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JAMstack SEO - How To Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Jamstack SEO is not about any particular technology. It is a modern web development architecture that emphasizes CDNs and service decoupling.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
May 26, 202299 Shares1.9K Views
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  1. The Evolution Of SEO
  2. What Does JAMstack For SEO Mean For Site Speed?
  3. Technical SEO And Jamstack
  4. Jamstack SEO Strategy
  5. Benefits Of Having JAMstack Sites For SEO
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  7. Conclusion

Every year, a greater number of businesses establish a website and enter the fray, making the online space more competitive. Ranking high in search engineresults can be difficult, particularly for newcomers. That is why Jamstack SEOis so important.

Simply put, SEOis the process of optimizing a website in order to increase its visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing

Having said that, the more optimized your website is, the higher your visibility in search results will be. That means you are more likely to attract internet users' attention and potential customers to your business. Simple!

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The Evolution Of SEO

SEOhas evolved from a simple keyword placement strategy and meta title and description strategy to an entire practice aimed at improving the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results.

Even though traditional SEOmethods still carry a lot of weight, Google considers a hundred other factors when ranking web pages, such as backlinks, search intent, audience behavior, and analytics.

It's just that fierce competition, frequent algorithm updates, and well-informed users have made SEO a more difficult and time-consuming marketing function to master. SEO isn't a one-time event. However, another factor that influences how well a website ranks is site speed.

What Does JAMstack For SEO Mean For Site Speed?

JAMstack infographics with javascript, API, markup in smaller text
JAMstack infographics with javascript, API, markup in smaller text

JAMstack is a modern web development architecture that allows developers to build static websites. The method entails serving HTML from static hosting. It is an excellent choice if you want to provide dynamic contentand a fantastic user experienceusing JavaScript, the world's leading programming language.

The acronym JAMstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. Nike, Paypal, and Shopify all vouch for the performance that the web framework provides to their customers. That is why JAMstack is used to build their websites!

Technical SEO And Jamstack

Jamstack technology assists with technical SEOby ensuring that a website has technical characteristics such as a stable link, a responsive design, or a quick loading time.

Below is a checklist of critical measures to ensure technological SEO is up to par. It will aid in ensuring that the site's security and structure meet the expectations of search engine algorithms, resulting in the website being rewarded in search results.

Ensure The Website Is Mobile-friendly

Screenshot of blog covers
Screenshot of blog covers

A responsive website design adapts automatically to any screen size, allowing for easy navigation and reading. Google explicitly states that having a responsive website is an important ranking factor for its algorithms.

Because of Google's new mobile-first approach to indexing content, a responsive website is now more important than ever. As a result, it's an excellent way to ensure that the website is completely responsive and displays properly for smartphone, tablet, and desktop users.

Site Speed

Search engines prefer pages that load quickly; page speed is regarded as a significant ranking factor.

Web Performance

Subscribe and sign up screenshot
Subscribe and sign up screenshot

Web performance refers to the speed with which web pages download and display on a user's web browser. Web performance is the objective measurement of a website's or application's performance as well as the user's experience with it.

Using an application delivery controller like the Avi Vantage Platform can result in dramatic improvements in web performance through application acceleration, autoscaling, and highly efficient network traffic management.

Web performance entails measuring an application's real and perceived speeds, optimizing where possible, and then tracking performance to ensure that what has been optimized stays optimized. This necessitates the use of numerous metrics as well as tools to track those metrics.

Jamstack SEO Strategy

Jamstack technology has a significant impact on website structure, providing enhanced performance benefits such as speed, security, scalability, serviceability, and more.

All of the advantages of modern web development have boosted the digital industry, with many buyers now shopping online rather than visiting, and individuals and businesses seeking services conducting an online search before visiting any office. This is why SEO is so important, and you must consider SEO when designing your website.

Benefits Of Having JAMstack Sites For SEO

When it comes to content optimization, JAMstack prepares your site to achieve any SEO goal you can think of. You may need to put in some effort to succeed, but JAMstack does the heavy lifting for you, ensuring a strong start to your development project. The following are the advantages of using JAMstack sites for SEO:

Little Infrastructure Management

Third-party APIs allow apps to exchange data and functionality in a timely and secure manner. You can do everything in JAMstack without having to build any infrastructure. There are no databases or backend codebases to manage.

Improved Security

On each request, static sites execute less code. This results in fewer runtime errors and improved data security. Developers only need to concentrate on optimizing runtime assets and deploying static assets to the CDN.

The arrangement also improves the site's performance by reducing network travel distance and latency delays, resulting in a better user experience. Who doesn't want a fast-loading, safe, and secure website?


Because the entire JAMstack site content is rendered client-side in HTML, search engines can quickly ingest it and alleviate common issues by improving site SEO.

Google, for example, will always prefer sites that load quickly and have better keyword and URL placement. If you do the same, you will eventually see an increase in actively engaged users and a higher conversion rate, which is almost always the end goal of any businesswebsite.

You can also optimize the images on your JAMstack site, remove render-blocking resources, modify unused CSS and JavaScript files, and concentrate efforts to avoid layout thrashing and slow paint operations. Yes, SEO is time-consuming - even in JAMstack!

Robust CMS

For your development project, there are numerous headless CMSplatforms and static website generators to choose from. You can use something like Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress, or you can use open-source blogging platforms that use JavaScript, such as Ghost.

Finally, a CMS platform should be able to assist you in managing content and creating HTML that will be rendered in the clients' browsers.

If you improve content delivery through static caching, you don't have to worry about losing the flexibility of a publishing workflow. The good news is that JAMstack is file-based rather than database-based, which simplifies version control.

Knowledge Of The JAMstack Ecosystem

If you value high performance, data security, and SEO, the modern web application architecture is well worth your time. Because JAMstack is open to integrating with a variety of tools, plugins, and APIs, you can have a great time creating a site that you love!

People Also Ask

Is Jamstack Good For SEO?

Jamstack has the ideal SEO-friendly qualities for any size website. Google bots always index static pre-rendered web pages without issue. Furthermore, faster loading times translate into a better user experience, which leads to increased engagement.

Is Jamstack The Future?

JAMstack is a revolutionary new architecture introduced by Netlify CEO Mathias Biilman. Designed to speed up the web and support new tools and workflows used in modern development. JAMstack denotes the combination of three fundamental elements: JavaScript, API, and Markup.

Does Jamstack Have A Backend?

A Jamstack backend is a JSON or XML-based content API. This API could be a hosted datastore, a headless CMS, or a custom app. Because it only serves JSON or XML, you can use the same API for your Gatsby site and native applications.


There is no denying that we are returning to the origins of web development, with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript emerging as the true stars of website development. When it comes to SEO, it takes a collaborative effort from UX, SEO, and developers.

If done correctly, your JAMstack site will perform admirably, exceeding your target audience's expectations. With speed and performance garnering more attention from both end-users and search engines, having a dependable architecture for your website is essential.

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