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Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers In 2022


To put it another way, LinkedIn influencers are people who succeed in their fields. They are chosen by invitation only and come from a variety of businesses all across the world. They provide high-quality content as innovators, specialists, and opinion leaders in a variety of industries.

Ten of these top voices are listed below, along with some background information on each.

More than developing a personal brand is what these thinking leaders are concerned with. They write about themes and trends in a variety of ways. They know how to handle this kind of information and counsel, as well as how to start a discussion about it.

Small businesses should interact with LinkedIn Influencers for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, influencer marketing is on the rise, and defining what an influencer is is a smart place to start. Product mentions and endorsements from online professionals are used in this type of social media promotion. In comparison to other sites such as Twitter, it is a lot more effective.

Jill Schlesinger

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A woman in blue dress smiling wearing a necklace
A woman in blue dress smiling wearing a necklace

Jill Schlesinger is a financial analyst who writes on markets, investing, the economy, and a variety of other financial topics. She's also worked as a chief investment officer in the past. She has also worked for CBS Interactive as an Editor-at-Large.

She's a Business Analyst for CBS News, 752,256 people are following her on Twitter.

Richard Branson

A blonde-hair man smiling wearing a black jacket
A blonde-hair man smiling wearing a black jacket

Richard Branson is the founder of The Virgin Group, which includes businesses such as financial services, transportation, and travel, to mention a few.

  • Founder of the Virgin Group
  • 19,504,623 people have followed him.

Hunter Walk

A man with beard and mustache and clasping his hands
A man with beard and mustache and clasping his hands

A venture capitalist by trade, Hunter Walk. Individuals and small businesses alike can benefit from his blogs.

  • Partner at Homebrew Venture Capital

Adam Grant

A bald man smiling
A bald man smiling

Adam Grant is a best-selling novelist in the New York Times. His seminars, which he hosts on WorkLife with Adam Grant, have been viewed over 30 million times. The habits of original thinkers are among the motivating subjects.

Role: Organizational psychologist at Wharton, bestselling author, and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

Liz Ryan

A woman smiling with dimples wearing a blue top
A woman smiling with dimples wearing a blue top

Human Workplace's CEO and co-founder is Liz Ryan. Individual job searchers to leaders who wish to alter their organizations are all involved in the company's activities. On her LinkedIn profile, she has a lot of useful information and publications.

  • Managerial consultant and career development coach

Bill Gates

A man wearing suit and tie and eye glasses
A man wearing suit and tie and eye glasses

Microsoft is also co-founded by Bill Gates. He promotes charity activity all over the world on his LinkedIn profile.

  • Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gretchen Rubin

A woman sitting on a couch
A woman sitting on a couch

Gretchen Rubin is the author of a number of books. She is regarded as a thought leader in the areas of happiness and habits. Her weekly podcast is "Happier with Gretchen Rubin." She is available to give guidance on areas such as human resource management.

At gretchenrubin.com, I'm a best-selling author on happiness and habits.

2,978,465 people have followed me.

Katya Andresen

A blonde-hair woman smiling
A blonde-hair woman smiling

Cricket Media's CEO is Katya Andresen. She's also collaborating with Cigna to lower the cost of health care. Her writings touch on a wide range of workplace difficulties, such as burnout.

At Cigna, I'm the Chief Digital Officer.

Her followers are 1,266,018

Sallie Krawcheck

A woman in short blonde hair
A woman in short blonde hair

Sallie Krawcheck's Linkedin page is dedicated to empowering women in the workplace. Articles about financial self-care and bargaining are among the topics she writes about.

  • Ellevest's CEO and Co-Founder

Greg McKeown

A man smiling wearing a green top
A man smiling wearing a green top

Greg McKeown is a growth-oriented author and public speaker. He's given presentations about leadership and focus at Google and Facebook. He also gives you some pointers on how to make things easier to do. On his podcast "What's Essential," Greg hosts the discussion.

  • Author of "Effortless" and "Essentialism," two New York Times bestsellers.

How Do You Become A LinkedIn Influencer 2021?

Define your brand.Create engaging, meaningful content for your audience.Stand out.Invest time in meaningful relationships.Consistently promote your content to increase your reach.

How Do I Find A List Of LinkedIn Influencers?

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to find influencers. Looking through LinkedIn Groups is another technique to locate influencers on LinkedIn. Select "Groups" from the dropdown menu next to the search box to do this. You'll uncover groupings that are related to each other when you search for keywords that are relevant to you.

Do LinkedIn Influencers Make Money?

Yes, LinkedIn influencers exist and can make real money. Blake said he charges around $1,000 per sponsored post or article on LinkedIn, and any creator whose content is focused on career development, business, or an industry niche can potentially use the platform to earn cash.

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