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How To Make Your Remote Employees Feel More Connected With The Organization

Whether your organization was always working remotely or has just shifted to WFH after the outbreak, every HR manager should be mindful of whether their remote workforce feels connected to the organization or not.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
May 24, 20231.7K Shares43.2K Views

Whether your organization was always working remotely or has just shifted to WFH after the outbreak, every HR manager should be mindful of whether their remote workforce feels connected to the organization or not.

Higher employee engagement means better productivity, dedicated employees, a good customer retention rate, and more. However, as a matter of course, one of the biggest challenges HR managers of virtual teams face is employee engagement.

If you are also dealing with the same issue and need insights on how to deal with disengaged employees, then take a help of an effective employee engagement software.

The global need for effective employee engagement software is on the rise, its market has grown significantly, and its scope and applications are facing an upward trend.

If you also want to learn why employee engagement software is a helpful tool for remote teams, what it does, and how it benefits your remote teams and the organization, then let's get started.

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Why Do Remote Teams Need Employee Engagement?

  • For better service and enhanced productivity.
  • For the sales to go upwards
  • For higher shareholder returns
  • For increased profits
  • To ensure higher customer satisfaction and more.

What Does Employee Engagement Software Necessitate for Your Organization?

An employee engagement software or workforce engagement software is an application program that helps the organization and employees come to terms with each other.

With the help of effective employee engagement software, such as Cloverleaf, employees can become a part of their company administration and be more effective and productive. Cloverleaf features include daily insights, tests, team comparisons, creating employee profiles, data visualization, and more.

All these features create an environment where employees can work, connect and collaborate even after being in a virtual working setup.

Furthermore, it proves to be immensely helpful in tracking employee engagement status and identifying and eliminating/reducing the causes of disengagement using a systematic approach.

8 Benefits of Using Employee Engagement Software for Remote Teams

Employee Engagement is a Continuous Process

Employee engagement is not a one-time task. You have to keep doing data analysis and automate repeating tasks. With the help of effective employee engagement software, you can collect valuable data, receive constructive feedback and keep an eye on your remote employees' work culture without hassle.

Conducting Surveys Becomes Easy

Employee engagement software provides a platform for your employees to raise issues and give feedback via pulse surveys. Regular feedback gives insights into your employees' needs and requirements and helps you form a better connection with them.

With the help of this feedback, you can alter what you do not like in your company culture and start building an effective engagement strategy.

Easy-to-use Interface

Mostly, all the employee engagement software is mobile-friendly. They have their own apps with an easy-to-use interface. Now you can keep track of your employees on the go irrespective of the geographical location.

Foster a Healthier Work Culture

Employee engagement software will help you create a virtual office platform to unite your dispersed team. It will help you create an ideal work environment where everyone feels an integral part of the team.

It will allow your employees to voice their opinions and a platform to express their views strategically.

Bring You Closer to Your Team

Effective employee engagement software helps you to understand your employees. It enables you to connect with your team members. You can establish a healthy relationship with your remote teams via unique features such as a chat box and group chats.

Easy Access to Resources and Company Portals

Employee engagement software enables employees to access all the organization's resources and company portals from a unified interface. This helps them reach their goals faster, as every employee is always clear and transparent about what is to be achieved and how.

As a manager, you can continuously keep track to identify which goals are met and which employees are more vested in terms of performance.


Effective employee engagement software with good features is critical to any organization's success, especially when you have a remote workforce.

It is an effective and much better way to enhance engagement than traditional and obsolete methods.

Fix disengagement using a strategic approach and incorporate a sense of connectedness between the company and the employees by taking help from one today.

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