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What You Need To Know About Public Relations Jobs In NYC

What You Need To Know About Public Relations Jobs In NYC

Cartier's story is based on boldness and passion. For over 170 years, our staff throughout our Métiers from our stores to our factories and business offices have taken an ardent and pioneering attitude. Our more than 7,500 colleagues from over 90 countries combine a common independent spirit and a commitment to excellence to continually strengthen the heritage of our House by pushing the limits of creativity.

Keith Peterson
Oct 30, 2021

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Cartier's story is based on boldness and passion. For over 170 years, our staff throughout our Métiers from our stores to our factories and business offices have taken an ardent and pioneering attitude. Our more than 7,500 colleagues from over 90 countries combine a common independent spirit and a commitment to excellence to continually strengthen the heritage of our House by pushing the limits of creativity.

We are proud of using the talent from numerous varied backgrounds, experiences and identities in Cartier North America. We think that creativity and knowledge emerge to achieve success when diversity and inclusion are fully embraced and empowered. We continue to try to create employees that represent our clients and our communities' diversity.

The Difficulty

The work of a Public Relations Assistant is an important aspect of the department to foster awareness of the brand through initiatives to promote high-quality visibility for the Maison in North America, and also to support global prospects in the area. The assistant works directly with the local and global (WW) team to support markets in the US and Canada and supports public affairs and celebration teams on a daily basis.

The Difficulty

Your everyday routine consists of cross-functional communication between shop and company teams for product loans, participation in photo shoots and equipment, processes needed to support our Cartier New York Mansion projects, and the leadership of all New York gift-making initiatives. We have a basic idea of networking, building relationships and providing memorable experiences. We hope you are as delighted as we are about public relations and celebration efforts.

What Are You Going to Do?

NY Corporate Teams, the NY Mansion and external parties are connected to the logistics sector – with a focus on USD2 loans or Mansion product:

What Are You Going to Do?

In-Shop features:

  • Act as a contact point for PR & Celebrity Mansion – communicate with the house sales team regarding inventories and marketing to replace display parts for shootings and fits
  • Running the SAP procedures, logistics and shipments for publishing, influencing and celebrity pull; partnering with the Mansion Richemont Logistics team for completing all required operations.
  • Inventory management comprises movement inside the Inventory Tool and PR inventory, tagging, quality control, organization, protection, cycle counts, auditing and problem solve
  • Returns & quality check for all Mansion loan pick-ups and
  • Leading point for all Mansion PR & celebration meetings – including discount purchases, Mansion filming, repair services, New York publications walk-throughs, editors, e-influencers, designers, fittings and more

Business and Off-Site Functionality

Business and Off-Site Functionality
  • Make sure that all shootings are made in NY and sometimes outside NY
  • Treat the pieces on site, including support for scheduling of photoshoots and celebrities based in NY if necessary
  • Key contact point and gift & treatment leader with focus on FOC gifts, special orders, VIP discounts, custom brand image moments and events etc.
  • Enter coverage and support with the annual Christmas donation program for treatment reports.
  • Tracking and activating the analytics and ROIs in New York
  • Support press clippings for editorial coverage across print, digital and social, including ensuring that all magazines and newspapers are properly tagged, clipped and managed through an online and in-person database
  • Perform general administrative duties including maintaining an organized press library, archiving, scanning, packaging, gift wrapping, etc.
  • Creates calendar alerts for all NA cross-departmental deadlines
  • Updates managers with important daily media alerts with highlights and notes
  • Please note the above tasks are to provide an indication of the expected tasks but this list is not exhaustive of all activities

What You Have to Do

What You Have to Do
  • You've got outstanding attention to detail, an expert communicator! Luxury retail enthusiasm and passion, Cartier's story, legacy and craftsmanship. You need a high volume of photoshoots and fittings (+1,000 x annually), while maintaining strong relationships with external partners and members of your internal team; you prefer luxury or fashion experience, which is one-to-two years experience with communication, concierge services or retail logistics. There's no too little position. There's not enough partnership. You must work as a team with pleasure; share resources, energy and shopping.
  • Every day you need to be digitally skilled, we utilize SAP, Microsoft (Excel,PowerPoint, and Word), and DMR. Given the nature of public relations and celebrities initiatives, subtlety and discretion are essential. We look for a few more things: flexibility to quickly adapt, ability to juggle multiple projects together, expertise in complex logistics management, ability to adapt to demands of change and last minute, skilful communication skills, in particular when working with key leaders of the opinion and difficult circumstances.

How Much Does a Public Relations Specialist Make in NYC?

A PR specialist in New York pays an average income of $62,570. A PR specialist in New York has an average extra cash compensation of $1,667. A PR specialist in New York has an average total remuneration of $64,237.

What Jobs Can I Get in Public Relations?

  • Marketing coordinator.
  • Copywriter.
  • Fundraiser.
  • Direct marketing spokesperson.
  • Media buyer.
  • Investor relations.
  • Account executive.
  • Public information officer.

What is a Public Relation Major?

A subfield of communication studies is a prominent area of public relations. Public relations staff learn how to issue public comments and news releases, sometimes via social media and how to communicate with journalists to answer public interest concerns.

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