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Staying Anonymous On The Internet


The internet tracks our every move through our IP address as we surf websites looking for items or articles according to our interests. Since our movement is available on the internet, any person who has the skills can find the IP address and trace it to find our location. In today’s digital era, where everything is available on the internet, we need to remain anonymous.

One way that helps you maintain your anonymity on the internet is a residential proxy, which can mask your actual IP address with a country-specific resident IP from a pool of IPs belonging to physical devices. The proxy will reroute your new IP address within the IP pool according to your defined duration, keeping you completely anonymous. You can look up more information and offers by clicking here.

P2P IP Sharing

people who share the same goal of being anonymous. Once there are two or more members in your group, you can share all of your IP addresses and use each other’s devices as proxy servers. Through this method, no one would be able to track the location or activities of any member of your group unless someone decides to sign in to a website.

This technique is called P2P IP sharing, which is achieved through special routing of IPs by overlaying your network to hide the physical location of every participant. Learning how to make P2P IP sharing networks is relatively easy, and certain organizations pay individuals who can successfully set up P2P networks for their internal communications.

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Organizations prefer P2P IP sharing networks because:

  • They are easier to scale as the organization grows
  • The organization can take benefit of the availability of a large IP pool
  • It supports both HTTP and HTTPS
  • Even when there is a single entry point, multiple exit nodes make it fully anonymous

Since every member’s IP address contributes to the IP pool, the network will reroute the IP addresses according to the defined duration. In P2P IP sharing, every IP address simultaneously acts as a client and a server without requiring a network operating system. However, if you find it challenging to build your P2P network or have trouble finding members to increase your IP pool, you can always get a residential proxy to do the job for you.

Avoid P2P IP Sharing As A Tool To Make Money

A P2P IP sharing setup is a tempting business option, but it might not be the right thing for you. Even if you set up a P2P network with the help of your members, there are chances that your devices or network itself may be fragile to bear the load of external users. Your devices and networks will be forced to act as servers for your subscribers. Therefore, you need a considerably high infrastructure, which requires investment.

Another problem that can arise without proper equipment is that your subscribers can view your personal information or files stored on your network. Therefore, the anonymity of the members and subscribers can be compromised.

Finding A Browser To Do It For You

Those who want to use P2P IP sharing through a simplified option can take benefit from Tor Browser. Revolving around the concept of “Onion Routing” from the early 1990s, Tor Browser aims to provide its users with a complete anonymous status through thousands of secure endpoints scattered across the globe.

In the 1990s, there was a serious privacy concern due to the lack of security for internet users. Interested parties used the internet as a surveillance tool and tracked the activities of other users. There was a need to create an internet connection that would keep the user secure even when their network is under strict observation. In 2004, the Tor source code was released as a free license. After getting the appropriate funding, the tor project was initiated in 2006, and users could easily use it to surf anonymously.

You can use a Tor browser for your daily surfing needs without finding members to create a P2P IP sharing network. Simply download the browser and start surfing anonymously. If you want to beef up your anonymity, just turn your residential proxy on, it will give you an extra layer of protection by hiding your origin IP and the country. You can make yourself look like a resident of any country you want.


Privacy is a fundamental right of every internet user. Therefore, if you want to surf the internet with an anonymous status, several tools can help you. P2P IP sharing and Tor browsers are two of these options, which are tested and used by millions of internet users to help them maintain their anonymity and security. There is no need to compromise your safety anymore; just stay anonymous.

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