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LinkedIn Headline Tips That Work

LinkedIn Headline Tips That Work

Want a quick approach to boost your LinkedIn profile's exposure, secure more job interviews, and generate more leads? Take a look at your LinkedIn Headline. One of the most visible elements of your LinkedIn profile is your headline, which influences whether or not someone contacts you or moves on to the next person.

Keith Peterson
Last updated: Dec 23, 2021 | Dec 18, 2021

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What Is A LinkedIn Headline?

What Is A LinkedIn Headline?

To get things started, let's talk about what a LinkedIn headline actually is. It's the brief description that appears next to your name on your profile.

Bill Gates' LinkedIn profile heading states, "Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation," which explains his new position at the foundation after his departure from Microsoft. The image above shows a view of Bill Gates' LinkedIn profile.

What Is A LinkedIn Professional Headline?

What Is A LinkedIn Professional Headline?

A LinkedIn headline is the section at the top of a user's profile where they describe what they do in 120 characters or less. There's a small explanation of who the user is next to their name in search results. Users' histories and experiences can be learned more about by clicking on the user's profile link.headline is the section at the top of a user's profile where they describe what they do in 120 characters or less. There's a small explanation of who the user is next to their name in search results. Users' histories and experiences can be learned more about by clicking on the user's profile link.

How can you stand out from the other 30 million LinkedIn profiles and attract the right kind of audience with a professional LinkedIn headline?headline?

As a guide, below are a few examples:

Keep Your LinkedIn Headline Short And Sweet

Keep Your LinkedIn Headline Short And Sweet

Think about the fact that you're aiming to encourage others to click on your profile. It's time to come up with a headline that is relatable to the general public.

As a creative digital marketer, your LinkedIn title could read, "Combining creativity with digital marketing to turn opportunities into sales." It reveals your strengths and how you approach your task.

Make Your Points In A Clear, Convincing, And Explicit Manner

Make Your Points In A Clear, Convincing, And Explicit Manner

On LinkedIn, you have a maximum of 120 characters to describe yourself. As long as you're free to use any of them, it's imperative that you lay out exactly what you're looking for.

There are a number of reasons why this individual's LinkedIn profile would be a good fit for a recruiter looking for appropriate prospects.

If you're going to write a headline for LinkedIn, make it fascinating.headline for LinkedIn, make it fascinating.

Provide A Unique Value Proposition

Provide A Unique Value Proposition

If you want people to take notice of your profile, you need to have something unique to offer them, such as your expertise. When you allow LinkedIn to fill in your current position or work at a company, you're not wasting valuable real estate space.

For example, "Managing Director of ACME Corporation" is a phrase that some people use. In the end, it doesn't accomplish anything for the audience.

Be A Little Boastful

Be A Little Boastful

Bravado isn't a bad thing because it's the most effective way of drawing attention. Display any awards or patents you've obtained. In a LinkedIn title, highlighting your accolades and achievements is a way to draw attention to your profile and tell others of your accomplishments.

Adapt Your Profile To The Circumstances

As you progress in your career, your abilities will differ from those you had as a beginner. The reason for this is that you develop new skills over time and become an expert in them as a result. In other words, don't forget to update your LinkedIn headline on a frequent basis.headline on a frequent basis.

An experienced professional's LinkedIn headline should be more up-to-date and valuable than a new college graduate's.headline should be more up-to-date and valuable than a new college graduate's.

Make sure to mention all of your relevant skills that are related to your primary abilities in your CV. 'Sales Leader | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Community Worker' may be your LinkedIn headline if you're a sales leader who enjoys speaking.' Lets others know that you have a wide range of skills.headline if you're a sales leader who enjoys speaking.' Lets others know that you have a wide range of skills.

How To Make A LinkedIn Headline For A Job-Search

The finest LinkedIn headlines for a job hunt have a few things in common. They'll:

  • Show off your skills and knowledge (what is it that you excel at?).
  • Check to see if your current or previous job titles are relevant to the positions you're applying for.
  • If you're looking for a new job, make sure you clarify why a potential employer should care about you.
  • One term or phrase that identifies the type of work you are looking for should be included in your resume at the very least. As an example, this could be the title of your job or another term.
  • (Optional) Do something different than everyone else in order to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

It's possible that they did something specific.

If it's a high honor, then so be it. For some people, it's an all-consuming interest or passion. If you look at the LinkedIn headline examples, you'll see this a lot.headline examples, you'll see this a lot.

Many headline formulas/templates above feature a spot to mention your role or main area of work/expertise, as shown in the examples above. There's no requirement that this be your precise job title, however.

For example, you may provide the titles of the positions you're interested in.

If your title is "Client Happiness Manager," for example, you might want to modify it to something more widely known.

(Which will also give your LinkedIn headline a more relevant keyword.)headline a more relevant keyword.)

So keep this in mind as you utilize the LinkedIn headline examples above to craft your own for job searching.headline examples above to craft your own for job searching.

Rather than focusing on what your prior company dubbed your position, focus on what your potential employer is looking for in terms of keywords and titles.

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