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16 Tips To Liven Up Your B2B Social Media With Facebook Live

You should start using Facebook Live if you want to promote your brand. It's one of the most popular new social media trends, and it'll determine your brand's success in 2018 and beyond. One of the best things about Facebook Live is that you can reach out to your existing fans much more quickly.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
May 20, 202258.4K Shares927.7K Views

How to liven up your b2b social media with Facebook live - You should start using Facebook Live if you want to promote your brand. It's one of the most popular new social media trends, and it'll determine your brand's success in 2022 and beyond.

One of the best things about Facebook Live is that you can reach out to your existing fans much more quickly.

With the growing popularity of live video, you'll also gain a fair dose of brand exposure.

People spend more time watching Facebook Live videos than non-live ones, according to Social Media Today. Three times the amount.

That's insane! You should take advantage of the platform while it still retains its novelty value. If you're curious how Facebook Live stacks up against other platforms, you'll be pleased to learn that it's one of the finest.

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While you may increase traffic with YouTube Live, Facebook Live is more popular because more people use Facebook on a regular basis. Furthermore, Facebook Live is nearly as popular as YouTube Live.

According to Livestream and New York Magazine's poll, 66 percent of respondents like Facebook Live.

In this article, we'll go through the finest methods for creating a live video that can help you build your brand and become something that people will want to speak about.

Remember that a live video stays on Facebook for a long time after you've finished streaming, so make it a fun experience that people will want to watch again and again.

How to Promote Your Facebook Live: Tips for Organic Exposure

Organize A Q&A Session

Screenshot of Q and A with Lee Hsien Loong
Screenshot of Q and A with Lee Hsien Loong

Hosting a Q&A is the quickest and easiest way to get started with Facebook Live. This is an excellent place to begin because it allows you to instantly receive feedback on your performance and create content depending on what people want to know.

If you want to boost audience interaction, provide a more in-depth look at your business, and achieve greater visibility and recognition, this is the place to be. This is your admission ticket.

However, it does not have to be a straightforward procedure. You may make the basic Q&A into something even more intricate and fascinating by adding more questions.

Show The Audience How To Do Something

The first rule of developing content for your audience is to always deliver value. Teaching your audience how to do something is one of the simplest methods to accomplish this.

This can be simple if the instruction is for a task you are familiar with.

Dunkin' Donuts demonstrated how to make simple Valentine's Day sweets through live video. The useful resource provided an excellent approach to connect with fans and expand the audience.

Benefit Cosmetics chose to offer a series of how-to videos teaching beauty skills as part of their Facebook Live plan to raise brand recognition.

These videos are highly beneficial to regular viewers, and they also make for shareable content that fans will want to watch over and over.

Stream A Special Interview

Even if you don't think you have what it takes to produce a live video, you may easily put someone else in the spotlight. The cast of The Jungle Book was interviewed at the Airbnb Treehouse in a Facebook Live video provided by Airbnb.

It was a wonderful piece of cross-promotion that allowed them to reach out to a large number of Disney fans and increase brand recognition.

By interviewing celebrities, they were able to connect with fans and promote the Airbnb brand in a way that few other techniques could.

Make An Announcement About A New Product

You can create a social media firestorm for your future product release, just like Apple did when they turned their product launches into media and brand awareness events.

The key is to create anticipation and deliver a well-rehearsed performance that keeps viewers engaged throughout the video. Chevrolet revealed the new EV Bolt and its features via a Facebook Live video when it was released.

It created excitement for what they planned to do with the car's introduction and gave them a new platform to convert the product debut into a media event.

Even if your product is in a "boring" market, a new release can be significant news for your most loyal followers, who will help you reach new people.

Demonstrate And Explain A Product

Consider displaying a product you've already made if you're having trouble coming up with a Facebook Live video that will work for your audience and business.

Don't be concerned about announcing a new product or instructing customers on how to use it. Simply display the thing you're selling in real time. Because you're chatting about something you're already familiar with, this is a terrific way to relax.

Even if you despise being filmed, it's a terrific method to pull off a live video.

This technique was utilized by Martha Stewart to demonstrate several Christmas decoration concepts. She simply discussed the things that were already set up in the studio, rather than instructing how to use the decor.

If you're not yet comfortable thinking on your feet, this is a terrific way to get started with Facebook Live.

Give A Live Demonstration

2 animated person doing a Facebook live
2 animated person doing a Facebook live

To be entertaining, your Facebook Live video doesn't have to be about a person or a product. If you have a unique venue, giving a live tour might be a great way to reach out to your devoted customers.

When Callaway wanted to provide golf fans special content, they took them on a tour inside Arnold Palmer's office.

The basic film, which displays the great golfer's archival surroundings, has received nearly a quarter-million views to date. That's incredible.

Using a distinctive location, or even your company's office, to promote your brand and educate others about the values and interests that drive your company can be a terrific method to promote your brand and teach others about the values and interests that drive your company.

Make A Show That Will Air On A Regular Basis

Consider launching a daily program if you want to deliver tremendous value to your most devoted viewers on a regular basis. This is a fantastic approach to interact with followers on a personal level.

To make this work, you'll need to set up time each day to respond to queries from your followers. It can be a fun way to keep up with the latest trends and illustrate what's going on in your field, especially if it's one that changes frequently. Guy Kawasaki's Daily Ask Me Anything is an excellent example of a well-executed daily presentation.

He can provide professional insight to his committed admirers and answer their questions regarding the most current breakthroughs because the social media and digital surroundings evolve so swiftly.

Breaking News Should Be Announced

You should live stream each event that has an impact on your brand. This is an excellent technique to convey information through new channels in the same manner that traditional media channels such as television and radio do.

To make this work, you must first choose the event you want to broadcast. Frequently, this is something new for which you will not have time to prepare.

Other events, such as holidays, special celebrations, or even environmental occurrences, can and should be planned ahead of time.

If you're the dominant source of live information during a breaking news event, you'll gain a lot of brand awareness without having to spend a lot of money or time.

Make A Raw Version Of Your Videos

If you already have a significant following for prerecorded and edited videos, a viral Facebook Live video displaying the process in real time has a lot of promise. While most of your viewers are accustomed to watching edited film, the allure of a live, unedited clip is irresistible.

You can display the video to fans right now, bloopers and all, so they can watch it and share it afterwards. Tastemade's Tiny Kitchen: LIVE video, as a follow-up to its hugely successful Tiny Kitchen series, earned massive brand exposure.

With over four million views, it was a smash hit. If you already have a successful video style, this is an easy method to extend to Facebook Live without having to do any additional planning or preparation.

Showcase Your Company's Personality

When it comes to what your Facebook Live viewers want to see, the truth is that people are more likely to engage with you through live video than through a blog post.

In fact, 80% of people would rather watch a brand's live video than read a blog article, and 82 percent would rather watch a live video than read a social post. You must make the most of this medium.

One of the most appealing aspects of live video is that it gives you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to demonstrate your brand's personality. To make this work, you'll need a specific type of event or subject for your video in order to provide a casual and transparent look inside your business.

Provide A Taste Of Your Brand's Experience To Your Audience

For businesses with a physical storefront, our first strategy is ideal. It's tough to explain the look and feel of your store using text or even photographs, so going to the work of making a film might not be worth it.

Instead, hold a live event where you may give potential customers a tour of your store. Start at the top and work your way down, answering questions as they come up in the chat.

It's fine if you don't have a real storefront. A real-time presentation of your product or service can produce the same effect.

Consider utilizing Facebook Live's 24-hour capacity if you really want to go above and beyond.

Although you won't be able to keep a film of this length, you may set up a live broadcast of a typical day in your store or workplace to show people what life is like behind the scenes.

This provides a lot of exposure for your company, which you can utilize to educate new and existing clients about your brand. Furthermore, a large live video has been shown to appear higher in the Facebook news feed.

Leaders And Employees In The Spotlight

Recruiting elite talent is becoming increasingly challenging. Your company's brand is more than simply your logo and how you present yourself to the world.

Your brand also has a more in-depth, employee-focused component. In fact, 62% of candidates use social media to study a firm before applying.

This indicates they want to work for a firm that values and appreciates its employees. You certainly do, but you can let the rest of the world know by putting them in the spotlight.

This not only attracts potential employees, but it also allows your company to reveal its human side and get more trust from its audience.

Choose 1 employee to highlight each month and have them perform a live video introducing themselves, demonstrating their role at your organization, and showcasing a typical day at work.

The same can be said about your company's leaders. Make this a consistent effort, and you'll see that it increases your audience's affinity for your brand while also drawing top talent to your organization.

Hold A Contest Or A Giveaway

Who doesn't like getting free stuff? Contests may be a fun way to interact with your fans and followers while also increasing your exposure and expanding your following.

According to Tailwind, accounts that conduct an Instagram contest and giveaway on a regular basis grow 70% quicker than those who don't.

Here's an example of a contest or giveaway on Facebook:

Screenshot of a giveaway on Facebook
Screenshot of a giveaway on Facebook

The rules are straightforward and straightforward. TriviaBrunch not only gains fresh visibility within their big fan following, but they also have the fantastic option to post user-generated material on their own page.

Make Content That Can Be Shared With A Buddy

Social media users frequently tag their friends in comments on posts that they believe their friends would love.

You may take advantage of this quick and easy exposure by uploading comparable material and allowing users to tag a friend who they believe will enjoy or relate to it. This MVMT Facebook post is an excellent example of a “tag a friend” post that highlights their goods and provides consumers a sense of the brand without being overly promotional.

Post Photographs And Videos From Behind-the-Scenes

Posting behind-the-scenes photographs and videos from your brand is one of the more intimate social media marketing ideas.

This shows your audience that your firm is made up of a team of individuals that are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services, which helps you develop deeper relationships with customers and leads.

Use Facebook's "Reactions" To Your Advantage

Facebook's seven reactions
Facebook's seven reactions

The reaction button is one of Facebook's most entertaining features. Users can use one of five distinct reply emojis to respond to Facebook postings with this function.

Users can now choose among “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry” instead of merely “liking” a post.

Though these buttons are most commonly used to respond to material from friends and family, marketers can also use them to engage their followers and assess interest or feelings about a certain topic.

The reactions of "like," "love," and "wow" tell the brand that viewers loved the material and found it amusing. If you're getting a lot of angry responses, it's time to rethink your social media content approach.

Emojis Should Be Used More Frequently

Including emoticons in your social media postings is a terrific way to engage your audience while also having some fun.

Using emojis in tweets can boost engagement by 25.4 percent, while using them in Facebook posts can boost engagement by 57 percent, according to HootSuite. If you're going to use emojis in your social media posts or comments, make sure they're relevant and that you know what they signify.

Though including a few emoticons in your article will help it stand out, don't be scared to go a little more imaginative.

What Time Of Day Is Best For Facebook Live?

As your business insight and analytics are checked on Facebook, study shows that between 1 pm and 3 pm, the ideal time you may go live on Facebook. Working days are good because during a work break people like to check their social media programs.

Can You Restrict Facebook Live?

The option of limiting the audience is available only for people who publish Live-Broadcasting streams to Facebook using the API (application programming interface), such as media companies, professional developers, and software brands to send fancy cameras and tools, as confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson.

This means that users live streaming within the Facebook app, often known as regular persons, cannot limit who can see their broadcasts beyond the basic Facebook post settings.

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