2B enterprises can use public relations as a strategy to:

  • Make your brand's messages crystal-clear. A well-thought-out PR plan clarifies your company's identity as well as its main statements. The top public relations specialists will assist you in disseminating all of this information across multiple channels.
  • Create a favourable perception of your brand. Nowadays, it's very easy for a business to get lost in the din of the throng. Consequently, a successful PR strategy aids in the development of a positive brand image.
  • Boost the trustworthiness of your company's name. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or are an established company; whether or not you succeed depends on gaining the trust of your clients. A company's trust-gap with potential customers can be bridged through a public relations approach.
  • Increase the number of personal connections. Companies have the opportunity to engage with vendors, consumers, and industry experts, and to strengthen links with the appropriate parties in their field.

Use Social Media To Spread The Word About Your Experiences

As a result, there are numerous social media tools available to assist you in influencing public perception and raising awareness of your business.

B2B decision makers, for example, now pursue LinkedIn on a regular basis in search of useful content that may have an impact on the way they do business. Research possible suppliers can be done here as well. 80% of B2B leads are generated by LinkedIn, according to a recent survey. This percentage is 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook.

So, what can you do to make the most of these exciting new distribution channels? Check out these hints!

  • Make sure your profile is complete and up to date.
  • Connect with influential business-to-business journalists.
  • Publish articles that are both educational and beneficial.
  • Join industry-related discussion forums.

Include SEO In PR Strategies

Google's first page of results gets 91% of all organic search traffic, and 51% of all site traffic comes from search engines. Once you've figured this out, you'll want to devote more effort to SEO and pay-per-click campaigns in conjunction with your public relations communications. Include essential search terms in all of your press releases, articles, and blog entries.

Bring In Business-to-Business Videos For Marketing

We're willing to guess that you've seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos that have gone viral. To show our support for the cause, several of us (including companies!) dumped water on our heads.

Campaigns for B2B video marketing don't have to be all that different. An effective marketing strategy revolves around them and uses them to pique the public's interest. The media, like consumers, like video content that they can distribute to their own followings. Video is also an effective tool in your PR toolbox.

B2B Influencer Marketing Should Be Boosted

When we talk about influencer marketing, we often think about what consumer businesses are doing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat with the help of celebrities who have millions of followers.

Influencer marketing for B2B is a little different. Identifying influencers that are both relevant to and trusted by your target audience is essential. Developing thought leadership, sharing insights, and raising brand awareness are all aided by this technique.

Because B2B goods tend to be more involved, it's important to identify key influencers early on and educate them about your company's evolution and future vision. Have them try your products if you can. In addition, establish long-term relationships with people that will be beneficial to both of you. Remember, convincing B2B customers about the quality of your products, services, and company is all about utilizing the credibility provided by experts, analysts, and bloggers.

Organize Business-to-Business Gatherings

B2B PR events, whether online or offline, are a terrific method to engage with potential clients and media in your field of expertise. Trade exhibitions, conferences, and webinars are all excellent venues for showcasing your skills while also establishing your authority.

Consider the case of Salesforce, an American cloud-based software firm. They hold webinars on a regular basis where they go into depth about their products and services. In addition, they provide useful business insights on a wide range of topics, from channel sales to customer experience management.

They're fantastic for marketing and public relations because they're educational, informing, and complete at the same time.

How Can A PR Campaign Be Improved?

Decide On A Goal, Its Parameters, And A Metric For Measuring Success

It's critical to begin with a long-term vision. You're running a campaign. What are your campaign goals? Trying to find a new audience can be a daunting task. Do you wish to increase the sales of a certain product? Do you wish to have a good reputation with the public?

Then focus on a single product to see if you can get more sales of that one item in particular. What do you want your brand to be renowned for? Consider how much money you have to spend and if a deadline is necessary. When you plan out your entire campaign ahead of time, you're setting yourself up for success.

Be Aware Of Who You're Talking To

This decision must be made before you can decide how to deliver your PR message. Spend some time figuring out who you're targeting with this campaign. Consider creating a campaign aimed at families that displays a family-first message or shows why the brand cares about how its product affects loved ones if you're targeting families.

Identify The Appropriate Platform

Once you've chosen a target persona, you'll want to decide on your preferred medium for delivering your message. For example, does your ideal audience like TV or radio? Is it more appropriate to have a news conference or issue a press release? Everything else you plan to do will be aided by knowing this information.

Find A Unique Point Of View

Anyone can run a successful campaign on little news, such as a corporate award, but your narrative has to be intriguing to the general audience. Fortunately, there's always a unique aspect to every story. Analyze it from the perspective of the general population, then. What's the point of their caring? If your company recently got the title of "Best Cycle Studio in Brooklyn," ask yourself what your consumers value most about this accolade. The appropriate editorial hook is frequently what makes a reader want to learn more.

Produce A Standout News Release

If you want journalists to cover your story, you have to make it easier for them to do their jobs. It's better to produce an article with a compelling news perspective than a press release that seems like a commercial, such as "Our New Phone Is Now Available." What a difference that makes! The first choice for a press release is nothing more than an advertisement. A tale is an alternative to the first option. Include important quotes from employees and industry leaders, as well as all the facts a writer could require.

Give It Away Wisely

Distribute your article to industry-relevant media outlets once you've determined your noteworthy angle. Send the story to your neighborhood's television or radio station if you'd like. Your industry's influence on a publication's news stream should have been thoroughly researched on the media company's website.

Establish Contacts With Journalists

Even though this is a long-term strategy, you can begin cultivating relationships with journalists as early as the planning stage of your campaign. Instead of sending your story to a random newsroom, look for the names of journalists who frequently write about themes connected to your industry. Reach out to specific reporters via their Twitter handles with your story by sending an email, calling, or even sending a direct message. This will allow you to start a long-term relationship with someone who may be ready to write about your firm again in the future.

It's vital that you use the media attention you receive to enhance your website's domain authority in the long run.

Social Shares

Like link building, requesting that the media sources that published your story share it on their social channels is an excellent way to draw a huge number of people to your campaign.

Create A Blog Post For Your Company

Visits to your website will most certainly increase if your campaign is a success. Take advantage of the additional traffic by publishing your own blog post and describing the same information you mentioned in your press release. As a result, your company will be able to supply interested parties with relevant information about your campaign and the services you offer.

What Are B2B Marketing Strategies?

B2B (business-to-business) marketing refers to any marketing approach or material targeted at a business or organization. B2B marketing methods are often used by companies that sell to other businesses or organizations rather than to consumers.

B2B marketing focuses on the requirements, interests, and issues of individuals who make purchases on behalf of or for their company (rather than for themselves), making the company the customer. As an illustration, take a look at the following B2B companies:

A coworking location that rents office space to remote teams and independent contractors (like WeWork)

We are a full-service on-demand order fulfillment company (like Printful)

A company that supplies marketing software to businesses and organizations, such as social media management tools, lead generation tools, and other marketing technologies.

How Can I Get PR For B2B?

  • Have a specific vision in mind.
  • Determine who you want to reach with your message.
  • Decide on your primary message.
  • Determine which media organization will provide you with the finest coverage.
  • Prepare your B2B Public Relations strategy.
  • Analyze the results of your B2B public relations campaign.
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