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7 Startup PR Strategies To Make The Best Press Interview

In the beginning, startup PR can be a tough sea to sail. You're on your way once you obtain that press interview. However, when it comes to press interviews, many companies struggle. Let's face it: any company faces a fresh difficulty when it comes to journalist interviews.

You're probably a natural at giving a presentation to a client, partner, or investor. Speaking to the press, on the other hand, is a very different beast. The objectives and purposes of the media are distinct from those of other organizations. It's critical to understand these objectives, connect your message with them, and include them in your public relations strategy. A new call to action has been issued.

The tips below will assist you in navigating the stormy waters of small business PR and getting you in the door for favorable press coverage. Consider it as an opportunity to put on your life jacket.

Here are the best 7 startup PR strategies to assist you with your next press interview:

Begin With The Basics And Work Your Way Up

Startup pr strategies work way up
Startup pr strategies work way up

101 in startup public relations: Expect to wait a long time for an interview with The New York Times. The bigger news organizations have bigger problems to solve. You're not a big fish at this point, at least not yet.

Even if you have a novel and ground-breaking idea, it may not be enough to get the attention of media moguls at first. Of course, there are outliers, and we've been able to launch a startup in the New York Times on occasion. Working your way up the media food chain can be more fruitful at times.

If you're just getting started in startup PR, target lesser news sites and blogs to get your story out there. Your network of journalists, bloggers, and editors will expand over time. Whatever you do in the future, you'll be able to rely on a robust network of well-established press ties.

You might capture the attention of a top tier reporter by seeding your story in trade publications, for example. Any competent reporter is constantly scouring trade journals for story ideas. Make sure your narrative grabs his attention.

Keep Away From Jargon

Startup pr strategies jargon
Startup pr strategies jargon

Journalists aren't specialists in your subject, so don't overwhelm them with technical terms. The goal of good B2B PR is to make your company approachable to your target audience, yet jargon can act as a roadblock, keeping journalists at a distance.

Your press releases, as well as your own content, should be simple to read, informative, and, when necessary, emotional.

Relax And Take A Deep Breath

To put it another way, relax. We understand. When you aren't used to dealing with the media, their queries can be scary. You're more likely to stumble over your words if you're nervous. Thorough preparation will enable you to expand on your primary arguments and present a compelling case.

Journalists are likely to be distrustful. After all, it's their job to investigate all sides of a story in order to get to the bottom of it. Remember, they're the ones in charge of the interview, so expect them to shift the conversation to a different topic or viewpoint. In a nutshell, be prepared for the unexpected.

Don't go on the defensive if it's not something you want to talk about. Simply return the conversation to familiar territory respectfully, or explain you'll have to look into the data and get back to them. Never remark, "I don't have anything to say."

Consider "Headline" Rather Than "Story"

Startup pr strategies headline
Startup pr strategies headline

A small business's public relations strategy should always include a few key talking points. As a result, consider the perfect headline you'd like to see. Then shape your responses and comments to fit that headline. This will allow you to be succinct and stick to the key topics.

Assume you only have 30 seconds to make each point. To reduce your views to the most important aspects, practice these 30-second snippets. Also, remember to make your ideas headline-worthy. Choose a point of view that will have the most influence and significance in your field.

Make Use Of Analogies To Make Your Point

Analogies are an excellent method to make your idea more clear. It demonstrates your knowledge of the subject and your ability to communicate that knowledge. The journalist will be able to write a more cohesive and on-point story if he or she has a better understanding of your small business or sector.

It is not necessary for your analogy to be complex. LinkedIn used this wonderful analogy a few years ago to generate more interest in its social platform: LinkedIn is the Facebook for business professionals. It's straightforward, yet it makes the concept more approachable to a wider audience.

Consider It From The Perspective Of A Journalist

Startup pr strategies journalists
Startup pr strategies journalists

Keep in mind that this is a mutually beneficial relationship. Both you and the journalist have a plan, and you must respect the journalist's objectives. Journalists aren't there to help you advertise your business. They have a tale to tell, and you're there to add value to it with your knowledge and quotes.

Stay on topic and provide succinct responses to queries. Self-promotional plugs should be avoided because they aren't an investor. You've been summoned to provide a reliable point of view for a journalist's piece.

Please Respect Their Time

The pressure of the looming deadline is felt by all journalists. The more you respect this and keep your tale brief and succinct, the more likely your story will be heard and conveyed well.

If a reporter agrees to a phone interview, he most likely has a limited amount of time to discuss (maybe 15 to 30 minutes) before he needs to turn around and finish his article for submission. This isn't the time for a long-winded rundown of your small business's history from A to Z.

How Do You Create A PR Strategy For A Startup?

Here are a few pointers to assist entrepreneurs create a more effective public relations strategy.

  • Collaborate with an agency.
  • Make a list of your preferred media outlets.
  • Distinguish between public relations and marketing
  • and advertising.
  • Make Use of the Correct Channels.
  • Consistency is key.

What Is Public Relations For A Startup?

One goal of public relations for startups is to have people with high reputation, such as industry thought leaders or members of the press, speak positively about their product or firm. The notion is that word-of-mouth marketing will spread and assist you in attracting and retaining new clients.

Do Startups Need PR?

Startups want coverage and exposure to their target audiences, which is precisely what public relations provides. PR gives your startup the exposure it requires and aids in the growth of your company. Brand awareness is constantly at the top of PR's priority list.

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