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Unlocking Your PR Potential - Expert Tips For Developing Strong Skills


Officials of public relations employ a wide range of media, through plans for publicity campaigns or PR activities, to create and sustain a favourable picture for a company, organisation or brand. The Institute of Public Relations organizes an annual career day, which is a good source of information on the PR profession. It takes place usually in London in the autumn.

What Does A Public Relations Officer Do?

The executives of the Public Relations account manage all areas of planned advertising and PR efforts.

What Does a Public Relations Officer Do?
What Does a Public Relations Officer Do?

Additional tasks are:

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  • Advertising and Campaign Planning
  • Presentations and press releases authoring and producing
  • Handling public queries, press and organizations involved
  • Promotional activities such press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits
  • Public speaking during interviews, press conferences and lectures
  • Providing customers with fresh promotional options and progressing PR campaigns
  • Media coverage analysis
  • Enterprise or commission essential market research
  • Customer, manager and journalistic connections about money, schedules and goals

PR officials may also have to fulfill other more general marketing obligations in accordance with the employer. It can include the creation and production of Web sites and social media, reports, articles, brochures, newspapers and brochures for external and internal dissemination. These may be subject to change.

Typical Employers Of Public Relations Officers

Typical Employers of Public Relations Officers
Typical Employers of Public Relations Officers
  • Marketing agency or publicity agencies
  • Consultancies
  • Trade and industrial organizations
  • Private firms
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Charities
  • Organizations of government

Specialized employment firms, national newspapers and trade papers, like the Presse Gazette and PR Week, are advertising vacancies. Lists of volunteer placements and salary graduate training systems are published by the Institute for Public Relations of the Chartered CIPR.

Many graduates go to work or to PR after a career in marketing, media and advertising. Networking and speculative applications can also be excellent approaches for discovering ways to emphasize important skills in a portfolio of written work.

Qualifications And Training Required

For university graduates as well as school leavers there are routes into PR. Although English, business or media studies, marketing or behavioral studies can be desired by certain organizations, a degree in every area is acceptable. Another aid may be a postgraduate PR degree.

Qualifications and Training Required
Qualifications and Training Required

Your applications may also benefit from work experience earned in the field of PR, marketing, fundraising, promotion of events or journalism.

To learn how to enter into PR through a school leaver, visit TARGETcareers, our website for school leavers in the PR and Media sector.

Key Talents For Officials Of Public Relations

  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good knowledge of IT
  • Skills Submission Initiative
  • Ability to successfully prioritize and plan
  • Knowledge of many media programmes
  • Creativity
Key Talents for Officials of Public Relations
Key Talents for Officials of Public Relations

Public relations is a difficult field to achieve, but you have done a lot once you succeed. You need a strong and wide range of abilities to be a great PR professional. These professions share the characteristics of being exceptional communicators and storytellers, well-known persons and critical thinkers.

Interestingly, it may be your tough skills which you employ to work as a PR professional, but the strength of your skills will help you keep the position for you and progress forward. Because good talents lead to creating relationships and creative work, your performance can continue to be a dividend as you advance.

What Are The Skills Needed By A Public Relations Officer?

Good teamwork, negotiating and talents in problem solving. A solid knowledge of today's business and awareness. The capacity to organize successful PR initiatives strategically. The ability to appropriately prioritize projects and tasks.

How Can I Improve My PR Skills?

  • Identify and learn a new skill.
  • Play around with different writing styles.
  • Learn about story arcs and use them to build out campaigns.
  • Get to know other aspects of your client's business.
  • Create personal and professional development goals.
  • Media Representation.
  • Crisis Communication.
  • Content Development & Management.
  • Social Media Management.

What Are The Five Key Public Relations Functions?

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