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How To Generate More B2B Leads -Top 6 Strategies

How To Generate More B2B Leads -Top 6 Strategies

What is the success rate of your B2B lead creation strategy? Clients frequently tell us that their lead generation isn't generating the amount of leads they require. We've devised six easy-to-implement lead generating tactics to assist you get off the lead gen treadmill. Are you ready to be pumped up?

Keith Peterson
Last updated: Nov 29, 2021 | Nov 28, 2021

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What is the success rate of your B2B lead creation strategy? Clients frequently tell us that their lead generation isn't generating the amount of leads they require. We've devised six easy-to-implement lead generating tactics to assist you get off the lead gen treadmill. Are you ready to be pumped up?

B2B organizations have plenty of lead generation prospects thanks to the ongoing expansion of social media, online tools and resources, and innovative B2B lead creation tactics. The key is to concentrate on the tactics that will provide you with the most ammunition.

Knowing how to listen to industry trends and react is an important component of developing a strong lead generating strategy. What do the numbers say about the future of your industry? What are the desires of the audience? What has worked for other B2B companies?

Don't worry if you don't know the answers to these questions right away. We're here to assist you. We've compiled a list of some of the most popular lead generating tactics over the last year to assist you in developing the most effective B2B lead generation plan imaginable.

6 Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies To Increase Lead Conversion

Make Your Strategies Work Together

how to generate more b2b leads strategies

Finally, no single strategy can be held responsible for your lead generating plan's success or failure. It's critical to have a comprehensive approach that includes everything we've discussed so far, from regular blog content to social media video and tailored email marketing.

Don't be scared to try new things to see what works best for your company. Some components may not function as well as you had hoped, but there may be one or two that exceed your expectations. An integrated strategy ensures that all elements of your sales funnel receive the attention they require.

A Few Points to Keep in Mind...

Create customised blog content that speaks to your audience's specific needs. To attract new leads, use live video on your social media platforms to present product demos, interview experts, and even conduct Q&As. Personalize your email marketing efforts as much as possible by using individual names and well-tailored content that appeals to individuals. Increase your chances of success by integrating your marketing channels. Whether your lead generation plan is brand new or has been around the block a few times, we believe these recent trends can help revitalize your overall approach and open up new doors for your company.

Utilize Live Video

Live video on social media, also known as streaming video, has gone from being the new kid on the block to becoming the coolest kid in school. By implementing this technology into their strategy, both B2B and B2C organizations have seen a significant increase in lead creation.

Many B2B companies, for example, have begun to provide live streaming webinars. This is a fantastic approach to engage your audience while also demonstrating your industry knowledge.

Invite prospects to a live video demonstration of your product or service, where you can answer questions from the audience. Do you have any upcoming live events? Use live video to make your audience at home feel like they're a part of the event and to get answers to their queries.

You're only limited by your ideas when it comes to live video. Many businesses have held Q&A sessions, conducted interviews with workers and influencers, and even provided a behind-the-scenes look at their operations.

How do these techniques assist you in attracting and capturing leads? It's simple. Make a distinctive landing page and a particular offer that corresponds to your topic. Track how many leads you attract to your landing page by promoting this offer throughout your live event.

Adobe is an example of a company that uses Live video to engage its audience in new and interesting ways, such as at the recent Adobe Summit. The one below is an interview about the role of AI in creativity, which has gotten a lot of attention recently.

Strategic Content Creation

A blog is necessary for most B2B organizations to generate leads. The majority of prospects will read your blog before becoming leads. Before they even contemplate handing their business to you, they conduct a gut check to determine your degree of knowledge. This is particularly true in the B2B sector, where costs are considerable and confidence must be gained.

Taking a targeted, individualized approach to your website's content is one way to earn their trust. Create content that addresses your audience's wants and pain areas. Look into the problems and issues that your audience is facing in the business and how your content may help.

As much as possible, personalize visitors' experiences on your website. Request that they specify their job title (CEO, sales, marketing, etc.) so that the experience may be tailored to their needs. This could imply tailoring blog material, landing sites, and offers based on a visitor's personal information.

This type of intimate encounter necessitates extra effort, but it is frequently well worth it.

Increase The Amount Of Video You Share On Social Media

how to generate more b2b leads strategies

Increase the amount of video you share on social media. Video has surged throughout social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, as predicted by the industry, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Apart from company websites, social media has become the go-to destination for researching new companies before engaging with them further. Potential buyers might get a flavor of your firm by watching a video you post on social media.

Getting on the video bandwagon has never been easier or more important. First and foremost, it is inexpensive; in fact, you can get started for free using only your smartphone or tablet. Second, it has the ability to pique the interest of a larger portion of your audience; in fact, one study found that video accounts for 74% of all internet traffic.

Here are some ideas for getting started:

Take some of your best-performing blog entries and turn them into a video overview. Create a video to respond to frequently asked questions from potential customers. There are various free or low-cost applications that can convert a blog article into a video. Here's an example of one we've tried.

Video can be both a nurturing experience for potential leads and a conversion opportunity. A link to a landing page with a downloadable offer can be inserted into many video programs. Take advantage of this functionality to turn that video-obsessed audience into leads.

Take, for example, IBM Cloud's Facebook page, which features hundreds of videos on topics ranging from how-tos and trends to humanitarian endeavors and product demos. The one below addresses a frequently asked customer question: "Do I need to move my data to the cloud?" This film, 3 Myths About the Cloud, is refreshingly open and informative.

Collaborate With Influencers In The Industry

Influencer marketing's success is no longer a novelty; it has firmly established itself in both B2C and B2B marketing strategies, including lead generation.

B2B influencer marketing, on the other hand, still has space for improvement and lags behind its B2C cousin. This could be an excellent time for your organization to join while it is still expanding.

What role do influencers play in the lead generation process? When you've done everything right — blogs, email marketing, and social media — sometimes all your prospects need is a thumbs up from someone they regard as an expert. Influencers can have a subtle influence on your audience's minds, encouraging prospects to take that final leap of faith and become a lead.

If you already have a great offer to market, consider collaborating with an influencer to figure out how to get it in front of their audience. If you don't have an offer yet, consider collaborating with an influencer to develop one that you can both market. This is frequently used to indicate a success offer, with the influencer's name sweetening the deal for potential clients.

Add Personalization And Warmth To Your Emails

Granted, this approach has already taken off in the B2C arena — simply look through your inbox for any promotional emails. It also works well. The days of generic "Dear Reader" greetings, product recommendations that don't exactly suit, and robotic phrasing are long gone.

When we take this a step further and apply it to B2B audiences, we discover that it still works. Companies that personalize email messages appeal to B2B audiences and make them feel more engaged. In fact, 60 percent of B2B organizations claim to have a documented customization plan in place, owing to a positive response from B2B audiences.

Personalize your email marketing in a variety of ways. Use name tokens in your email's subject line and text. Include email content that is tailored to specific activities. Consider incorporating supplementary content on practical day-to-day procedures that protect personal data security if someone has read an ebook on cloud data security, for example.

Another crucial component in your email marketing performance is the tone of your communications. A stiff, solemn tone can come across as unwelcoming and cold. While professionalism is vital in B2B emails, this does not imply that they should be robotic. Instead, focus on friendliness to bring warmth and vitality to your email.

Consider this email from Larry Kim of MobileMonkey, which I recently received. This email is not only personalized with my name, but it also takes a nice and warm tone in inviting me to the forthcoming webinar. The last line puts a friendly twist to the offer to hunt him up on social media with the phrase "please keep in touch." And the final image makes you feel more connected to both the individual and the organization. My name is not capitalized, which is the sole robotic element (no doubt I entered it that way in some database Larry is using).

How Do You Generate A Lot Of Leads?

Paying a marketing agency to research and find leads for you, running a PPC campaign, using lead-generation tools, leveraging social media (such as joining and posting in industry groups/communities), and running a flash sale or giving away freebies are all tried and true methods for generating leads quickly.

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