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How To Generate More B2B Leads With Killer Landing Pages

Last week, we spoke about how to use the right CTA to turn prospects into customers. And we hope your CTAs are getting more clicks now!

Clicking on a CTA, on the other hand, is only one of the initial steps in a prospect's buying process. In this piece, we'll go through how to use great landing pages to get more B2B leads, including:

  • Software for creating landing pages
  • Every landing page should have the following design elements
  • What is the best way to write copy that converts?
  • What should your landing page form contain?

Landing Page Software At Its Finest

For your landing page, it's not enough to simply construct a conventional web page. What's to stop you? Because you want to track each step the buyer makes so you can figure out what works and what doesn't.

For instance, your CTA may receive a lot of hits, but the associated landing page fails to persuade the reader to fill out your form. You'll want to count how many of:

  • Your CTA receives a ciicks
  • The number of people who visit your landing page
  • Your form has received a number of submissions.
  • Let's look at some of the greatest landing page software solutions.


Unbounce is the solution for you if you're looking for anything in the center. Unbounce could be your best alternative if you don't require a full-fledged CRM like Hubspot but yet want many of the same capabilities.

Unbounce, like Clickfunnels, has clean, drag-and-drop themes. Unbounce, on the other hand, provides a few features that a basic ClickFunnels membership does not, including:

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 30-day trial
  • Mobile responsive templates
  • 100,000 visitor limit (ClickFunnels is 20,000)


The goal of ClickFunnels is to help people "sell products more profitably." Its landing page templates are simple , straightforward.

Users are encouraged to create a "funnel" for each project, starting with landing sites and thank-you pages and ending with email automation triggers.

Its data are clearly shown, and understanding them does not require a marketing degree.


The gold standard is Hubspot. It's the CRM that Marx Communications employs. The process of creating a landing page is straightforward, and metrics are included.

Hundreds of templates are available for download or buy on Hubspot. You can also use its simple drag-and-drop tool to create your own template.

Landing pages are readily incorporated into automated workflows, allowing viewers to get tailored offers based on their selections once your automation is set up.

Every Landing Page Must Have These Design Elements To Generate More B2B Leads

How to generate more b2b leads with killer landing pages design elements
How to generate more b2b leads with killer landing pages design elements

You may begin constructing the perfect page now that you've chosen your software.

There are a few basic guidelines to follow when creating your landing page, whether you utilize a template or develop your own bespoke page

Use Fonts And Colors That Contrast

Your landing page fonts should be two to three colors. One color is far too drab, while four colors is far too crowded.

Fonts are the same way. One typeface is boring, but too many fonts would make the page look cluttered. It's best to choose two different typefaces that complement one another. If your primary font is a SERIF font, your contrasting font should be SANS-SERIF.

Include Buttons For Social Sharing

Include social sharing buttons to encourage prospects to tell others about the hidden gem they've discovered.

Use A Simple Format

You may believe that certain aspects must be included while laying out the pieces for your landing page. Including too much content, on the other hand, may cause the prospect to leave your landing page after only a few seconds.

Make a good first impression by keeping your landing page clean and clutter-free.

At The Very Least, One Image Should Be Included

Include an image of the ebook if you're selling one. Include an image that illustrates what your brand is all about if you're offering a blog membership. You get my drift.

An all-text landing page is a giant yawn, so use eye-catching images to draw people's attention.

Always include your logo on your landing page to ensure visitors that it belongs to you. On a landing page, you usually don't want your logo to be clickable because it will take the visitor back to the main page. However, you can do so on the thank-you page that follows.

How To Write Converting Copy

How to generate more b2b leads with killer landing pages converting copy typing machine
How to generate more b2b leads with killer landing pages converting copy typing machine

You want to make your offer as plain as possible while writing your landing page. Don't make any promises that you can't keep.

If your eBook is about how to advertise to Millennials, don't claim a step-by-step guide if all you have is a high-level overview with some numbers.

Similarly, be cautious regarding the advertising results that your offer will provide. Will this result in an increase in traffic? Perhaps. Will they, however, increase traffic by 500%? That's possible, but it's a risky promise to make.

However, being detailed in your copy is advantageous. You don't want to make any promises that you can't keep. "See how one company raised their traffic by 500 percent in only one month," rather than "Increase traffic by 500 percent in one month." Include this information in the offer to ensure that you deliver.

In conclusion, there are a few guidelines to follow when creating a great landing page:

  • In your title, repeat the CTA's offer.
  • Give a brief summary of what you're offering. However...
  • Make sure that the majority of your text informs the reader about the advantages of your service.

What Should Your Landing Page Form Contain?

Keep in mind that, in general, mobile page views have now overtaken desktop views. This implies your form should be straightforward and your submit button should be obvious. Should you ask for more information if you know your analytics well enough to notice that your desktop views are higher? (one supplemental question at most).

It's tempting to try to collect as much information from your prospects as possible right away. Long forms, on the other hand, that ask for too much personal information, easily turn off visitors. Instead, consider the following:

Only ask for your name and email address.Make the outcome of pressing the button obvious ("Get my FREE ebook")Later in the sales funnel, after your prospects have gotten to know you a little better, you'll be able to get more useful information.

Are you ready to take on some new business? Great! Grab your FREE copy of my social media prospecting worksheet to learn about a few additional techniques to gain traction in your B2B marketing. Workbook pages are included to assist you become recognized on social media and generate more leads for your efforts.

What Makes A Good B2B Landing Page?

Any successful landing page must have a compelling CTA that stands out from the other elements on the page. Use contrasting colors for buttons and make sure the CTA isn't too small to make it stand out. Avoiding basic and uninteresting content like "Subscribe" or "Download" is another useful strategy.

The Anatomy Of A High Converting Landing Page | Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

How Do I Get More Leads On My Landing Page?

  • Pay attention to your design
  • Work on your calls to action
  • Look after your forms
  • Add testimonials from (real) customers
  • Highlight your offer's benefits
  • Create limited offers
  • Pay attention to your conversion funnel

How Do You Optimize Your Landing Page To Get Leads?

  • Write Better Headlines
  • Align Your Form Length to Your Offer
  • Segment by Channel
  • Use Conversion Coupling (or Design Symmetry)
  • Test Your Landing Pages
  • Keep The Attention Ratio 1:1
  • Provide Visitors with a Great Offering
  • Write Your Value Proposition Again, and Again, and Again

Do Landing Pages Increase Conversion Rates?

Don't fall into the trap of believing that if you create a landing page, your conversions will automatically increase. The conversion rate from a landing page varies by industry, but it's only 2.35 percent on average.

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