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Infographic Outreach - Make People Interested In Your Content And Increase Your Rankings


Infographic outreach is a new and fun way to get a lot of people interested in your product.

On top of that, it's a great way to reach out to people.

Studies have shown that people would rather look at cool pictures than reading pages and pages of boring text.

When you are trying to share a lot of complicated information, it is more important to remember this preference.

No one wants to look through a lot of data and statistics to find the interesting parts.

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That could be why so many academic papers and white papers from the business world don't get much attention online.

But somewhere, a smart content marketer came up with a way to make this kind of information easy to read and understand.

You should also be happy if it has always been hard for you to make boring ideas into interesting content marketing campaigns.

What Is Infographic Outreach?

Infographic pictures on a coffee website
Infographic pictures on a coffee website

Infographic Outreach, also known as Infographic Submission, is a lot like Blogger Outreach (Guest Posting) in that it is the process of finding influential bloggers and getting in touch with them to build links.

Infographic outreach is a popular way to build links.

Brands and digital marketing agencies use it to get influential bloggers to share an infographic with their target audience.

The goal is to get credible links and more exposure.

A great infographic with useful information is likely to be shared a lot, which often leads to more natural, organic backlinks.

If you want to make a plan for a mind-blowing outreach campaign, your main goal should be to use every tool you have to do it.

Successful campaigns must also make a brand known to more people, increase site traffic, and make a lot of safe backlinks.

This usually requires a wide range of skills, such as writing, design, and building relationships.

In the past few years, infographics have become a popular part of these outreach tools.

But there are still a lot of questions about this area of design.

For example, what are visual content, data visualization, and information design when it comes to infographics?

Infographics are a type of visual communication that is unique.

The word itself comes from the words "information" and "graphics."

Infographics often combine pictures with text or numbers to show information about a certain topic.

They have become very popular outreach tools because they can be used in both editorials and online branded content.

Pros And Cons Of Infographics

Now that we've laid the groundwork, we can start to learn more about infographics. One good place to start would be to think about their pros and cons.

These things are:


  • Infographics can take a lot of information and turn it into pictures that don't need a lot of words to explain.
  • Also, they are easy to understand. People are always busy and have short attention spans, so this is very important.
  • Research has shown that people only remember about 20% of what they read. This number goes up to 83 percent, though, when they learn from pictures.
  • Infographics are interesting, easy o share, and keep people interested.
  • They don't follow a set pattern, which gives designers more freedom to be creative.


  • Making an infographic takes a lot of time and work. You have to do a lot of research and design the layout and graphics as well.
  • Infographics are still not seen by search engines. This means they can't be put in an index. But you can easily fix this by indexing the page where each infographic is shown.
  • An infographic might not always tell the whole story to the reader. Since there isn't much room for full paragraphs, you may end up with a version of the information that isn't as clear. Depending on the content you're sharing, this could be a good thing or a bad thing.
  • Sometimes, designers try to fit a lot of information into small images, which makes the copy very hard to read.

Why Should I Do Infographic Outreach?

When you submit an infographic, you have the chance to get a link that isn't based on the text like an in-content link.

This helps to change the types of links in your profile, which helps your SEO campaign.

With the right outreach goals, making and sharing a really interesting infographic can also lead to more people visiting your website.

This makes them a great asset for your content marketing strategy.

What Is An Infographic Placement?

When your infographic design is put on another website or blog post, this is called an "infographic placement."

You should write 100–300 words of supporting content from the blog owner's point of view.

Make sure that your target URL is mentioned so that you get the link you deserve.

Effective Infographic Outreach

Three drawings of website structure with different colors
Three drawings of website structure with different colors

"Work smarter, not harder" may sound like a corny cliche, but it's good advice to follow.

When it comes to reaching out, they are especially right.

It means you can't just focus on your keyboard if you want people to talk about a great infographic. Instead, you have to think outside the box.

The traditional way to reach out to people is to send a generic, impersonal pitch to hundreds of people.

We already know, though, that these are more likely than not to be ignored or deleted.

When promoting their visual content, many marketers fail to come up with a good outreach plan.

This is the biggest mistake you can make, so you should be careful not to make the same mistake.

But outreach is more than just sending out a bunch of emails that no one will ever read.

Remember that more than a billion people go online every day, so you will be competing with them to get your content seen.

So, here is the ultimate guide to writing a good outreach strategy that will help you stay ahead in the content marketing race.

Top Tips For Effective Infographic Outreach

Infographic video on a laptop with vase and plant behind it
Infographic video on a laptop with vase and plant behind it

Get The Infographic Ready To Go Viral

Ensure the infographic is viral-ready by making it extremely shareable.

First, the infographic's landing page needs a CTA near social sharing buttons.

Request infographic sharing in the CTA.

Research shows that pages with many social sharing options have the most shared information.

The more options you give the reader, the more likely they are to share; this implies offering multiple social media platforms and ways to share.

Put social sharing buttons at the bottom and side of the infographic for your audience.

Check the infographic's alt tags for each social media network.

You can design multiple infographic alt tags based on the social media networks you're posting on.

Optimizing alt tags ensures your infographic reaches the most people.

Use Your Buyer Persona

All of your marketing efforts revolve around your buyer persona, but this is especially true for infographic outreach.

If you know exactly who you're trying to reach with the infographic, it's much easier to do so.

The buyer persona should make it clear which social media platforms your ideal audience uses the most.

These are the platforms you want to focus on when doing content marketing outreach.

Plan A Targeted Outreach Strategy

Keep in mind that this step usually takes a lot of work and time.

You will need to do a lot of planning, but it will be worth it in the end.

To do it well, you need to know a lot about the people you want to reach.

Which social media site do they use the most?

What do they like?

Lastly, how do you get people to keep coming back?

In turn, this information will help figure out which ways of reaching out will work best.

Once you have all of this in place, you need to come up with steps you can take and a time frame for when you want to finish your outreach plan.

Over time, you'll be able to tell which parts of the strategy are working well and which ones need to be changed.

After you've done this analysis, you'll be able to make the changes you need to have a better plan.

Look For Places To Share Your Infographic

Your plan will tell you when to post your infographic at some point.

But where are you going to put it?

Have you thought about all the ways you could share?

If you have a Facebook page with a lot of visitors, post the image there.

If you have a lot of people following you on Twitter, tweeting about your new infographic should be a top priority.

When it comes to social sharing, the best place to share seems to depend on how much traffic that profile already gets and how likely it is that the audience will be interested in your information.

You can use hashtags and keywords to get your new social media to account to show up in searches, but that shouldn't be your main way to reach people.

Instead, send people to these accounts while getting people to look at your infographic.

People Are More Likely To Share

Infographics are more likely to spread quickly because they are easy to share.

An infographic that is colorful and easy to remember is likely to be shared and posted elsewhere, which could make it spread like wildfire across the internet.

If it's well-made, relevant, and interesting, people will want to share it.

The more people who share, the more people will hear about your organization, which means you'll get more attention or make more sales.

People Also Ask

What Is An Infographic In Marketing?

Infographics are, in their most basic form, graphical representations of data that are presented in a style that is more interesting to the reader than traditional written copy.

It may be difficult to reach the same level of information that can be found in the text yet, an engaging infographic can be more appealing to consumers of the web while still conveying important information.

What Is Infographic In SEO?

Infographics may not only effectively convey your message in a way that is clear and appealing to the eye, but they can also help you keep the interest of your readers.

When combined with other components of a website, infographics are able to assist in achieving a higher ranking in search engines.

Infographics are a fun and easy way to comprehend even the most difficult of subjects.

Are Infographics Successful?

Nearly 80% of people who have utilized infographics in the preceding year have discovered that they are effective.

The following is a selection of the report's most notable findings: When it comes to their social media messaging, seventy-four percent of marketers rely on images.

Infographics are used by 56 percent of the companies that were surveyed.


Infographics have become very popular on the internet in recent years, especially on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Infographics outreach is still a popular way to spread the word about your business and get more social shares, despite what others have said about them.

Infographics are getting more attention from businesses and organizations because they are good at getting information to the right people quickly and easily.

A website can really get a lot of new visitors if it has an infographic that is interesting and useful.

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