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Keyword Shitter - Choose The Right Keywords To Get Higher Rankings


Welcome to Keyword Shitter.

It doesn't matter how wonderful your fishing gear is if you don't use some of the great free keyword tools available!

This is true even if you have excellent content but lack the necessary keyword research to stand out from the crowd.

SMEs who want to boost their website's SEO but cannot afford the sometimes-exorbitant fees of a professional SEO specialist would benefit from this article.

For those just starting out, we will give you finest free keyword research tools.

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It won't take you long to catch more fish if you use the tool below.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords pressed in a keyboard
Keywords pressed in a keyboard

The ideas and subjects that form the subject matter of your content are referred to as keywords.

Search queries are the words and phrases that people type into search engines while looking for a specific topic.

What are your core keywords if everything on your page is reduced to a few simple words and phrases?

The keywords on your page should be related to what people are searching for so that they have a better chance of finding your content in the search results.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keywords were the major means of conveying to search engines what you were writing about prior to semantic search.

If you employ a keyword a lot, your article will appear more relevant.

Aside from the fact that this resulted in tactics like keyword stuffing, which were meant to mislead the search engine, the user experience was negatively affected.

Many modifications have been made to improve Google's understanding of queries and websites during the past few years.

As a result, the significance of keyword utilization has risen.

As a result, this does not imply that keywords are obsolete.

Despite this, search engines still rely on them to figure out what subjects people are searching about.

Rather of focusing solely on keywords, search engines now take into account the relationships between different themes in order to better grasp the scope of your content and its relevance to certain inquiries.

In this way, they are able to provide users with better-quality search results by returning results that are more relevant and useful.

What Is Keyword Shitter?

A girl holding a poop emoji chocolate bread
A girl holding a poop emoji chocolate bread

With Keyword Shitter, you can search for keywords by entering a seed word, and it will display results for those searches.

Keywords are ranked according to how closely they relate to the seed term that sparked the search.

Using Keyword Shitter's features, you can look for relevant phrases, determine which ones have low competition, and see how much traffic and where in the search results these keywords might appear.

There is also a CSV export option available.

Google Trends, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Baidu, Google AdWords, and so on are all included in the data provided by Keyword Shitter.

Besides that, it shows the number of times the keywords were searched for on different Google search results pages.

Using the search box on Keyword Shitter, you may also get information on the length of the seed words you've input.

The site ranks the top 10 keywords based on the volume of searches, the top 20 keywords based on page rank, and the top 500 keywords based on the volume of monthly searches.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing both include similar search terms you can look for.

This software has a distinct edge over other similar tools because it is able to accept input in multiple languages, allowing it to adjust its data to the preferences of worldwide users.

It's also a breeze to set up and utilize.

The seed keyword is input by the user, and the second word is what the user wishes to know.

How Does Keyword Shitter Work?

First, it adds letters alphabetically to your seed keyword in Google Suggest.

Search volume and cost-per-click (CPC) metrics are not provided by Keyword Shitter, which is unusual for this type of service.

If you want to observe search volume and cpc in Keyword Shitter, you can utilize the Keywords Everywhere browser plugin (available for Chrome and Firefox).

As a bonus, this plugin also works with a number of other keyword tools.

Step By Step Guide For Using The Keyword Shitter Tool

Keywords letter block in a magnifying glass
Keywords letter block in a magnifying glass

Is there a tutorial for using the term shitter?

Read to the end and learn how to utilize the tool to locate your keywords.

The keyword shitter tool can be used in the following manner, as detailed below.

Step 1: Enter The Keyword Ideas

The homepage of the keyword shitter tool should be your first stop.

Then type in the search keyword in the white text box on the Keyword Shitter site.

This text field serves as a search engine.

Step 2: Use The Filter

A positive and a negative filter can be used in the keyword shitter tool to narrow the results.

Because of this, you prefer to employ both positive and negative keywords to describe your statements.

Run a search for positive and negative filters by entering a certain term in the search box.

This is an optional feature that you can activate at your discretion.

You have the option of including the phrase that this tool will produce.

Alternatively, you may just not use the filter at all.

Step 3: Shit The Keyword

Using the keyword shitter tool is easy once you have it configured to your liking.

To get to the keyword, you must select the option to end the job.

To download the file, click the blue download icon.

Copy and paste the content from the text field if you choose.

Use these keywords in any spreadsheet or other application that uses them.

People Also Ask

What Do You Mean By A Keyword?

In the content of your web pages, keywords are words or phrases which closely match the words and phrases that users are typing into search engines.

The use of keywords allows you to design an SEO plan that is targeted and measurable.

What Are The 4 Types Of Keywords?

We can categorize all terms into four types of intent based on our research: commercial, transactional, informational, and navigational.

What Keywords Should I Use?

Relevance, authority, and volume are all factors to consider when selecting keywords for your SEO campaign.

Based on the following criteria, you're looking for keywords that you can reasonably compete for: This is the level at which you're up against the opposition.

Content that is better than what's presently being ranked.


Google's Keyword Planner API will be used to generate keywords for the keyword shitter.

A human assessment of the keywords generated by the tool is always a good idea.

External APIs, such as Google Keyword Planner, provide the data for Keywords shitter.

According to previous searches, keywords are not produced at random.

Until you tell it to stop, Keywords Shitter will keep searching for keywords.

Using the Trends Everywhere engine, you can run each phrase to get the growth rate and interest index for each country and then compare them.

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