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15 Personal Branding Experts You Need to Check Out 2021

15 Personal Branding Experts You Need to Check Out 2021

Jul 21, 2021 13:10
Keith Peterson

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15 Personal branding experts to support your strategy

Without a strong personal brand, you can't build a healthy business nowadays. But knowing where to start isn't always easy. Therefore, I wanted to provide a list of 15 branding professionals whose material can help you create and polish your own brand.

Personal branding is an integral component of the PR and marketing strategy of your company. It's more than just a technique of "look at me."

Modern viewers want to know the brand person. How are you? \ What do you represent? What do you mean? What expertise have you? These are only some of the questions you need to address in the development of your personal brand.

But how can you accomplish it, exactly?

When we wrote about personal branding earlier, we wanted to do something else with this piece — especially, what it is and how to achieve it.

We wanted to provide some more voices to aid you on this issue. With this in mind, in the personal branding area, we have collected together 15 of the finest brains. They are authors, public speakers, podcasters, and bloggers that are able to develop your strategy with their own distinctive content.

Note: Because we believe that all these experts are leaders in their spaces, this isn't a "ranked" article - it's alphabetical and it displays the individual achievements of each expert.

15 Personal branding experts to support your strategy

William Arruda

Twitter Handle: @WilliamArruda

William Arruda

Many individuals across many sectors have declared William Arruda a personal branding master — and he lives up to this moniker without a doubt.

Arruda came from an IBM/Lotus branding expert to do what he was enthusiastic about: to create his own firm and establish personal brands with individuals. His firm, Reach, today has a worldwide achievement in 49 countries with trained trainers.

He did not stop there, though, co-founding another firm, called CareerBlast.TV, which offers snack-friendly video material that helps professionals to "stop" their careers upwards.

All these, together with his numerous blog entries, books (the newest is digital), and public speech commitments, make William Arruda a personal brand star.

Dorie Clark

Twitter Handle: @DorieClark

Dorie Clark

Author, speaker, teacher, and coach, Dorie Clark's titles are only a sample. The New York Times described Clark as "a self-reinvention specialist who can enable others to alter their lives."

Her achievements included three books: Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You, and Stand Out – the latter of which was listed by Inc. magazine as the #1 leadership book in 2015. She often writes for Harvard Business Review as well.

As a famous public speaker, she spoke for several big businesses in the "100 Grand Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference" list of Inc. Magazine.

In addition, Dorie Clark has served as a Professor at a number of business institutions, including the Fuqua School of Business at the Duke University, teaching branding technology and sharing her knowledge with a new generation.

Tim Ferriss

Twitter Handle: @tferriss

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is one of the leading digital media and personal branding gurus. He had a lengthy and diverse career - from businessman to TV person to investor - and shared a lot along the way.

He is the author of five novels featured on both the New York Times and the best-selling lists of the Wall Street Journal. The 4-hour workweek is only two titles that have given Ferriss his status as a renowned writer.

His podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, still demonstrates his media ability and has accomplished a number of milestones since its establishment. This podcast is regularly #1 in the Apple Podcasts Business Podcast and has been featured as the 'best of' Apple Podcasts for three years.

His awards include appearing on the "Most Innovative Business People" list of Fast Company and "40 under 40" of Fortune. All these achievements make Tim Ferriss one of the foremost authorities in personal branding and thinking.

Ryan Foland

Twitter Handle: @RyanFoland

Ryan Foland

Ryan Foland is a prominent authority on communications strategies for personal and company branding as a keynote speaker, business owner, and author. He is the co-founder of InfluenceTree, a business specialized in personal branding.

He is also the author of the now well-known 3-1-3 theory - a method in which pitches start as three phrases, are reduced to a sentence, and then condensed into three words.

The major emphasis of his teaching is to embrace and speak about your weaknesses, errors, and defects. While that can seem counter-intuitive, Foland believes that you develop confidence and loyalty to your audience by recognizing their vulnerabilities. Foland writes in his co-authoring book, Ditch the Act, about this technique.

Foland has gone throughout the world as a public speaker to deliver keynote addresses. He is notably recognized for his performances at Ted Talks, which were listed by magazines like Forbes and Mashable as some of the best Ted Talks.

He is regarded as a leading marketer by the Inc. Magazine and is designated one of the "Top Personal Branding Experts" by the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Marsha Friedman

Twitter Handle: @MarshaFriedman

Marsha Friedman

Marsha Friedman is an inventive speaker, writer, and businesswoman engaged in public. Marsha Friedman, as a PR specialist, specializes in helping clients to obtain media exposure and build their own personal brand. Her strategies and inventions have become one of the world's most powerful.

As a speaker, she sends a strong and inspiring message to her audience: the power of advertising. She talked to hundreds of people in the United States and Canada about various elements of advertising. Each speech motivates and equips its audience to stand above its rivals. Her subject covers advice on outstanding interviews and how to approach the media efficiently.

She has produced several resources to assist her viewers. Her book, Celebrities Yourself, explores how to become an expert and obtain the advertisement you want — which, of course, creates a personal brand.

Hackers of Growth

This is a platform that has done an excellent job fostering personal branding.

Twitter Handle: @GrowthHackers

Growth Hackers, headed by Founder and CEO Sean Ellis, has a purpose to stimulate sustainable growth inside organizations and to help teams work together better.

The firm has established on its site a series called AMA, inviting visitors who are experts in their professions to answer certain questions. Publics are invited to ask these professionals any questions and then submit an answer. It generates a rich culture of conversation and education that is useful to many emerging leaders.

The firm also organizes the GrowthHackers Conference, an annual conference that welcomes top leading growth leaders to discuss their ideas for building and supporting their companies. The conference included businesses like Spotify, Facebook, and Airbnb and promised to excite and engage the audience.

The brand also founded Growth University in an effort to educate its consumers. This online resource is an autonomous training program where people may gain the skills they need to develop their personal brands and thrive in the fast-growing world of business.

Meg Guiseppi

Twitter Handle: @MegGuiseppi

Meg Guiseppi

Personal branding plays an essential part in finding jobs — where Meg Guiseppi plays and succeeds. Through her firm, Executive Career Brand, she assists individuals with LinkedIn to develop their own personal brands, particularly management, with the objective of finding the perfect position for them.

She enables her clients to identify what genuinely makes them "them" and cleans a message which speaks with their unique voice and resonates with their audience. She has produced a variety of items to support individuals - including worksheets, ebooks, and other tools.

Her competence in this sector has earned her a great deal of attention. Guiseppi has been published or quoted in Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Forbes among many other publications throughout the years. She has been the personal branding specialist in since 2007.

Johnson Cynthia

Twitter Handle: @CynthiaLIVE

Johnson Cynthia

Over the years, Cynthia Johnson has worn several hats, including a public speaker, marketer, businessperson, and author, all of which have put her on our experts' list.

As a public speaker, Cynthia Johnson became renowned — both as a keynote speaker and as part of a panel debate.

Her recent book, Platform, is recognized as a top personal branding book for professionals who are interested in developing a personal brand, finding audiences, and encouraging others. She is also an editor of Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur, and Business2Community. She is the co-founder of Bell + Ivy, a Santa Monica, CA, and Las Vegas, NV marketing and media outlet.

Among her numerous honors, she has been awarded one of Entrepreneur's "Top Personal Branding Experts of 2017" and Darling Magazine's "Top Twelve Female Entrepreneurs who Inspired."

Susan P. Joyce

Twitter Handle: @JobHuntOrg

Susan P. Joyce

Susan P. Joyce is an expert in developing her internet presence to aid people, especially long-term jobless and over 40, to find the proper employment. After experiencing the anguish of job loss, Joyce knows how people feel and how they may best overcome hurdles to the success and prosperity of today's ever-developing labor market.

She is the editor, writer, and editor of, where she is working hard to give her readers the most important information. JobHuntOrg is one of the top places to create its own brand and realize its aim to locate the perfect employment. Joyce is also a personalized search engine expert, a specialist that she utilizes to help individuals navigate the hot seas of the internet.

One of its greatest attractions was to be involved in a research project as a visiting student in the MIT Sloan Management School who investigated firms reluctant to recruit jobless employees. In this study, she devised strategies to assist people to overcome bias and get jobs.

Joyce shares her knowledge often with her audience and is cited in several media including The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Leonard Kim

Twitter Handle: @MrLeonardKim

Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim has an inspirational and remarkable tale, to experience what some would consider as the worst, even amid great poverty. But he turned his story around using his abilities and became one of our generation's most influential personal branding gurus. He is an executive partner at InfluenceTree, where he provides his skills to assist others to establish their own brands.

Leonard Kim offers an extensive material library on his website on several themes relating to personal branding and development. But his inventiveness does not end here – he is the co-author of the book Ditch the Act, in which he describes how people connect by exposing them to what is genuine, which is wrong instead of attempting to seem flawless.

Kim has developed an extensive collection of materials effectively to assist individuals to grow and build their own brands. He also delivered a TED presentation that was recognized by Forbes, Inc. Magazine and Mashable.

He is frequently featured in media like Fox News, Fortune, and Forbes. In several publications, including Forbes as a Top Marketing Influencer and Inc. Magazine, he has been honored as a Top Digital Marketer and Top Youth Marketer.

Dan Shavbel

Twitter Handle: @DanSchawbel

The achievements of Dan Schawbel put most of us to shame. These achievements include publishing more than 2000 articles, delivering 170 keynote addresses, and enabling 33 members of Fortune 500 firms to rename themselves. Dan is also the creator of Millenial Branding, a research and consulting business that helps firms to engage the millennium.

Schawbel is one of the most selling writers in the New York Times, with novels such as Me 2.0 and Back to Human. He is also the founder and host of the podcast, 5 questions with Dan Schawbel, interviewing well-known personalities such Condoleezza Rice and Rachael Ray for their experiences and learning.

His site, The Personal Branding Blog, covers all elements of personal brand development. Forbes has been rated as a "Top Website for Your Career" and Careerbuilder's "#1 Job Blog." The blog has 6,000 posts and is expanding, with 5 million readers in 228 countries worldwide.

Brian Tracy

Twitter Handle: @BrianTracy

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is famous as a motivational public speaker who seeks to assist his audience in the growth of his person and career, through personal and virtual public speaking workshops and other techniques of self-improvement. His blog is a wonderful source of information covering all elements of branding, from personal to corporate to management.

Tracy is CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company that provides leadership advice, success, objectives, and other personal development concerns. As a public speaker, he has assisted more than five million people in more than 70 countries.

Over 30 years, Tracy has presented hundreds of thousands of entertaining public talks on the subject of personal and professional growth. He is a renowned author who has published over 78 books, including The New Achievement Psychology.

Bruce Van Horn

Twitter Handle: @BruceVH

Bruce Van Horn

The professional titles of Bruce Van Horn include the writer, speaker, teacher, and coach of personal development, which he utilizes to encourage individuals to express their experiences. His personal branding methods (or "restoration" as he likes to call it) are well recognized in the business and are meant to help people recount their experiences in a way that empowers and encourages others.

He accomplishes everything with his coaching and material in a number of ways. He wrote hundreds of posts on his blog, for example, to encourage his readers to change their lives and make them prosper.

However, his production of material does not stop there. He's also doing a podcast, Life is a marathon (LIAM). On this podcast, he shares his ideas and methods for a better life and self and interviews others about how they overcame their problems.

Van Horn is a renowned writer. His two books, The Rich Science and Worry No More! His book Worry No More! has been published on the Amazon bestseller list.

Dennis Yu

Twitter Handle: @DennisYu

Dennis Yu

The expertise of Dennis Yu is renowned worldwide — he has lectured in 17 countries on five continents. Even closer to home, he talked about Facebook marketing at several events in the USA. He was published in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and TechCrunch.

Yu is a social media strategy and management expert in developing personal brands for its customers. In previous customers, such brands as Rosetta Stone, Nike, and the Golden State Warriors have been included.

He's the CEO of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing business, and a co-author of Facebook Nation, which has become a textbook on developing a personal brand using Facebook.

Marie Zimenof

Twitter Handle: @workwithintentional

Marie Zimenof

CV, mentorship, career counseling, and training — Marie Zimenoff has done everything. Beginning as a consultant at Colorado State University, Zimenoff became Chief Executive Officer of Resume Writing Academy. She served as president of the National Association of Resume Writers.

It is aimed at helping its customers achieve their professional objectives and providing them with assistance and tools to succeed. To that aim, she is organizing first-class personal and virtual seminars and an annual conference, all geared to improve the equipment of her audience to take responsibility for her profession.

She has published a number of pieces for such media as Business News Daily and Yahoo! Education in the quest for public training. She is a very popular keynote speaker and lecturer. She is hosting a radio show on VoiceAmerica Radio, The Career Confidante.

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