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6 Free Press Release Templates for a Variety of Situations (in Microsoft Word & PDF Format)


Are you looking for customizable press release templates that you can download? You've arrived to the right location.

Here are 13 free press release templates that you can download and customize using Prowly's Press Release Creator. All you have to do now is pick the one that is most applicable to you and fill in the blanks.

Each press release template is also Microsoft Word compatible. Simply select "Download as.docx" from the drop-down menu at the bottom of each template. It's that simple!

Press Release Template For A New Product

Cadbury Lunch bar chocolate
Cadbury Lunch bar chocolate

COPYRIGHT_MARX: Published on https://marxcommunications.com/press-release-template-word/ by Keith Peterson on 2022-05-21T04:41:09.454Z

When creating a press release for a product launch, make sure to emphasize what makes it unique and what value it delivers to your customers. Perhaps you could compare it to similar products supplied by your competitors? Avoid phrases like "we're delighted to announce/inform," "we have the privilege to present," and so on. Instead, concentrate on specifics. In our new product press release guide, you can learn more about how to write an effective press release.

Press Release Template For An Announcement

Megaphones and text "Important Announcement"
Megaphones and text "Important Announcement"

It's critical to be precise here; don't forget to add the event's name, location, and organizer. If you invited specialists to speak at your event, give a summary of their backgrounds. Journalists want to know ahead of time who they'll be talking to and what they'll be talking about when they attend certain conferences.

Make sure journalists know when and where they should RSVP if you're sending out invitations. It's bad practice to just include the event's title and a link to its Facebook page in your press release. If you're writing about a prior event, make sure to include high-resolution images (with the photographer's name captioned).

Template For A Music Press Release

"For immediate release" letter
"For immediate release" letter

Use this free press release template to inform the public about a new album or single release, as well as upcoming performances.

When you're publishing your news online, you might include a teaser in your press release. Simply include a SoundCloud or YouTube code in your story. Also, specify the genre in which your album belongs.

Don't forget to add a brief description of the artist and how they relate to your company. If there are any collaborators on the project (for example, artistic patronage), make sure to name them as well. Some phrases, photographs, or cover design would also be appreciated by journalists. Excerpts from album/concert reviews will also be appreciated.

Press Release Template For A New Book Announcement

Book and a table
Book and a table

New book releases are comparable to music album releases in many ways, although experts on the subject frequently advise including something additional in a press release, such as an excerpt from the book, quotes from recent reviews, the author's bio, or a list of previous publications or awards.

Press Release Template For A Product Update

A man using tablet
A man using tablet

You're preparing to launch a new feature or make a product improvement? You can inform everyone about it with our free press release template.

Explain what's changed and why it'll be a positive change—make sure the reader is confident that the modification you're about to implement won't cause any problems.

If this news release is intended for users rather than the media, it should provide the contact information for customer service representatives in case they have any additional questions. Users will benefit from tutorial videos that walk them through the most essential improvements.

Press Release Template For New Hires

List of new hires
List of new hires

So you've recently hired new talent and are trying to figure out how to get the word out to the media and get as many articles about it as possible? Check out the free press release template above, as well as our dedicated new hire press release guidance and examples.

Does Word Have A Press Release Template?

Use this News press release template to spread the word about your new product launch. This press release template is designed to make it simple to convey product information, reviews, availability, and company details.

Does Google Docs Have A Press Release Template?

Choose one issue and stick to it; don't try to cover a lot of ground in one press release. Use the template below to write each paragraph; there is a standard format that will be published; follow it!

What Is Press Release PDF?

A press release template is an official press release that is delivered to journalists and is frequently used to generate exposure. Your unique template will generate a PDF press release ready for the new media every time you fill out your press release form with the correct information.

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