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10 Ways To Create A Killer LinkedIn Summary In 2022


LinkedIn summary - LinkedIn is much more than just a digital resume. It's a location where industry insiders and customers may connect. It's a site where you can find leads and business opportunities.

Your LinkedIn profile's front entrance is your summary. It's the first thing people see when they land on your profile page, and it has the power to make or break your ability to connect with your target market.

The LinkedIn summary, often known as the "about" section, is frequently overlooked by LinkedIn users. Many people leave it blank or type in a short phrase that would be more appropriate for a LinkedIn headline or a CV summary.

Regardless of whether you're using LinkedIn to look for a job, sell your business, or establish your professional identity, the summary section is crucial real estate.

Unlike the headline, which has a limit of 120 characters, the LinkedIn profile summary has a limit of 2,000 characters.

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This “about” part could provide you 300-350 words to add personality to your profile, optimize your search phrases, convey your professional journey, and motivate readers to take action.

Why Is It Important To Have A Good Linkedin Summary?

Writing a LinkedIn summary may seem pointless, especially if your profile is kept up to date. If you don't spend a lot of time on the platform or aren't seeking for work, you might think it's superfluous.

An excellent LinkedIn summary, on the other hand, is critical for professional success.

It can be a useful tool for social selling for salespeople, and it might be the start of a new career for other professions.

Leaving the summary blank is a significant missed opportunity for a variety of reasons, even if you've uploaded a terrific profile photo, tailored your headline, and documented your career and school history.

The summaries and headlines of LinkedIn accounts are what actually let many of these pages down.

The descriptions of many LinkedIn users just do not convey their importance and individuality.

Linkedin Utilizes Your Summary For Search Results

When recruiters use LinkedIn to find you, your summary material influences the outcomes.

Although your summary is not as important as your headline or the job titles and descriptions in your work experience section, it may still improve your searchability and help you stand out from the crowd.

Including phrases that a recruiter would type into a search box - hard skills, job titles, or industry buzzwords - in your LinkedIn description improves your exposure and uncovers possibilities.

You may get more views if you add keywords like "content," "management," and "analysis" in your profile.

10 Steps To Writing A Great Linkedin Summary

Even if your LinkedIn profile isn't an academic paper, you should still plan out what you want to say and in what sequence you want to say it. Long, meandering paragraphs with no obvious flow from phrase to sentence are the last thing your audience needs.

You'll be able to speak more simply and succinctly if you stick to a predefined framework. Consider using the following structure:

  • Hook - is a phrase that entices the reader to continue reading. When a person visits your profile, just the first three lines are displayed. You get them to click ‘See more' by using a hook.
  • Mission - Explain why you do what you do to the reader.
  • Expertise and Skills - Make it clear to the reader what you excel in.
  • Accomplishments - Show the reader how your knowledge has gotten you success in the past.
  • Call to Action (CTA) - Tell the reader what you want them to do once they've finished reading your summary using a call to action.


The opening line of your LinkedIn synopsis should entice your readers to keep reading. That is why it is critical to capture their attention early on and persuade them to continue reading.

Begin by introducing yourself in your LinkedIn summary. Don't start talking about your achievements or your unique value offer right away.

Identify yourself to the reader. Because LinkedIn is a social networking site, it's preferable to have a casual attitude. Be succinct and use a conversational tone.


It's critical to be genuine on LinkedIn. It distinguishes you from the millions of other LinkedIn users who may have skill sets and experiences that are quite similar to yours.

Use general terms as little as possible. Make sure the summary on your LinkedIn page is unique to you and tells the reader what makes you stand out.

Adding short introductory videos to your profile and sharing media material to highlight your work are two more methods to be genuine on LinkedIn.

Explain Why You Do What You Do To The Reader

People are more receptive to tales and ideals than to a simple "what you do." While the "what" is crucial, don't forget to include the "why."

Recognize what drew you to your field and what your purpose is in your current position. These will improve the emotional resonance of your LinkedIn profile.

Make Use Of Your Industry Expertise

It's now time to use your industry knowledge to support your goal. In two to three sentences, describe your history and credentials.

Are you a salesman that uses LinkedIn to connect with prospects, for example? Your summary should highlight your industry knowledge and passion in assisting others in achieving their goals.

Perhaps you're a customer success manager who uses LinkedIn to communicate with clients.

Your summary should highlight your sector knowledge as well as your consulting availability.

Highlight Notable Achievements Or Successes

Here's your opportunity to show off what you're good at if you've established your own firm or had a measurable effect on a previous company. This is a fantastic example:

In addition, I have ten years of experience managing teams of up to twenty marketing and sales professionals, educating sales teams on new marketing tactics and product value propositions, and starting two part-time web-based hobby companies.

In addition, I have extensive expertise in managing multinational teams on a worldwide scale.

On LinkedIn, highlighting your accomplishments is a fantastic approach to stand out. To attract attention to your most important accomplishments, use symbols in the form of bullet points.

Keep it short and sweet, and avoid going into too much detail.

Have Your Own Writing Style

Your summary is your chance to show off your individuality, therefore the more distinctive your writing style is, the better.

One thing to remember is that writing your summary in the first person makes it more personal.

You'll come across as more dependable and self-assured. It will also give the tone a more genuine feel.

Mention If Your Team Is Presently Recruiting And Encourage Others To Apply

This is an optional step, but it will benefit you in a number of ways. It will demonstrate two things: first, that you are a team player, and second, that you are dedicated to both your professional development and the success of your present business.

If you're in the recruitment industry, it's a must-have since it can be used as a great recruiting tool.

Are you, for example, a team manager who uses LinkedIn to fill job openings? The fact that you have vacancies, the kind of work you perform, and why a candidate would want to work for your business should all be included in your summary.

Emphasize Your Professional Interests

The next step is to emphasize your professional interests. What do you assist people with? What are you hoping to achieve by doing so?

This is distinct from your abilities in that it is not always measurable or fact-based. Because they are your passions, you don't need to offer evidence to back them up.

Demonstrate your commitment to pursue them by sounding enthusiastic about them.

Add SEO Keywords

To appear in searches and boost traffic, your LinkedIn profile should be optimized with carefully selected keywords.

The summary, along with the LinkedIn headline, is one of the most essential sections of your profile to think about when optimizing it for search.

If done properly, this will enhance your profile's web visibility and attract more prospective employers.

Make sure to include keywords that are relevant to your business and profession. Include a specialties or talents section at the conclusion of your summary, where you may include a keyword list to aid your rating.

This is most likely one of the most crucial LinkedIn profile improvement strategies. Make sure your profile is SEO optimized if you want people to discover it quickly.

Include Call To Action

Include a call-to-action and perhaps give your contact information last but not least. Are you a contract or freelance worker looking for additional employment on LinkedIn?

Your summary should conclude with information on how to reach you. Include a list of your most remarkable customers if you want to clinch the sale.

Tell the reader what you want them to do, whether it's send you a message on LinkedIn or visit your website.

If you're currently employed, your call to action may need to be more discreet. If you don't want your present employer to know you're looking for other possibilities, anything along the lines of "feel free to contact me to learn more about me" might work.

What Shouldn't Be Included In A Linkedin Summary

Your Resume

When it comes to your LinkedIn summary, avoid copying and pasting things from your CV.

Not only is it redundant since your job history should be up to date on your profile, but recruiters and prospective contacts are seeking for a short introduction to who you are rather than a resume recitation.

Cliché Terminology

Terms like "guru" or "master" should be avoided in your profile.

These phrases are extremely subjective and have nothing to do with your real talents or capabilities. Instead of attempting to be a self-proclaimed "guru," show your knowledge by sharing a concrete piece of work you've completed, or explain a particular project where your labor resulted in business outcomes.

Errors In Spelling Or Grammar

We're all human, and we all make errors. Make sure you proofread your profile many times before posting it to detect any misspellings or grammatical mistakes.

Typos on your profile may undermine your trustworthiness and draw attention away from your good qualities.

Your Complete Biography

LinkedIn summaries aren't the best place to put your autobiography (though I'm sure it's great). You want those elements to be front and center if people are reviewing your profile for pertinent information about a job or opportunity.

When updating your LinkedIn summary, be sure you include information that's relevant to the positions and opportunities you're interested in, and keep it simple.

3 Examples Of LinkedIn Summaries

Example 1

I'm a real estate expert with more than 12 years of experience in property purchases and fund administration.

I've specialized in the selling of high-end residential homes to UHNW clientele in Los Angeles and the neighboring regions for the last several years. A 50 million dollar beach home in Malibu was just sold. In 2019, I sold more than 600 million dollars worth of real estate.

My work entails a lot of connection development, which is something I'm good at. I've always been a people person who enjoys meeting new people. As a real estate agent, this ability comes in handy since it allows me to build large networks of connections and increase customer satisfaction.

I want to keep doing what I do best in the future: selling homes and assisting customers in getting the most out of their investments.

Are you interested in learning more about our property portfolio or other real estate solutions? Please contact me. I'd be delighted to hear from you. Fund management, investment management, real estate sales, company growth, relationship management, and portfolio management are all areas of competence.

Example 2

Businesses lose a lot of money because of bad hiring. They're also a major roadblock to accomplishing corporate objectives. My work entails ensuring that companies do not make poor hiring decisions.

I assist businesses in resolving their recruiting issues by locating high-quality people to assist them in achieving their goals.

My capacity to form and sustain connections is my most valuable attribute. I've built up a large list of employers and companies who come to me when they're looking for new employees.

These companies vary in size from multibillion-dollar multinationals to small local businesses.

I often resort to a statement from Suzy Kassem when it comes to establishing fruitful relationships: "Treat your connection as if you were cultivating the most beautiful holy flower."

Continue to water it, pay attention to the roots, and make sure the petals remain vibrant and never curl. Your relationship, like your plant, will perish if you ignore it.' I've been able to enhance customer happiness while also increasing income by following this advice while managing client interactions.

Since 2020, I've personally identified and presented over 15,000 applicants to companies. More than 91 percent of my permanent hires have stayed with their company for at least 11 months.

Please contact me to discuss job opportunities or recruiting solutions. I am always happy to hear from both job seekers and businesses.

Example 3

I’m the author of the Mike Des crime series. Since the release of the first book in the series, over 1,000,000 Mike Des novels have been sold in over 35 countries.

The series, which is set in London, consists of four books, with the fifth book due to be published in Summer 2021. The first novel in the Mike Des series, The Night, is due to commence production for a TV series in the coming months.

To read my new novel, please check out the Amazon link below. Or sign up to my email list on my website to receive a free copy of The Night.

Write an OUTSTANDING LinkedIn Summary (with Examples)!

Final Words

Your LinkedIn summary is essential because it's one of your LinkedIn profile's most important components.

Look at your summary as your primary pitch or goal if your profile serves as your own landing page. Also, It creates authority and enables you to present yourself as a subject matter expert in your industry.

And you may utilize it in a variety of ways to encourage your leads to contact you.

Can LinkedIn Generate A Summary?

Instantly generate an excellent LinkedIn summary. Your summary allows you to create a fantastic first impression on recruiters, potential clients, and other professionals who use LinkedIn, and it's also where you explain why you're the ideal match.

How Do I Describe My Role On LinkedIn?

When outlining duties and tasks, be explicit. Describe any special needs (sometimes the best candidates may not match every single one). By selecting your company name from the dropdown list, you may link to your firm's LinkedIn Page. If your firm is not well-known, describe it.

What Is A Good Summary For A Resume With Little Experience?

Even if you have no experience, write a professional synopsis. Because you lack job experience, your professional description should comprise one or two adjectives that describe your work ethic, degree of schooling, applicable abilities, and professional hobbies or interests.

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