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NFT Projects - Best NFT Projects To Follow In 2022

The excitement surrounding NFTs does not appear to have subsided. As the NFT market expands, there will be more interesting NFT games, NFT arts, and NFT projects to watch in 2022.

Indeed, many experts predict that 2022 will be a banner year for the NFT revolution and increased blockchain adoption.

According to CryptoAdventure, most NFT projects will shift their focus by 2022 to releasing limited and exclusive edition items, particularly digital art, trading cards, and music.

This article has compiled a list of the best NFT projects to watch in 2022 if you are an NFT enthusiast.

What Is An NFT Project?

An NFT project is a specific collection of NFTs with specific utility. The NFTs in this collection are virtually identical to regular NFT art. The main distinction is that NFT projects are manufactured in larger quantities.

Individuals usually create NFT arts on a small scale and sell them on the NFT marketplace. NFT projects, on the other hand, are created by large corporations and trading takes place on their platforms.

The remainder of this article will provide you with insights into some of the most promising NFT projects in 2022.

Lastest NFT Projects You Can’t Miss

Imaginary Ones

Imaginary ones logo
Imaginary ones logo

Cmttat created the art for this NFT project with the intention of spreading creativity and love. The platform is jam-packed with delightful 3DBecause of its positivity, the project has been widely accepted and is constantly growing. It has 8000 users and a sales value of 1.5 million USD.

Uninterested Unicorns

Uninterested Unicorns screenshots
Uninterested Unicorns screenshots

Next10 Labs, the NFT artist company that creates digital art content, created this project. Its goal is to entertain users with unique dark humor that strikes the audience right in the heart, resulting in over one million USD in NFT assets on the projects.

Best NFT Projects In 2022

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity "a digital nation"
Axie infinity "a digital nation"

This year, Axie Infinity remains at the top of the NFT industry. Axie Infinity is one of the key players advancing the Play-to-Earn NFT concept in the blockchain space.

In other words, unlike most other NFT projects, Axie Infinity focuses solely on how players complete game tasks and breed Axies.

Axies are adorable NFT animals that players can use to fight each other or continue trading for more tokens.

Axie Infinity's total trading volume to date is 4,019,390,587 USD, with a total of 1,645,122 buyers.


Crypto punks screenshot
Crypto punks screenshot

CryptoPunks is one of the hottest NFT projects to watch in 2022. The CrytoPunks are a slew of 10,000 punk-themed 8-bit characters, each with their own set of attributes and characteristics. With dozens of unique collections, the worth of NFT CryptoPunks is determined by the differences between each character.

The most valuable CryptoPunk collection was sold for 124,457 ETH, or $532 million USD. CryptoPunk has become the most expensive NFT project in existence as a result of its incredible selling price.

Indeed, CryptoPunks' total trading volume is 2,084,406,290 USD, with a total of 5,238 buyers.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

BAYC characters
BAYC characters

Yuga Labs' Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is an NFT project. On the Ethereum blockchain, it contains a collection of unique NFT 10,000-pixel avatars. One of the reasons BAYC is so popular is that no two NFT characters have the same design, making each NFT from the BAYC collection extremely expensive.

Despite its youth, this NFT project appears competitive among several well-known NFTs despite its debut in April of 2021. According to Decrypt, the third most popular NFT after CryptoPunks is Bored Ape Yacht Club.

It's no surprise that Bored Ape Yacht Club will be a worthwhile investment in 2022, given its current status as one of the greatest NFT projects.

Art Blocks

3 art blocks
3 art blocks

Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based NFT project that provides unique, programmable, and customizable NFT art to global collectors. The Art Blocks concept allows artists to use blockchain technology to assemble digital elements to create one-of-a-kind NFT artworks.

As a result, it is accomplished through the use of NFT drop, in which users mint NFTs with no idea what type of NFT art they will receive as a result.

Art Blocks has a total trading volume of 1,200,650,344 USD and 26,977 buyers as of this writing.

NBA Top Shot

A man holding a ball and words "own the future" at the right side
A man holding a ball and words "own the future" at the right side

NBA Top Shot is an NFT project in which basketball fans can celebrate their passion by collecting 'NBA moments,' a collection of NBA highlight clips that functions as a trading card.

NBA Top Shot successfully replicates basketball fans' tangible souvenir-collecting experience in the real world. Furthermore, the value of a user's NBA highlight collection will increase over time.

To date, the total trading volume of NBA Top Shot is 938,251,588 USD, with 419,583 buyers.

NFTs are valuable in more ways than one. They're also groundbreakers in terms of branding. Projects like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Koala Intelligence Agency, Art Blocks, CyberKongz, and many others are changing the way brands are built. The days of physical brand building, which helped companies like Nike, Gucci, and others build their followings, are giving way to a digital metaverse with a cult following.

Access And Utility

NFTs as access passes are becoming more popular. This is when owning an NFT entitles the holder to certain advantages. Such benefits range from being a member of an exclusive club to real-life benefits such as having access to certain works or events, and for some, even access to stories. VeeFriends is an intriguing case. Gary Vaynerchuk created the collection of 10,255 tokens, and holders will be able to attend VeeCon for the next three years.

Rarity And Exclusiveness

NFTs easily create scarcity, which has increased the value of the assets. For example, CryptoPunks and BAYC each have only 10,000 NFTs, and because they are so rare, anyone who owns one is a member of an exclusive club. It not only makes the NFTs more appealing to others, but it also makes the owners want to show them off.

BAYC's 10,000 NFTs have a variety of "traits" (visual properties). A few hundred NFTs with 10,000 traits or some outrageous deviation from the current norm would be food for thought for builders.

Fun, Interactive And Meaningful Experience

Another way NFT projects build brand awareness is by providing members with an interactive and enjoyable experience. The Koala Intelligence Agency may do the best job of this by designating its tokens as "agents" and assigning owners missions. It has the feel of a secret club that everyone wants to be a part of.

The user experience and story buy-in are critical. You want NFT owners to feel included in the experience.Find ways to make each person feel special and included in the story.

People Also Ask

What Type Of NFT Sells The Most?

Art. Art is the most widely practiced form of NFT. As a result, art is the type of NFT that sells the best.

What Is The Most Profitable NFT?

Machibigbrother made $ 5.85 million trading 34 Bored Apes, for a return of 182.29 percent. According to dappradar.com statistics, Machibigbrother's portfolio is currently worth $72.72 million. The top trader owns 6,626 NFTs out of 203 collections.

Can You Make Real Money With NFT?

Royalties are associated with the sale of NFTs and are one of the most exciting aspects of the market. The creator can set their own royalty percentage during the minting process, which means that any secondary market sales will pay the original creator.


To summarize, you need to understand how important things like NFTs have become in our lives. For starters, they are a more secure way to keep your money than modern banking systems. Blockchain provides first-class security for your digital currency, keeping it safe from hackers and thieves. Its vitality has elevated the concept of purchasing digital arts in the current era.

There is also the idea that NFT tokens store additional information related to music, art, videos, pictures, and so on. This article is a road map with numerous NFT options. You may select any of them that you believe will best suit you. They all have distinct characteristics and traits. They personalize tokens from each NFT in an attractive manner that you feel attracted to them.

However, the hype surrounding NFTs is worth its weight in gold. People are gravitating toward online and digital currencies as a result of today's demand and security concerns. The concept of developing NFTs has revolutionized the world and simplified many things for humanity.

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