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6 Best Press Kit Examples 2021

When it comes to garnering publicity, public relations professionals should not take any chances. Because most stories necessitate some advanced investigation, the easier you make it for reporters to locate factual information about the company you represent, the better.

So, how can you make it more likely that journalists will write well-informed articles about your company? With the aid of a press kit, to be precise.

What is a Press Kit?

PDF files or folders (shared on company websites, online newsrooms, or via services like Dropbox and WeTransfer), full web pages, and, on rare occasions, hardcopy press materials make up modern press kits.

There was a time when there was a separation between media and press kits. Media kits were traditionally thought of as long-term papers that evolved over time, whereas press kits featured current information and were more commonly used for events, updates, and product debuts. Because both media and press kits are more commonly accessed online these days, the distinction between them is less obvious.

Choose A Format For Your Media Kit

When creating a press kit for your business, you have several options: downloadable press materials in PDF or slide deck format, a folder with all contents published online via cloud services, or a digital media kit embedded in your website that provides a more interactive experience.

Whatever format you choose, make sure the media kit is created to match your brand's style and feel and is simple to share with the media.

Gather All Of The Resources

The golden rule for selecting what should appear in a press kit is to make sure everything inside serves a function and is accurate and up-to-date.

Consider the topic and begin gathering press materials, such as corporate information, photos and headshots, bios, fact sheets, press releases, and pretty much anything else that would entice a journalist to cover your story. You can include all of the aspects of a press kit outlined above, as well as others.

Choose A Location For Your Media Kit To Be Displayed

Many companies, understandably, put their media kits online as part of their press page. As previously stated, digital media kits not only make your newsroom or corporate page more visible in search engines, but they also bring more traffic to your website.

Furthermore, online media kits allow journalists to easily identify what they need without having to download files or sift through all of your materials to find a single piece.


Brydge logo
Brydge logo

For the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface, Brydge is the fastest-growing tablet keyboard brand. The brand offers a wide range of luxury mobile and desktop peripherals in addition to award-winning keyboards, and it shows. You can tell what Brydge is all about just by looking at their press kit example. It's one of the best media kit examples, with well-organized and downloadable logos, product guides, and high-resolution images.

Fast Company

Fast Company
Fast Company

Fast Company is the world's premier business media brand, with a focus on technology, leadership, creativity, and design in its editorial content. Even if the firm opted for a PDF media kit, it's still one of the greatest press kit examples available: it's visually appealing, thorough, and current.

Unitel Voice

Unitel Voice
Unitel Voice

Unitel Voice's press kit page has a simple design. Take note of how they lay out a few ground rules for referring to their brand. This ensures brand consistency regardless of who refers to them or how much press they get. They then have three boxes with information about the company, logo files, and product photographs in them. A journalist can readily obtain whatever information they require.



Expensify gets right to the point and demonstrates what they've been up to by listing all of their recent press releases in one place. The details on this page provide a lot of insight into the company's advancements for writers looking for an article idea about them. There are also links to gain additional information about the company, as well as photographs and contact information.



Squarespace begins with the most recent press coverage it has received. This could attract new media outlets or provide journalists ideas for stories they haven't heard about yet. Then, on their navigation bar, they have tabs for individuals to obtain press releases and photographs, as well as brand and logo standards.



Evernote does a wonderful job at including a headline and clarifying the aim of their page for journalists. There is no ambiguity about what users will find in this page's digital press kit. Users may find listings of where the firm has been referenced in the news as well as brand guidelines and assets, as well as a method to acquire additional information if they have a question as they scroll down.

What Is Included In A Press Kit?

What's in a press kit, exactly? Your company's story and mission, facts, branded marketing materials, information on team members, media mentions, press releases, and sample feature stories are all included in press kits.

What Makes A Good Media Kit?

A complete media kit should include a firm or individual description, contact information, social media data, case studies, information on partnerships and collaborations, and customer testimonials.

How A Press Kit Is Used?

What is a press kit, exactly? A press kit is a page or folder on your website that allows journalists to learn more about your company and access photographs and videos for use in their stories. Journalists may focus on presenting a compelling story by having all of the facts and figures they need in their press kits.

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