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How To Write A Backgrounder?


A backgrounder is a three- to a five-page piece that outlines a current topic or incident pertaining to your firm. It may also be used to summarize broad corporate information on a firm's About page or Wiki page, which the company produces and maintains. Backgrounders are often simply informative and do not include promotional language. They are often written in the first person to give the idea that the firm is communicating directly to its target audience.

A backgrounder is typically included with a press release that is distributed to media outlets in order to contact reporters. A press release is a one-page statement used by businesses or government authorities to introduce a new product or service or to address a problem. A backgrounder provides context for an issue or topic by offering pertinent information about the firm delivering the remark.

Reporters may learn about a firm by reading the backgrounder, which allows them to create short and accurate stories on the company and issue without conducting significant research.

How to write a Backgrounder with Tania Donovan

How To Get A Backgrounder?

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Hire A Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is one of the most cost-effective solutions because you will not be paying for professional services. And with the proper freelancer, you may obtain the same quality that a press release business would. Most organizations pay freelancers to create a comprehensive media kit, which contains a backgrounder, personnel bios, case studies, product fact sheets, and other materials.

Write The Backgrounder Yourself

Because it is absolutely free, this is usually the choice chosen by entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. However, before you choose this option, be sure to read our full instructions on how to build a backgrounder because your document should adhere to specific formatting and style standards. You may also use our backgrounder template, which is completely customizable.

Use A Press Release Distribution Service

With this option, you pass over the responsibility for creating and sending a backgrounder to the press release business. Typically, a representative from the press release company will meet with you to review the substance of your backgrounder and learn more about your organization. In this manner, they'll be able to understand what you're saying. Finally, an editor will go through your backgrounder to ensure that it adheres to AP style requirements.

How To Write A Backgrounder?
How To Write A Backgrounder?

How To Write A Backgrounder?

Tone And Style

The tone and style of your backgrounder should meet industry standards. For the tone of your business, it's best to keep your backgrounder professional and concise. Your tone should also be written in third-person and not include any jargon or slang terms.

We recommend using the AP style, a set of standardized rules and guidelines that was created by American journalists working for or connected to the Associated Press (AP). This style guide is adopted across the country, with most journalists and media outlets following its rules for the publication of traditional and online media.

Include Your Contact Details

Your backgrounder, like a media advisory or press release, should begin with the necessary contact information. Include the media contact's contact information, including their email and phone number, as well as the company's address and website.

Write About Your Company, Its Products, Or Services

This part is sometimes regarded as the backgrounder's body since it concentrates on the extent of your company's, products, or services on offer. Not to be mistaken with your company's history. This part focuses on what your company offers and how it has influenced its industry.

Highlight your strategy to providing exceptional customer service and how you're trying to gain your consumers' confidence. This part should assist the reader to understand why your company stands out from the crowd, especially if you're attempting to join an already crowded market.

Avoid deviating from the topic. Include only relevant information about your company or the product, service, or event that your press release is about. For example, if your backgrounder includes a media advisory for a sports fundraising event, it would be inappropriate to discuss a beauty product your company sells.

Include information and research that is relevant to your press release. Journalists are constantly on the lookout for data and important figures that demonstrate the trustworthiness of a company or product since this helps them develop trust with their readers.

Write About Your Company's History

Because backgrounders are often distributed to media outlets that are unfamiliar with your company, it's a good idea to add a brief section that explains how your company came to be. This part should detail how the company was started, who created it, what inspired the notion, what the initial goal was, and how the company has changed through time.

Include any honors or achievements that your company has attained. This is an excellent technique to demonstrate your company's reputation and progress. While your history section should be no more than three paragraphs long, if you have more than two honors and milestones, we recommend displaying them in numerical format.

Introduce Your Current Vision And Purpose Statements

The history section is an excellent approach to present the current situation of your company and why it is worth supporting. Include no more than two to five phrases, since this allows you to demonstrate the values your company supports as well as your goal statement.

Describe how you want to proceed and your objectives, especially if you hope to enhance your neighborhood. Include this information if your company supports local community programs or charity since it reflects your company's beliefs.

Write Your Conclusion

Your conclusion should be a recap of your backgrounder thus far, emphasizing just the main points you want the reader to remember. Spend some time on this area because some writers will skim over it for a fast summary. If this part is sufficiently instructive, the reader may be enticed to return and thoroughly read the backgrounder.

Example Backgrounder
Example Backgrounder

Example Backgrounder

Media Contact: 

[Name and Surname]

[Business Name]

[Media Contact Job Title]


Telephone Number:


Business Website:


[Company Name] is a [type of company] that produces top-quality [type of products or services] for our customers in the [location] area. [Company Name] success has stemmed from staying connected to its loyal customer base, ensuring they are always placed first in its decision-making processes. With a variety of [product name] options available, customers have benefited from [list of at least three benefits].

Over the years, [company name] popular [product name] has grown in popularity, earning multiple awards and a total of [fact], with most customers stating the product greatly improved their lives thanks to its powerful [product details]. [Product name] was initially developed as a standalone product but has since expanded into [insert facts on how it's grown].

History of [Business Name]

[Company name] was created by [first and last name of founder/s] in [location] in [year of inception] when the then-budding entrepreneur saw a need for more [product or service] in [his/her] community. Looking for an opportunity to capitalize on [location] growing [industry name] industry, [first name of founder] came up with the idea to produce [product name] with the help of a small team of dedicated employees.

After nearly [number of years since inception] years in the business, the business has grown exponentially, with [number of stores] stores currently open in [number of states] states. Despite its great success, the company has remained loyal to its initial vision to provide affordable products to low-income families that struggle to afford the more expensive brands in the market.

Awards & Milestones

[Name and year of award][Name and year of award][Name and year of award]

Company Vision and Mission Statement

[Insert mission statement and company vision]


[Company name] is a successful [type of company] business that credits its success to hard work and a loyal customer base who has supported the business since its inception in [year of inception]. With over [number of awards] awards, including best [most significant award], the business has solidified itself as a top contender in the [type of industry] industry.

How to write a backgrounder
How to write a backgrounder

What Is A Backgrounder In Public Relations?

A backgrounder is a document that gives further information about a company. a product, service, or an event A backgrounder is often delivered along with a press release or media advisory.

What Is The Purpose Of A Backgrounder?

A backgrounder's objective is to offer media outlets more information about a company or product that is being promoted in a press release. Essentially, the backgrounder lives up to its name by presenting information about the company's past.

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