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5 Types Of Press Release Sample PDF Template

5 Types Of Press Release Sample PDF Template

A press release is a formal (written or recorded) statement issued by a firm to the news media and others. Whether we call it a press announcement, a press release, or a news release, we're talking about the same thing.

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Last updated: Jan 13, 2022 | Jan 11, 2022

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A press release is a formal (written or recorded) statement issued by a firm to the news media and others. Whether we call it a "press announcement," a "press release," or a "news release," we're talking about the same thing.

It is a marketing tactic used to raise the visibility of your brand, frequently by providing links, which improves your search engine results. It is also published on high-traffic websites, resulting in a favorable perception of your business.

Initially, press releases were created as a means of communication between business PR personnel or public relations firms and the media. However, given that internet news provider such as Yahoo News and Google News publish so much data from press releases, and RSS makes it simple to syndicate news, press releases may be efficiently utilized as a direct contact method for customers.

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The 6 Main Components Of Press Release

  • PRESS RELEASE: Create a press release for your library or institution.

Place the following information at the top of the page on letterhead:


Date of the press release

For Immediate Release

Your contact information

  • A headline: It should be brief and "catchy" in order to capture the attention of the reader. It should be typed in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS, somewhat bigger than the font size used in the body of the press release. It should be written in the present tense. For example, ABC COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS AND BAND SHOW SUPPORT FOR XYZ LIBRARY.
  • Body: an explanation of the information presented earlier in the lead, beginning with the most crucial information and progressing to less critical, background information.
  • The five Ws: Who? What? When? Where? Why? - Explain what is going to happen to your reader. When and where? What's the cause behind this? What makes this newsworthy?
  • Contact information: Repetition of your contact information, or insertion of new information If readers might benefit from it, include information such as the library's webpage.
  • Company Information: a brief description of your company to assist journalists in understanding the nature of your business and making writing about it easier.

The 5 Types Of Press Release And Sample Templates

Product Press Release

A product press release is designed to inform the public about a new product in your sector. In this form of the press release, you must explain how your product differs from the competition.

An excellent strategy is to make a list of all the characteristics of your product and cross off the ones that it shares with rivals. Concentrate on whatever is remaining on your to-do list. In this manner, you can make it unique and noteworthy.

A press release advertising a new product should emphasize the exciting features that will make it noteworthy for media outlets.

Example of a Product Press Release:

Product Press Release

Book Press Release

The book press release template is intended for use by writers who have recently completed a book and want to raise publicity for their book launch. Get others to cover your work without using up your publisher's advertising cash on pricey press release forms.

This excellent press release template has a dateline and body paragraphs with configurable fields for your book title, publication date, release place, information about the substance of your book, and so on.

This template is ideal for first-time authors, established authors who have been published on Amazon or other platforms, and publishers.

It is critical to apply this template as soon as your book is launched in order to pique the interest of bloggers, media outlets, and influencers. Include your book cover to entice your intended audience to read your new book.

Example of Book press release template:

Book Press Release

New Hire Press Release

A new hire news release is created to announce the hiring of a new employee by your organization. This sort of news release focuses on high-level executives and serves as a formal statement to investors, customers, and the general public about the new appointment.

This news statement must include the new hire's name and title, as well as a brief description of their professional history. You will be able to convey what they can contribute to the firm in this manner.

Your new hire press release should clearly state what characteristics set this individual apart from the other contenders. Mention their accomplishments as well as the firms for which they have previously worked. Close it by describing their function, essential tasks, and how their participation will benefit the organization.

Example of a New Hire Press Release:

New Hire Press Release

Award Press Release

The goal of creating an award press release is to highlight the honor that your firm has received. An award press release is an excellent approach to publicize your accomplishment.

Although industry awards are rarely recognized, you will need to market them yourself in order to reach your target audience.

Highlight your accomplishment and avoid being excessively commercial when drafting an amazing prize press release. Avoid using emotive language and excessive punctuation. Nonetheless, your press statement should be impartial and highlight your prize from a commercial perspective.

A smart way to communicate your joy is to describe how this award will set you apart and how this success will assist you to develop your company's mission.

Example of an Award Press Release:

Award Press Release

Partnership Press Release

For new partnerships or collaborations that you want the public to be aware of, the partnership press release is an excellent resource. Use our template to spread the news without having to employ a costly press release writing agency.

A step-by-step guide to writing the perfect but easy press release that can be emailed to media outlets and disseminated to your target audience as is. In the template, you'll find spaces for your title, corporate logo, body paragraphs, boilerplate, and more.

This template may be used by IT firms, B2C companies, or enterprise organizations to inform their audience about the new alliance.

When a new collaboration is formed, it is critical to be the first to announce the news and to get the word out to as many people as possible.

Example of partnership press release template:

Partnership Press Release

Final Thoughts

A good press release should be truthful, brief, and to the point, providing the writer with the gist of the story.

A press release's objective is to attract attention, produce news, and generate exposure. Most significantly, press releases are an economical and effective technique to generate attention in any company news.

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