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Startup PR With Growth Hacking - The Winning Combination For Success


In the age of digital marketing and growth hacking, it seems weird to discuss something as old-fashioned as a public relations strategy. After all, wasn't the whole goal of this "new media" thing to get rid of the old gatekeepers and allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers?

True, but you could be losing out on one of your best growth hacking possibilities if you ignore the influence of the press. One of the main ideas of growth hacking is to look out for highly leveraged ways to promote your company. A growth hacking opportunity is something that gets the word out about what you offer and you can acquire it for free or very cheap.

The truth is that both traditional media and new digital media titans continue to command the lion's share of public attention. Getting included in these publications not only gets the word out to a larger audience about what you're doing but also provides credibility to your own marketing efforts. If you want to know another key to growing your business, contact Jatapp.co and their dedicated development team that can find the best solution for your business.

Thriving in today's media world is not the same as it was in previous PR eras. To get meaningful results from a PR campaign in 2015, you'll need more hustle – and a growth hacker's mindset. Here are some pointers on how to improve your public relations plan and obtain the attention you need to attract a wider audience and more paying customers:

What Is Growth Hacking And How Does It Work?

COPYRIGHT_MARX: Published on https://marxcommunications.com/startup-pr-with-growth-hacking/ by Keith Peterson on 2023-03-17T16:42:41.510Z

Growth hacking is a buzzword that is frequently used by companies, and it can be perplexing if you don't understand how it works or the tactics involved.

The first step in the growth hacking process is to take a close look inside your company or business and determine which components need to be changed in order for it to develop.

You start brainstorming new, innovative, and cost-effective ideas to meet your goals once you've narrowed down the component you want to improve and increase.

This is certainly easier said than done, and it necessitates the hiring of the proper people with marketing and operational experience.

Growth hacking is particularly crucial for startups because they lack the resources and finances of larger corporations. As a result, they must seek out novel ways to position themselves for growth, which is where growth hacking methods come into play.

It's important to note that growth hacking isn't just for companies. Established businesses that want to stay competitive and inventive in their field rely heavily on it.

Growth hacking
Growth hacking

Why Is Growth Hacking So Successful?

Because it revolves around the process of identifying fresh, cost-efficient, and scalable inventive solutions, growth hacking may be incredibly useful for both startups and established businesses.

It's particularly useful for startups because it allows them to quickly pivot specific aspects of their business and marketing strategy in order to see instant results. These modifications are usually minor and one-of-a-kind, but they can help the company develop significantly.

For Startups, Growth Hacking Strategies

It's vital to remember that the growth hacking tactics we've discussed can benefit your company if implemented appropriately, to the right demographic, and at the right time.

To make these methods work for your company or startup, you must have a comprehensive grasp of your marketing mix, operational process, and how you measure all of your business's components.

You're just shooting darts at a board if you don't track and evaluate your data.

Make A Waiting List For Emails

Nothing beats the power of plain old fashioned email marketing when it comes to effective old school marketing methods.

You are establishing the groundwork for your startup and guaranteeing that you capture client information and data from the outset if you build your email list from the start. Building your email list will enable you to pre-launch your product and gauge customer reaction before releasing it to the general market.

This is accomplished by building an email waiting list, which is also known as a soft launch. They're useful for determining which aspects of your product or service need to be tweaked to better suit the market. There are numerous email marketing tools available on the internet to assist you in developing a successful email campaign and collection technique.

Take some time to establish a modest email list of interested people to whom you can soft-launch your product. This will allow you to get some comments and perspective on your product or service. It's a low-cost approach to see if your product or service works before going live on the market.

Use Third-Party Platforms To Pre-Launch Your Product

It's a good idea to get some outside opinion on your product by launching it on third-party sites in addition to generating an email waiting list.

On Product Hunt, dozens of different types of products are continually being launched. Product Hunt is a website that helps people to identify and learn about new items that are about to be released.

Every day, users and startups submit new goods to the platform, which allows actual people to exchange and discuss the most recent mobile apps, websites, digital innovations, and hardware projects.

People vote for their favorite projects and items, giving the developers of those products or services vital input. Not to mention that their items get much-needed exposure at a very modest price.

Product Hunt also allows you to meet one-on-one with industry specialists who can assist you with product billing, social media, public relations, design, product engineering, and operations, among other things. It's a well-known and highly effective growth hacking method for startups.


Growth Hacking With Product And Platform Integration

Building your own user base from the ground up can take a long time. Other platforms are used by certain firms to recruit highly focused people looking for a comparable product or service.

If you want to start a platform or business that provides online courses but don't yet have any students or clients, one option is to distribute your courses on platforms that already have a steady stream of users.

The platforms described above already have a large number of active users with whom you can begin interacting. You use other platforms to deliberately expand your user base until you're able to properly promote and manage them on your website. You can also collaborate with affiliates in your niche who are looking for products or services to recommend to their existing audience.

Locate Bloggers Who Will Testify About Your Product Or Service

Leveraging someone else's audience is a terrific approach to promote your product or service and obtain rapid visibility. Finding bloggers in your niche that use comparable products or services to run their businesses is an excellent approach to network and form partnerships.

You can request an honest evaluation of your product in exchange for free use of your product or service from the blogger. If they promote and review your product to their audience, you can develop a partnership referral arrangement.

You're undoubtedly thinking to yourself, "How am I going to do that?"

How Do You Go About Getting Bloggers To Write About Your Product Or Service?

  • Make a list of blogs who cover your sector or a specific niche - You may accomplish this by using different keywords in a Google search or by using an app like BuzzSumo to help you identify blogs in your area.
  • Look for reviews of similar items or services to yours. This will assist you in locating blogs and content writers who are willing to review them. ‍
  • Look for popular product or service reviews or lessons on YouTube. You can then contact them to find out how much sponsorship or review would cost.
  • Look for possibilities to guest post in your niche. It's a terrific approach to promote your product or service by putting information about it on someone else's website. Guest writing markets like Accessilly and Adsy can help you identify websites that accept guest articles in your niche.

Attend Startup Conferences And Events

Attending startup events is a wonderful method to learn about new and emerging trends in the industry as well as other firms that are getting ready to launch. It's also a fantastic method to network and meet individuals who work in similar fields to you.

Events and conferences are excellent places to learn about the industry and spy on your competition.

They may be a terrific place to get ideas, collaborate on projects, and even locate startup money. If you decide to attend, make sure you have lots of business cards and even marketing materials for your firm to distribute.

Talent scouts, venture capitalists, and those who are simply hungry for the chance to build something new are always on the lookout.

Growth Hacking On Social Media

This is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the marketing world, but many companies fail to use social media effectively in the early phases of their business. Everything nowadays is digital, and using social media as part of an efficient marketing mix for startups and established organizations is essential.

You can use social media to reach out to consumers in order to market your product, brand, or service in a genuine and unique way. It also allows you to interact and form relationships with people from various industries, which can aid in the growth of your business.

You can use social media to reach out to consumers in order to market your product, brand, or service in a genuine and unique way. It also allows you to interact and form relationships with people from various industries, which can aid in the growth of your business.

Creating high-quality content requires a significant amount of time. Many firms are solely focused on producing massive amounts of content, but only a select handful are focused on properly promoting that material. You should devote the same amount of time to promoting your content as you do to producing it.

Your Competitors' Growth Hacking Strategy

Rather than seeing your competitors as a danger, try to see them as a never-ending source of opportunity and inspiration.

To achieve a competitive advantage, you must first be able to precisely pinpoint what your competitors are doing that is succeeding, as well as areas where they are struggling or completely disregarding.

It's important to maintain track of and analyze what your competitors are doing so you can stay on top of changes in your industry and specialty. This will assist your startup and business in staying on track with current trends and adapting to the changes that occur each year.

Automation is required to accomplish this in a cost-effective and scalable manner as more rivals enter the market. You'll need a technology that can reveal every critical aspect of your competitor's content and marketing plan.

Spyfu is the best tool for figuring out what your opponent is up to when it comes to content and marketing strategy. Its set of tools can reveal the types of keywords they're targeting, how their content ranks, where their backlinks are coming from, and much more.

Spyfu is the best tool for figuring out what your opponent is up to when it comes to content and marketing strategy. Its set of tools can reveal the types of keywords they're targeting, how their content ranks, where their backlinks are coming from, and much more.


Concentrate On Content Marketing

You've probably heard it a million times, but in case you haven't: content is king. Content marketing isn't only about pushing your products or brand, as you undoubtedly well know. It's all about providing your audience with useful, intriguing, or even entertaining content.

According to a New York Observer story, New York Times bestselling author Ryan Holiday used content marketing effectively to promote his book "Growth Hacker Marketing." Holiday created original material for publications such as Fast Company, MarketWatch, Thought Catalog, and others that drew the same types of readers as his book. Holiday's content ranged from voice snippets directly from the book to lessons and wisdom learned while writing and selling it.

Regardless of your product, you can do the same. Find a few venues that are relevant to your field and pitch them a few article ideas that they could find useful. Even if the website doesn't get a lot of traffic, if the audience is a good match for you, you can be sure that the people who do come will be eager to learn more about you.

Make An AMA On Reddit

Most of us have heard of Reddit's strength by now. Millions of users on the website can vote on what information they want to see at the top of the page, as well as “downvote” content they don't like. It has its advantages to be at the top of Reddit's first page: Enhanced visibility, increased traffic to your website, and, most importantly, mainstream media attention. It's not uncommon these days for things that go viral on Reddit to end up on major media properties.

While there's always the chance that anything you do can get the attention of the entire Reddit community, you shouldn't bank on it. But don't worry: Reddit is made up completely of subreddits, which are niche communities with dedicated members who are always looking for relevant information to discuss.

Try finding a subreddit dedicated to a related field and having a "Ask Me Anything," or an AMA, if you have something completely fresh and unique. This is an open Q+A format where members of the public can freely ask you questions. AMAs are ideal for people with a lot of experience or unique perspectives. Even if the subreddit is small, a solid AMA can lead to the proper types of attention if you're talking to the right individuals (plus fodder for potential media pitches later).

In the digital age, public relations may seem antiquated, but the truth is that it can still make a significant difference in terms of sales and visibility.

Tell Your Tale Yourself Or Engage A Corporation That Knows Everything There Is To Know About You

You might be tempted to pay a PR firm to handle all of your press, but as ThinkApps' Katelan Cunningham points out, it's nearly always preferable to do it yourself, especially if you're just getting started. The rationale is simple: no one is better suited than you to tell your tale. However, if you can afford it in the beginning, choose a firm that knows you inside and out — one that can tell your story nearly as well as you can.


Growth hacking methods are critical to have in your startup or existing business since they can provide you with new ways to attract clients, build brand awareness, and even sell items or services. It's critical to continually test multiple techniques in order to find the ones that work best for your sector and specialty. Experiment with different tactics frequently and track your results to get a clear picture of what works and what doesn't. You'll be astonished at how modest adjustments to your business operations and marketing approach may have a big influence on your overall profits.

Google questions
Google questions

What Will Be A Good Growth Hacking Strategy For A Global Startup?

Growth hacking methods are classified into three types: Marketing through content (using content to promote your business) Product promotion (promoting your product within or via the product itself) Publicity (paid promotion).

Do Startups Need PR?

Startups require publicity in order to be recognized to their target audience, which is precisely what public relations accomplish. PR provides your startup with the necessary exposure and aids in the growth of your firm. Brand awareness is always at the top of the PR priority list.

What Is An Example Of A Growth Hacker Tactic?

AirBnB. Let's start with one of the most well-known growth hack examples: the AirBnB Craigslist hack. AirBnB is now well-known for being a site where you can get cheap lodging virtually wherever you go, but in the beginning, they needed to establish their user base, client base, and reputation.

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